It's Alive! - Frankenstein (2/8) Movie CLIP (1931) HD

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NEW YORK SPORTS FAN : Incredible scene. Instilled into pop culture for eternity. The famous "It's Alive!" line has been echoing in multiple pop culture films and shows for decades. A legacy that will never be forgotten. Frankenstein!

High Definition Apollo : Knowledge is knowing Frankenstein isn't the monster. Wisdom is knowing Frankenstein is the monster.

silentf0e : Me after successfully building my first custom gaming PC

Erik Scott : Everyone, Frankenstein is the name of the creator, not the monster!

Alexander Ockenden : When the code runs with no errors.

ENTERTAINMENT BUFF : For decades, a key line in this scene was censored in reissue prints of the film. "Now I know what it's like to be God" was obscured with a thunderclap because it was considered blasphemous. Nice to see it restored!

sanjay sood : Quite possibly the greatest scene and dialogue in the entire history of science fiction movies.

tripp cory : Frankenstein was actually pretty lucky his family and friends came to see the creation. In the book he did it alone, so when it started to cause trouble, he tried to handle it by himself (with disastrous results). But only because everybody found out about the monster and creation did he survive.

ImTheWaffleman : Me after watching Jon come back to life

You literally can't : I could write an entire essay on why Dr. Frankenstein WASN'T insane.

Sandra Dewell : boris karloff as the monster was great

Nick Pollard : I think it's fascinating how things change when it comes to offence, even if this was created 85 years ago. Frankenstein's last line here ("In the name of God! Now I know how it feels to BE God!") was very controversial.

Versus Christus : Had to read the book for school, I watched this movie immediately after. They're different but both good, but the book is AMAZING!

tread_well _frank : In the original book written by Mary Shelley, early 1800's . there are two things that standout: sympathy for the wretched monster yet no criticism of Dr. Frankenstein. even when he's a coward in a court case that hangs an innocent friend for strangulation of a child when he new it was his monster. that did it also there is a confusion of physical beauty with goodness. i recommend the book highly. she wrote her first version at 18 yrs of age ! and it was great. I never read her second version written some decades later. either way its called "Frankenstein, or the New Prometheus. that is the full title. its easy to figure out why the Prometheus comparison to Dr. Frankenstein's feeling like god.

al gregorio : I watch this every day because Is my favorite movie

MrHulltech2 : I guess even Frankenstein's monster needed 1.21 Gigawatts to bring him to life , like it took to  send the Delorean back into the future.

Mike Basil : Happy 200th Anniversary (1818-2018) for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. "IT'S ALIVE!!!"

Noel Ortiz : Powerful scene.

Mr Toothbrush : I'm just gonna say it. The book was better.

David Adams : I find it funny that no one has seen the Film, read Mary Shelley's Novel, or read the Adapted Play by Philip Pullman... You have no idea what you are saying, the Monster has no name, he is referred to as The Monster... Frankenstein is The Monster's Creator, he is the Genius, but he is also evil, SO, get your facts right before you make comments.

clarlil : Frankenstein is an amazing book. I will never forget it


Dysfunctional Bat : There was a thunderstorm the other day when I saw this movie and at this scene there was like a loud thunder crack and it was awesome cause it fit right into this scene

Maximillian Sukiman : watching this after the new Overwatch Junkenstein update

Christian Gigante : Watching this all I can think about is young frankenstein

Mike Minto : Back then Frankenstein, the wolf man, and Dracula were the horror masters then Jason Freddy and Michael replace them now we have the Nun, Anabelle, and hereditary

Sarah Vilela : Oh yeah... It's alive.

nvm0 : wonderful movie. So simple, it's marvelous

TPOrchestra : The was a great commercial in the sixties that parodied this scene. I think it was for Turtle Wax, and the Colin Clive imitator screams "It's alive! It's alive!" when he sees his car's finish after an application of the product. The actor was a dead ringer for Colin Clive, so much so that I wondered if it was Clive himself, just very well preserved in his sixties. (Boris Karloff, older than Clive, was still active at the time) I wasn't aware at the time that Clive had died so young.

Kei Fox : We've come so far with making great movies. New technology, new amazing special effects and fantastic actors. And yet, this remains one of the greatest cinematic scenes in Hollywood history, back in the beginning, the 1930s. And we've seen many monster and horror films throughout the decades, some of which are incredibly scary. But I can easily imagine that when Dr. Frankenstein screamed "IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE!", there were theatres everywhere that had viewers screaming in pure terror of his insanity. The icing on the cake was his "Now I know how it feels to be God!" and that psychotic laugh that occurs just as the scene fades. We may forever debate "the greatest", but one thing's for sure, Frankenstein will forever be one of the greatest monster/horror movies ever created.

menslady125 : Castle of my favorite sound effects!

lastlife0726 : After about an hour of suffering, I managed to fix some BS problems and open Google Chrome again. I found this clip to celebrate. I swear to god, if I ever find whoever invented Trojan viruses...

John Stanly : I just finished watching the movie, and man is it great. I read the book my freshman year in highschool, and since I remembered it earlier today (since it's October and all), I decided to watch it. Good movie, but the book is better. Frankenstein, and Jurassic park are two great movies and I love the moral: YOU CAN'T PLAY GOD PEOPLE!

The King Of The Cosmos : Imagine this whole scene with the medic and the heavy from tf2.

SIMOPARAS : In a 15 years this quote is 100 yo and this film also ..amazing

Whammy Cheng : I don’t know who, in the right mind, would create a creature out of corpses; however, I do wonder if such a science-fictional thing is actually possible in real life with today’s technology. If it is, I seriously hope no one attempts to do it; I would find such a manmade zombie to be too saddening.

Super Plush Bros : Believe it or not but Frankenstein in this movie is my moms great grandpa

Bangtan Bops : I don't know why I'm watching this I was just really bored

Pete Staszkiw : Did you know that The lightning is the same sound as the emperor eleltricuting Luke in episode VI

Andrew Mayrant : Frankenstein is Really a Science Fiction monster! Not a Horror monster . That is because he was created by a mad sentencetist , not by a supernatural incident.

CashNasty Forhead : Now go read the book. It really is better.

Douglas Snyder : And who would have guessed that over 40 years later, that same lab equipment was used for Young Frankenstein.

sgtfancyyams : How do the effects in this film STILL hold up?! It's mind-boggling.

Green Sky 17 : You can't put new wine into old sacks !

Jaunutis Vadluga : Man, I watched this at the theatres when it came out. Frankenstein's birth was awesome.

TSM_ T0xic : I came from glokknine Frankenstein

Bobsheaux : "In the name of God, NOW I know what it feels like to BE God!" Amazing how so many releases of this movie would cut that line. How do you do that?? Man playing God is COMPLETELY THE POINT of this story!

Dayofthedaleks152 : Meanwhile in another room the doctor regenerates

MadVulcan : So what was Victor going to do after he made the monster. Was he gonna teach it anything, was he going to treat it like a son?

Khadela Mágica : This is a big untasteful joke towards Mary Shelley. Frankenstein is the creator(Victor Frankenstein) of the monster. The monster was never given an actual name. This is because he wasn't supposed to exist(he was product of the sin of a HUMAN that created life). In addition, no one knew what Victor had done when he created the monster. It makes no sense that men were witnessing his experiment.