Captain Disillusion: World's Greatest Blenderer - Live at the Blender Conference 2018

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Ricky Martin : Alan's presentation skills are unlike anything I've ever seen. He is just awesome. Oh, and Captain Disillusion is pretty cool, too.

grant williams : Your talks are insane. 10/10 every time.

Corridor : This is godlike. It sometimes may not feel like it when you’re toiling away on a shot at 4am, but you are reaching the pinnacle of what it means to be an artist and filmmaker. Thank you for the things you create, and don’t forget to take time to recharge!

Dylan O'Donnell : You don't do anything by halves do you? So impressive!

Fergus Griggs : 15:33 The one time it was genuinely for research...

RobotSlug : This dudes charisma is fantastic. That mixed with his self aware cheesiness is very entertaining, all while hiding the fact you are being educated. Nice.

Andrew Meyer : That's some _insane_ production value for a conference presentation. Great job!

Anym : "not intuitive" *cough cough* Ami Yamato

Goodcat007 : Oops, think you missed something... *And remember kids, love with your heart. Use your head for everything else!*

Versaucey : I wonder how long it takes for you to make a video, the face paint, the editing, the props, etc. You're a one of a kind content creator and one the best on this platform.

Dodo : I can't watch a movie without losing my focus, checking phone and other stuff... Just watched this 40min video without blinking! Great job

Florian Bienefelt : Holy crap, after hundreds of TED talks, conferences, all sorts of courses, university and what not.. This is probably the most amazing presentation I've ever seen. I'd pay to see this live.

Fantastic : Because of this video I learned about Wonder Girls.

Bobby Duke Arts : Dadgummit man! Excellent talk

Theaumes : Hahaha loved the presentation and the song at the end was sick!

Ayurai : This guy is not a simple youtuber.. this guy is true artist to the root.

2bitTank : are you telling me it takes you less than fives minutes to do that makeup? jesus christ man, how many people were behind that curtain helping?

CG Shortcuts : Brilliant presentation mate!

Khaos Cero : Most people cant appreciate how hard it is to time talking to a recording like this. Its hard when you have infinite takes, let alone doing it LIVE. Its insane.

HolyGrail64 : I thought it was an actual blender conference. Not the program 🤣

Panda : For anyone that wants lyrics to the song, I've been dreading the flatness of you and me, x and y, never evolving into xyz, Can't afford you now and you wont do what I expect, Would it kill you to let me right-click select, So lets just end it and not pretend we're cool. Cuz I've been flirting with the more impressive tool, It's Blender! Got it's own foundation, Built on the people's code, around the world, It's easy to see, Why, Blender, needs no activation, It just gets you closer, or further, or different, from reality (-You're rushing. -What? -You're rushing. -No I'm from Latvia) CG Experts are never in short supply, Teaching nodes or sharing tips on how to rig an eye, Knowing how is key, but doing is another world, And it also pays better, or so i'm told, So learn the basics and dive right in and start, creating assets for an epic work of art With Blender, There's no limitations, Only the time it takes to animate and render the scene, With Blender, And some imagination you might just get closer, or further, or different, From reality (Isn't it over yet? -No, what are we gonna do? -What any pop song does to fill time, improvise a lazy solo, go! -Me? *Guitar solo* -It's still going Captain. -No matter, activate the portal Allan, I'm going out there! -Are you sure? -We've gotta give the people what they want.) With Blender, There's an extension, That lets you fill the sky, with apple pie, Quite accurately, With Blender, And pure determination, Can get you must closer, Or further, Or different, From reality And in Blender's alternate dimension, We're gonna plot the course, For open source, With Blender, And all the right intentions, We're getting much faster, And better, And different, in reality, In reality!

norweeg : I am almost at a loss for words on how happy your videos make me feel. Your enthusiasm is off the charts, your humor adds so much, and it seems to me you really put your heart into every video. I’m glad you take your time and have a higher standard for quality, instead of cranking out crap. Your creativity for this presentation is unmatched. That’s the most basic (and most lazy) way I can describe what I think about you and your videos, without writing a novel on how much I appreciate you and your work. The most important thing for to me to say is this: *thank you.*

Alex : I feel like I'm on a Disney World ride. A+

Vegee : 32:51 It would have been absolutely hilarious if you just had a random teal ball fall into the red pile right at the end a few seconds after everything had settled, you missed an amazing opportunity there man <3

Scikotic Butcher : Your hard work and dedication to your craft really shines through in your videos. I always look forward to your videos.

Shane Davis : 1 mil subs? When did that happen? Feels like this channel was only like 100k a couple months ago

A Spears : I don’t know how to use Blender, it’s not an interest of mine, and I’m straight, but I watched this video all the way through because Captain Disillusion is so sexy.

Deathbrewer : People thinking you can't tweak parameters in a software Physics engine... jesus christ, lol. You can't change REAL LIFE Physics. You sure as shit can change a simulation though, lol. Good on you for having patience with those fools yet still proving them wrong, Captain D ;)

Lucas Caldwell : please do a video on the c-span thing with trump and the reporter

hbomberguy : i can finally switch from a broken copy of 3ds max i got in 2011

ZER0 : He's not only a good animator, he was also playing the guitar and keyboard.

NWOization : One of the greatest examples of public presentation I have ever seen.

strongpillow : A complete showman. I wish there was actually two of you so we could get more content faster. Can't get enough. Why you don't have a legit show on Netflix or Discovery yet is baffling. I'd love for my 5 year old daughter to grow up learning and enjoying fun stuff from you just I like did with people like Bill Nye and Beakman's World.

baba BZNZ : Do ted talks LOL

Forby : That curtain/portal work at 37:02 😉👏👏👏

dominic ewing : I just have to say, this was a fantastic presentation. I watched and enjoyed it all, and I don't even use blender. But I might try it now!

Zefal77 : How in the world can you be so creative ? Congrats on all your hard work

AndrewWeirArt : It's just fantastic as usual. the "Big D" green screen video was previously my favorite, but this was a live performance and its filled with just as much, if not more, moment to moment nuances targeted at 3D professionals and general watchers. I dont know if i'm alone in re-watching this. I usually give your videos two watches just to catch subtle expressions and details you put into the videos. I mean, the whole narrative is just impressive! setting up the scene with captain on the screen, to show he is the character and overall not a very nice person. So that the people that dont know who you are (live) know that Captain Disillusion is on stage, nobody else, when you transfer bodies. Which was also impressive switching of character. My favorite joke is the shortcut key one.

The Gaming asd2 : I was watching this at the back of my 3D modeling class LOL

Rachael Ward : Maybe I’m using my blender wrong? I’m trying to make movies but keep getting smoothies! 😁

Magdalena T. : Watched this at work while using Blender :D Love you captain, it was a real treat seeing you make all those fun jabs at Blender and it's community.

Văn-Hiếu Võ : I'm not like a super veteran in physics simulation, but even I can understand it's called SIMULATION for a reason. You can do anything with the physics because you have full control of all parameters. A mouse can be small but weigh more than an elephant. Anything goes.

Ded Berd LB : Props for being able to make just about anything entertaining as heck!

Novus Grimnir : Failed to mention all the amazing rule 34 being produced in Blender. :P

Stevefication : 3:25 Alan gets electrocuted audience: *applauses*

LeviathanJPTV : That song at the end was actually really catchy

Fakhri MF : This presentation is 999999999/10

HorrifiedPilot : This is the funniest blender video I've seen.

Tiago Margon : That was an amazing presentation, cap!

stiimuli : Downloaded Blender like 10 years ago and all i did in it was morph a sphere into a fish....then never touched it again. =/