Puffer Fish Gets Pinched By Shrimp Then Goes NUTS

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Pondguru : I imagine that is how Arnold Schwarzenegger eats..

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : "The claws! They do nothing!"

My Dear Journal : I mean those fish will pretty eat anything that guy knew he was food so he probably tried defending himself

Chuck Iringtwice : Thats a crawfish not a shrimp.

shlumpslush doll : that escalated quick

Spectre Walkthroughs : He went from Crawdad to Crawdead in just under a minute.

SAK- SOON : I'm scared 😨😨😨. I came here to see pufferfish getting pinched by a shrimp because first, shrimps don't have claw, and second, I like watching pufferfish getting bullied by other animals because they are cute. But this is..uh....yeah.😨😨😨😨 I love eating crawfish but this is so brutal 😱😱😱

Boi : This made me feel actual fear

Dbolla Fart : He ate that mothafucka like it was a peice of chicken

George Christou : Damn that fish got a little savage. Didnt expect such quick demolition

Faith ski : Well damn oooook then 😲

missvickie1975 : That's not a shrimp, it's a crawfish/crayfish... and the yellow fish prolly started it cuz he was hungry, crayfish was just trying to fight back and not get eaten. Epic fail.

Therealmlw : OOOKUUURT!

Verbose Mode : Jesus. I was not prepared.

Italo Camacho : At exactly 0:21, the fish ripped the crab's brains out resulting why he so motionless afterwards(and also you can see the empty area of the frontal lobe gone after at 0:40)

Jerwin Lazaro : This is a fucked up episode of spongebob

Christine Edwards : Or the shrimp was just trying to protect itself...??

FreelosoFur : I ehhhh....may be blind...but I don’t think that’s a shrimp :v

Charletta Ramono : That fish looks so pleasant and stuff lol!!!!!!

Kelvin McWilliams : Spongebob Squarepants gone wrong

Vani Jay : ooookay, was NOT expecting that!

David Foster : Me when one of my classmates touches me

Renee O'Shea : What I'd like to know who tf is stupid enough to put the two in same tank? This was done intentionally

Patrick McGehee : Since when were crawfish called shrimp?

The real deal! : This is animal abuse. you guys put them together cuz you knew they would fight, to make video.

ualuuanie : Never expect such a small fish have such a strong jaw to rip the shell apart.

DJ CUMULUS : Note to self don’t try and pet a puffer fish

FaTaLiTyRaiinZz : I just witnessed a murder case

Conor McGregor's Dolly : *_D E S T R O Y E D_*

AirShark95 : oof

Joan . : That’s a crayfish not a shrimp..

Colorsplash Draws : Nah, man, he didn’t go nuts — pufferfish eat just about any crustacean small enough. It’s just survival of the fittest.

rob murphy : That is a crawfish.....


Beth Garrison : Aww that's sad, I came here to see a cool puffer fish video, but ended up witnessing a brutal death... 😦

theIIprophet : 0:21 shrimp.exe has stopped working

Mike Watt : Animal abuse. Lovely.

Krysta : Damn sis snapped

Jeremy Vevo : R.I.P Crawdad

narutodssunny : He done fucked up

jelly pickle : That's kids is why you never mess with puffer fish they will rip up your limbs and eat you

Makairin Ervin : totally me though

Blake Tha Don : Damn Mrs Puff went hard as hell on lil man 😂😂😂

Lausam world : It smoked sea weed

MangoGuy : This is the quality content I want on YouTube

Quaglium Quagnarr : Angry Suck

BLACKPINK thai princess lalisa : The most savage fish I have ever seen 😵

Edmar100 : Nice reupload. Maybe try giving credit to the original uploader.

Tforce Sims : also, "are you feeling it now Mr.krabs?"

Jesse Mathis : 1: that's a crawfish 2: That's just how they feed