Power of Laughter - Kid Dying of Cancer asks Comedian to Attend His Funeral With One Request

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Anon Anon : How I wish I could watch this again for the first time.

Martin Hatchuel : Has to go down as one of the high points in comedy, anywhere.

nocalsteve : Sorry, but the best part of this video is imagining his dad dressed as the Grim Reaper and pointing a scythe at people.

Joseph Ali : this didn't just make my day, it made my life

abruemmer77 : This should be the way to deal with the phucker known as cancer!

Garrett Rodden : After watching this I actually cried. Not sad tears. Happy tears. My brother passed away a few years ago from cancer and he always had a smile on his face. He always was cracking jokes and laughing in the face of death. I'm so happy for this kid and his family

Naufal Ahamed : The kid was probably named Chandler Bing

Just Facts : Wow, Wow, Wow. Did not expect that ending. Russell Howard you are an amazing human being and not only is that boy an inspiration, but you sir are as well.

Upward Gaming : This is why Russel is one of my favourite comedians

Cerys a : Is there anything you want to say? I look like a knob

sophiarae : This child is my hero

Nadya Natasha : Officially, the best stand up. EVER. Lol.

AmazingKrimispinner : Huh, so laughter IS the best medicine. Who would've guessed.

Os H : Ellen sounds weird in this video

Moa Malik : You can actually watch the "Russell Howard wonderbox full show 2014" on youtube just search for the name.

Meagan Hodgson : At my funeral I want all the bugs, lizards, amphibians, and creepy looking animals to just stand at the edge. Not doing anything to the people attending. Just standing there... Watching. And then suddenly all the animals carry my urn away and they have to chase me down! "You'll never catch me alive" I'll say, watching from above and laughing maniacally!

Just a minute : This is an awesome story.

karmatix : this is the best omg thats sick and funny i happy for him

Karolina Moreno : Loved his funeral plans. Very original. Not a dry eye will be in the crowd because everyone will be "dying" of laughter

Sarah Sativa : never thought I would cry at the sight of a 14 year old smiling through a dick costume but here I am.

elaine g : Awesome...gave me the goosies. God bless this boy, his family and Russel.

VirtualRealiTea : The one person who disliked this is a disrespectful b*stard.

Elizabeth Stephanie : I jus notice his big crotch area 😐

Chris Campbell : That's hilarious. I've only ever seen the snippet of him telling the story. I'm glad that the boy survived. That's amazing.

Adam DiSalvo : I hope to see that kid in the future as a great stand-up comedian

Jogie Glen Mait : This shit is funny and heart warming.

Patrick Soo : I almost teared at the sight of that boy coming up to stage! I sure hope that this is real!

SpartanEagle : I love Russell Howard!

Adam arif : Comedy fixes everything

TheCasimir94 : Anyone else get distracted by his crotch?

Venum 3006 : I'm not getting triggered but I honestly want to know why anyone is disliking this

Txt Gaming : Where could i buy one of these costumes

ALFRED KAMAKA : Murr!!! Haha!!!

Anthony Hicks : That was fuckin beautiful bro!!!! I've never heard of you before, but after watching this i love you and that amazing kid, I hope everyone who is terminally ill gets to see this and be able to laugh during their hard time. I'm convinced that you saved this kids life with your comedy, awesome energy, and love!!! Simply awesome my brother, never change because you guys are an inspiration to the world!!

CherryIsTrash : "What do you want me to wear" "Oh I think you know.." It comes full circle.

Christopher Tucker : Beautiful story.. Sorry about the 11 dislikes they must be democrats. Great to see the kids smiling face at the end.

iDrive123 : I laughed and laughed expecting a shitty ending. Then I laughed some more! 😂

nikesh aravin : Damn his eyes are twitching

Animaniac : What an epic ending <3

Rob Murray : As funny as the story (& its a great story)and Russell is, the real question is how did the cancer "just disappear".

merlinsdog : This made me smile! I'm off to look for more of the same!

Jack Frost : If you find something more awe inspiring in your life to do, brudda, please let me know. THAT, thank you for sharing it, was amazing.

THEDnARACER : Did he really just drop the mic at the end. God damnit

David Wells : Wow!! What more is there to say?

heartbreakj 13 : Why is Freddie Prince Jr speaking in a British accent

H BOOGIE 38 : This was the guy that took weed medical weed and he was fine 😂

Angelus Buzolic : awesome

alii 22 : 11 dislikes??

Archie street : I met this kid

Disney baby : Oh I think u know.