20 Second Judge Judy Case. HILARIOUS

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Luna Ranger : "There was no earpiece in there" SUICIDE

Black Tim Howard : When you play duos and your idiot teammate gets you both killed

Retro unleashed : Bet the guy still can't figure out what he said wrong

David Jackson : Get it right!!! There was no earpiece in the stuff I stole. I know what I stole, and there was no ear piece in there.

beadsandbraids : He swore to tell the truth !

Mad Monty MN : This is hysterical! This is like robbing a bank and going to the next teller to open an account.

Viadynn : Bank teller: This man robbed our bank. He stole thousands of dollars and all of our checkbooks! Robber: actually you were out of checkbooks Judge Judy: ... Crowd: ...

TheRegularTV : That was easy :D

Rhen Vao : That may go down in history as the shortest court case ever.

LJ808 : And that ladies and gentlemen is what an idiot looks like.

Veltroks : Who else is scared of getting roasted by her😂😂😂

Ben Moak : Every time I think I've seen the limit of human stupidity, I am quickly corrected. Idiots are geniuses at being idiots.

Kartmart Support : lmao this is like robbing a bank and saying "there was not 1 million dollars in there ma'am, just 500k."

Navid b : What did he say? I couldn't hear it that well 😁

clay dryg : Does the no snitch rule apply if he snitched on himself?

Albert Jacobson : Now that's what i call "Honesty"

Mark JN : I know what I stole, your Honor!

Lee GaryB : Of all the times to blurt out something honest... he had to pick the time he was on trial, ON TV. Just.... dude, shutup

Daniella Robins : I wonder if he even realised what he admitted or if someone had to explain it to him later.

David Louis : Your honor we dindu nuffin !

FerretJohn : "I shot the Sheriff, but I did not shoot the Deputy" So your defense is you didn't commit that crime because you were committing an even bigger crime.  Oooookay

The Llama Trainer : Looks like the "9+10 kid" grew up fast.

James Logan : he basically told on himself

Jessie b. Evans : At least he was respectful.

Mike Literus : 0:17 "Dumb and Dumber"  LOL

Leslie Loring : Officer to the perp, " We are lining you up for a positive ID,"  Perp to the officer, "Yes sir officer, that's the man I robbed."  True story.  Maybe they know one another.

Alex Huk : D-did he just confess?

Caulin Dooley : Well, I'll give him praise for honesty; but the timing, wow. He also shot that out so fast It's like he was on a game show with a few seconds on the clock.

Sacred Atheist : I bet that to this day that idiot doesn't know why he lost the case.

Dwight Stewart : Actually, JJ could have waited long enough to find out why he said that. Perhaps he had seen the girl with her earpiece since, or knew she had loaned it to someone, or knew it was previously lost or missing, or had innocently seen inside her purse just prior, or some other such reason. The purpose of a court is to administer justice fairly, not prove how crafty or witty the judge is.

Dallas Cowboys fan 1980 : Dumb Ass..smh

elchamber : She's too nice. I would have played with it. "What was in the stolen purse?"

Forever JV : Legend has it that he still confuse of what just happened

Matt Z : If Obama had a son...

Brandi Carlisle : Talk about "self-incrimination" LOL!!!!

Patrick Capps : I love reading/hearing about stupid criminals.

michaeljbful : I can't believe this guys answer...lolrf

Brett Davidsson : This girl got lucky, she was robbed by a moron look at the smile at 0:25

Filmore1991 : He just snitched on himself. Lolz

Yahiko Tendo : This guy is a legend😂😂

Lloyd Duggan : @mattbellamymate An earpiece is like a small headset that you put in your ear for radio/microphone. The girl accused the two boys of stealing her bag at school and both them denied it. The boy said "There was no earpiece in there ma'am." He basically admitted that he took the bag and went through it thus making them guilty.

Sycabara : What does he say at 0:10? "Feather was neither piece in her mail"?

philanddeb818 : Brilliant!  Thanks for the laughs!

Ya Dumbo Games : NICE SPEED RUN!

Jump Man : Stupidity at its finest.

Bert Lambert : A fool will ALWAYS identify themself as what they are! !

Spazer Dazer : Recipe for Turnabout in a nutshell

Ardenwolfe : Still hilarious even after all these years.

Manuel Saez : It must suck to be Bird on cases like this.

AbsoluteZero : There are other explanations for him knowing this information. Not being able to explore them is a miscarriage of justice and an abuse of power. Corrupt judge. Don't understand this then vote me down. I don't give a shit but at least I'm honest.