Captain Disillusion: World's Greatest Blenderer - Live at the Blender Conference 2018

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Ricky Martin : Alan's presentation skills are unlike anything I've ever seen. He is just awesome. Oh, and Captain Disillusion is pretty cool, too.

NightHawkInLight : I only learned about your channel a couple days ago and have shotgunned at least 20 videos.

Sammy Toy Show : All this time I thought you had a TEAM of people helping you. I need to reevaluate my life now.

Tymski : Discovered Captain Disillusion and watched it all.

PandaHacks : I downloaded blender just to make 3d intros I didn't know it can make movies

Corridor : This is godlike. It sometimes may not feel like it when you’re toiling away on a shot at 4am, but you are reaching the pinnacle of what it means to be an artist and filmmaker. Thank you for the things you create, and don’t forget to take time to recharge!

Benjamin Hill : “You’re rushing!” “What?!” “You’re rushing!!” “?? No I’m from Latvia!” I’m crying

PandaHacks : I thought your intern was really an intern.

PirateDiscoKing : YouTube needs to offer you a Premium show. You can accomplish an incredible amount on your own. I would love to see what you might accomplish with YouTube's money, resources, and employees behind you.

Integza : Most YouTubers are awkward out of their room but you are a pro! I say this to everyone I know when I talk about youtube. Captain Disillusion is the best youtuber you'll ever see ! And now I'm beginning to learn that you're also a great performer! Thank you so much!

Versaucey : I wonder how long it takes for you to make a video, the face paint, the editing, the props, etc. You're a one of a kind content creator and one the best on this platform.

Night Stick : Really interesting presentation, truly impressive how you could capture my attention and keep it for the full forty minutes. Stunning presentation, it was really well thought out and rehearsed - I loved the story that tied the whole thing together, it made me keep watching the whole thing. Really interesting idea to make your forty minute presentation follow a story format, broken up with the content of your talk, it's backwards to how lots of people do it, but it worked so absolutely perfectly. I'm honestly in awe of your presentation and production skills, if you ever get tired of ruining peoples dreams by debunking physics-defying water, you should teach a class on presentations and public speaking, you're an absolute master, it would seem!

Sheen Sheep : I doubt you're going to see this, but I figured I'd write this anyway. Several years ago, when I was just a kid, I got really interested in 3d. I first got Blender because it was free, and I started messing around with it. There was a time when my mom saw I was starting to get really interested and asked if she should get me a paid alternative so I could do more. I said no, because I never once felt limited by Blender. What you said at 33:45 really resonated with me. Whenever I opened up Blender, in my head I thought, this blank canvas (after deleting the cube) could be anything I wanted it to be, if I just spent the time to learn and practice. And I made some really cool stuff, from animating water and smoke, or doing physics simulations, modeling a figure and animating it, creating an FPS game, etc. The possibilities were endless. However, there was a point where I started putting it on the wayside because of how much of my time it sucked in. I have an enormous amount of respect for Blender's developers and its community. Up to this point, Captain I didn't even know you used Blender. I'm genuinely curious how my life would be different now if I'd stuck with it, but it inspired me to be creative. That creativity stuck with me and today I make music and visuals for my YouTube channel. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for making this presentation. It was very inspiring. Maybe I'll pick up Blender again and give it a try for future projects!

Zack Koblenz : I legit just watched a 40 min presentation on blender, a program I haven't yet decided if I'm interested in learning, without realizing the video was longer than 20min long.

Francias II : These people are making movies and I can't even extrude a cube.

grant williams : Your talks are insane. 10/10 every time.

Noodle : 7:05 I love how the Blender Animation Studio came out of the Depression Support Hotline

Bacon Tree : I hate that you've been doing this for so long, and I've only just discovered you late 2018. I love, however, that there's so much content to catch up on. You went from being an unknown to my favorite youtuber overnight, and I have a lot of respect for what you do as well as what you seem to stand for. I walked away from a lot of skeptic youtubers in the past because they tend to turn into know-it-all dicks, but you've stayed true to your motto (love with your heart, use your head for everything else). Which, I should add, I intend on embracing to the fullest. My favorite moment so far has been during another talk when you describe the black hole of skeptism, and how it's okay to be wrong sometimes because that allows for more learning experiences. It's such a simple philosophy, but it takes a lot of bravery to embrace after some really big fumbles. Thank for you training younger minds to see the world in a clearer way, and thank you for being a much needed light to old bats like me. I suffer from chronic depression, and was going through a low when I found you. It was hard to miserable after doing a marathon of your videos. You're pretty great. <3

LavergneFX : i Should be Studying , But this is a LOT More Interesting.

Integza : Your videos are the only ones I like before I see.

Dylan O'Donnell : You don't do anything by halves do you? So impressive!

Josse Nunez : His level of confidence is amazing

Dino Spumoni : He's such a brilliant, brilliant performer. So well written and so well rehearsed.

Zach Peters : 3:30 I want an audience to clap for me when I die.

The Branchan : Something about hearing CaptainDisillusion making jokes about Andrew Price and Gleb Alexandrov warms my heart. Also holy heck, what a good talk. Really good presentation skills.

HolyGrail64 : I thought it was an actual blender conference. Not the program 🤣

RammusTheArmordillo : This presentation is freaking flawless, the work with the video is impeccable and incredibly well timed, it's inventive, funny, I can't imagine how much work you put into it. Stellar job Captain!

JimJim G : I’m really surprised that more people don’t use Blender, the quality is unreal

zcribe : Tried Blender. Got a thing done and I am proud of it. The UX is although like invented by aliens. It makes sense but you have to abandon almost all pre-learned habits you get from any other application.

Dumb Videos : I can't believe I've never seen this channel before. I love this! I'm binge watching all of your videos! Subscribed!!

hbomberguy : i can finally switch from a broken copy of 3ds max i got in 2011

fokGoogol : 24:19 - You CAN delete materials or any other unused data. In the Outliner header dropdown, change "All Scenes" to "Orphan Data", unfold (little + symbol) the objects you wish to purge and press the Purge button top right. Keep mouse cursor there to confirm.

wcr4 : How can one man have so much talent?

chocolatewaffles l : CAPTAIN! We're in a state of emergency! Can you prove... That the DVD logo hit the corner 4 times

Tofutaco11 : CaptainDisillusion without his silver paint?? He looks way better without it tbh.

Theaumes : Hahaha loved the presentation and the song at the end was sick!

Umbra : He left out Milkshape 3D. :(

Margiris Šopaga : i thought blender guru is best blenderer in da world :O. No offence :D

Pascal Osterop : Woah that was in Amsterdam

Mike Jameson : Alan = Captain? **VFX EXPLOSION**

Scikotic Butcher : Your hard work and dedication to your craft really shines through in your videos. I always look forward to your videos.

Nutchapol Salawej : Captain D's talks are always good

geekish : Can we appreciate that there are no ads.

Angel Valentin : Congratulation!! You just got a subscriber🐣 Me, keep it up💕

Tony Hazama : this is my style of presentation in high school

Adan M Garcia : That adult film star is an incredibly successful model now. Weird how she got used as a model for Blender and even now she’s in her 30s and still looks like she’s in her early 20s. She still gets a lot of modeling work even in her 30s.

Anialator : I Loved the Song! OMG Its so funny and emotional in some ways! Thank you Uncle CapDis!

Angel Perez : Excelente! Me cague de risa

Ege Topaloglu : i dont know a thing about blender or 3d animation, but i somehow watched this presentation from start to finish. I've always been attracted to things like video editing and making short movies as long as i have the time for it. This presentation has been inspirational for me so thank you and i think i will try doing stuff on blender.

Fergus Griggs : 15:33 The one time it was genuinely for research...