20 Second Judge Judy Case. HILARIOUS

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Comments from Youtube

Rick Elkin : Bet the guy still can't figure out what he said wrong

David Jackson : Get it right!!! There was no earpiece in the stuff I stole. I know what I stole, and there was no ear piece in there.

beadsandbraids : He swore to tell the truth !

Mad Monty MN : This is hysterical! This is like robbing a bank and going to the next teller to open an account.

Viadynn : Bank teller: This man robbed our bank. He stole thousands of dollars and all of our checkbooks! Robber: actually you were out of checkbooks Judge Judy: ... Crowd: ...

YTWarrior100 : "There was no earpiece in it, ma'am." YOU'RE A MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhen Vao : That may go down in history as the shortest court case ever.

Veltroks : Who else is scared of getting roasted by her๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Albert Jacobson : Now that's what i call "Honesty"

TheRegularTV : That was easy :D

Daniella Robins : I wonder if he even realised what he admitted or if someone had to explain it to him later.

Kartmart Support : lmao this is like robbing a bank and saying "there was not 1 million dollars in there ma'am, just 500k."

Mark JN : I know what I stole, your Honor!

Lee GaryB : Of all the times to blurt out something honest... he had to pick the time he was on trial, ON TV. Just.... dude, shutup

clay dryg : Does the no snitch rule apply if he snitched on himself?

Ben Moak : Every time I think I've seen the limit of human stupidity, I am quickly corrected. Idiots are geniuses at being idiots.

Navid b : What did he say? I couldn't hear it that well ๐Ÿ˜

James Logan : he basically told on himself

Mike Literus : 0:17 "Dumb and Dumber"ย  LOL

Alex Huk : D-did he just confess?

The Llama Trainer : Looks like the "9+10 kid" grew up fast.

FerretJohn : "I shot the Sheriff, but I did not shoot the Deputy" So your defense is you didn't commit that crime because you were committing an even bigger crime.ย  Oooookay

Leslie Loring : Officer to the perp, " We are lining you up for a positive ID,"ย  Perp to the officer, "Yes sir officer, that's the man I robbed."ย  True story.ย  Maybe they know one another.

Caulin Dooley : Well, I'll give him praise for honesty; but the timing, wow. He also shot that out so fast It's like he was on a game show with a few seconds on the clock.

tigr Flwer : This kind of stupidity could be fatal.

Sacred Atheist : I bet that to this day that idiot doesn't know why he lost the case.

David Louis : Your honor we dindu nuffin !

Daniel Selk : JJ is like "Thanks idiot for confessing, makes my life easier." XDย 

Patrick Capps : I love reading/hearing about stupid criminals.

Jessie b. Evans : At least he was respectful.

Filmore1991 : He just snitched on himself. Lolz

Forever JV : Legend has it that he still confuse of what just happened

michaeljbful : I can't believe this guys answer...lolrf

Ya Dumbo Games : NICE SPEED RUN!

Brandi Carlisle : Talk about "self-incrimination" LOL!!!!

Darell B Politics : Damn I needed this ๐Ÿ˜‚

elchamber : She's too nice. I would have played with it. "What was in the stolen purse?"

philanddeb818 : Brilliant!ย  Thanks for the laughs!

T-Bone Hubbard : Boy, the look on Byrd's Face was HILARIOUS He was like "What the Hell was that?" lol

Ardenwolfe : Still hilarious even after all these years.

Yahiko Tendo : This guy is a legend๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Blackasnight426 : *explains what we just saw but with an analogy*

mightfind : "I love it!.. Dumb and dumber..."

Sycabara : What does he say at 0:10? "Feather was neither piece in her mail"?

Marie Diouf : imagine how that other guy must be feeling

KR-Shinkuu : This was GOLD!

Sao Cungduoc : He was so polite when it said it, too. LOL !

Spazer Dazer : Recipe for Turnabout in a nutshell

tala : 'With all due respect ma'am, I think I know what I stole better than her. Your honour.'