Puffer Fish Gets Pinched By Shrimp Then Goes NUTS

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Puffer fish has ENOUGH of being pinched!

Comments from Youtube

kamal Carmichael : This is why Mrs.Puff and Mr. Krabs relationship didn't work out

CookiePowerr : *I wasn't ready. This is the one time I wished the title was more extreme.*

Justin Y. : No wonder why we never see Mr.Puff anymore

wo op : *Can you feel it now Mr.Krabs?*

Chicken Books : That's what happens when your "It's just a prank bro," doesn't work

lili chi xiaoming : Me: Two animals chasing each other? This might be cute Pufferfish: *murders shrimp in a gruesome fashion* Me: ok...never mind

kaits23 : Is this a new Finding Nemo trailer?

G TONE BEATS : When you shoot at a John Wick

John F. Kennedy : Um. I believe this is called murder.

MayorOfMoetown : I thought he was just gonna swim around all crazy :'(

TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE : Imagine if a person got pinched by a lobster and then just started eating it violently.

Grace Wood : i didnt expect that this video will be brutal wahahahhahaa

karenbee1996 : Me clicking on this video: haha the puffer fish is probably just gonna wiggle around and puff up a bit Me 15 seconds in: wait did the puffer fish just bite off the shrimp’s tail and part of its body....

Wes D : They look so innocent! Had no idea they could do this! 😳

Richard Fukuda : I...I....I didn't even know pufferfish could do this!

jellyfishbones0 : i swear that yellow guy smiles and says look at me at the end 0:56

Sjoerd Klijn : Look at his face at 0:57 hes like *what have i done!*

Element of Kindness : *Now stand aside, worthy adversary!* _'Tis but a scratch!_ *A scratch? Your arm's off!* _No, it isn't._ *What's that, then?* _I've had worse._ *You liar!* _Come on, you pansy!_

SlimThrull : That's one mean cat you got there.

MexGM : I was like: "Oh lol they're playing....... OH GOD HE KILLED HIM!"

THE TWO DOLLAR BILL : When your tired of being bullied

Ralph Gwyneth Navarro : *in Mortal Kombat VO* Mrs. Puff wins! FATALITY!

mxchael : Karma Beeeiitch

Epic Epicness : Crawdad: *pinch* Pufferfish: HOW DARE YOU!? TAKE THIS Crawdad: OMG stop you killin mieì Crawdad: **OOF**

The shenanigans of a Platypus : "... Then goes nuts". That's like 10 steps past 'goes nuts'.

Cobb : Damn, not what I was expecting. Didn't think they could tear a shrimp apart like that.

Uejji : More like crustacean trapped with murderer fights for its life.

Lara Specter : How beautiful nature can be! Makes my heart warm... 🙄

Tepper : That fish really went overboard and now the shrimp is sleeping with the fishes. But hey, I heard shrimps are a great source for vitamin sea but that's not it's primary porpoise.


Lee Hong Jin : *BRUTALITY*

lenard masamoc : Mrs. Puff vs Larry the Lobster. i guess you know the result 😂😂

沉沉hao : When you were more worried about the crayfish than the puffer fish😂😂

The Potato lisa : That is not a shrimp i think its a craw fish

s. : i didn't know i was about to witness a murder

Biel Bri : OMG, I didn't know they were so strong!

a raging blue angry bird : HE COMMITED MURRRRRRDERRRRRR

Acehight47 : God of war has a new dlc fish of war!

Luna Talia : Well, I thought it would be a funny video not a gruesome one lololol

Ean Guieb : I didn’t know by going nuts you meant getting eaten alive

9 Million Subscribers But With Saved Memes : "no u" reflects 200% damage

PolarisShadow : Larry vs Mrs Puff (colorized)

Boi : he attacc he protecc but most importantly he ulgy as hecc

Fled Nanders : This guy wears red on Saint Patrick's day for two reasons. 1 To initiate conflict. 2 To hide the blood.

Ramon Garcia : Finding Nemo deleted scenes

Acehight47 : Supreme victory!

timomastosalo : Oh crab. You thought the fish was soft and easy meat. Or did he iss you off? Seemed like he was really starting to eat you.

Ed Esteezy : I aint a killer but dont push me.... Tupac

jongky tjahjadi : Rip mr shrim