Puffer Fish Gets Pinched By Shrimp Then Goes NUTS

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Lauren Pierce : By "nuts" I thought it meant he puffed out a bit, not chew the guy's face off and tear him into little bits lol

Justin Y. : No wonder why we never see Mr.Puff anymore

kaits23 : Is this a new Finding Nemo trailer?

Grace Wood : i didnt expect that this video will be brutal wahahahhahaa

kamal bobby : This is why Mrs.Puff and Mr. Krabs relationship didn't work out

Richard Fukuda : I...I....I didn't even know pufferfish could do this!

G TONE BEATS : When you shoot at a John Wick

John F. Kennedy : Um. I believe this is called murder.

CookiePowerr : *I wasn't ready. This is the one time I wished the title was more extreme.*

lili chi xiaoming : Me: Two animals chasing each other? This might be cute Pufferfish: *murders shrimp in a gruesome fashion* Me: ok...never mind

Nice Try : Shrimp: HA! I'm pinching you! How d'ya like that! Eat this! And that! (Continues to pinch) Puffer: ...Foolish creature... Let me show you... My power. *Completely evicerates shrimp and sends its soul to the Shadow Realm*

SlimThrull : That's one mean cat you got there.

Sjoerd Klijn : Look at his face at 0:57 hes like *what have i done!*

John Thomas : Puffer: oh yeah you wanna pinch me. Shrimp: sorry, was just an accident. Puffer: oops was that your head, total accident.

Wes D : They look so innocent! Had no idea they could do this! 😳

Bob Erikson : I was expecting it to puff up or some shit. 😂

karenbee1996 : Me clicking on this video: haha the puffer fish is probably just gonna wiggle around and puff up a bit Me 15 seconds in: wait did the puffer fish just bite off the shrimp’s tail and part of its body....

jellyfishbones0 : i swear that yellow guy smiles and says look at me at the end 0:56

TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE : Imagine if a person got pinched by a lobster and then just started eating it violently.

wo op : *Can you feel it now Mr.Krabs?*

Vani Jay : ooookay, was NOT expecting that!

THE TWO DOLLAR BILL : When your tired of being bullied

Heidi Ullrich : Damn! I thought he might fly around the tank or something...not destroy the little dude!

Epic Epicness : Crawdad: *pinch* Pufferfish: HOW DARE YOU!? TAKE THIS Crawdad: OMG stop you killin mieì Crawdad: **OOF**

Cobb : Damn, not what I was expecting. Didn't think they could tear a shrimp apart like that.

Anti Duck : That was a bit overkill lol.

mxchael : Karma Beeeiitch

Ralph Gwyneth Navarro : *in Mortal Kombat VO* Mrs. Puff wins! FATALITY!

Willy707 : Of course eating the ass first is the best

superWTF64lol : The new God of War game looks great!

BrianStyleDeath : That's a mean ass fish!

Peter Wesley : Are you feeling it now, Mr. Shrimp?

Commander Tolie : Don't press read more Here we go!🐸 Ur still here? Hi Do u want me to stop? I'm not stopping Poor shrimp 🐡 Almost there I told you not to press read more So....... Suffer I'm done Bye😋

GameShock : Puffer fish often eat shrimp hence why it was in the tank it was out there as food for the puffer. That's why it's being recorded too. It's cool to see but nothing too out of the ordinary

Jherald Esteban : mr. crab is no match for mrs.puff

Shinigami Teichou : "Number one, dont you ever touch me again" "Number two, DONT YOU EVER touch me again"

Element of Kindness : *Now stand aside, worthy adversary!* _'Tis but a scratch!_ *A scratch? Your arm's off!* _No, it isn't._ *What's that, then?* _I've had worse._ *You liar!* _Come on, you pansy!_

Golden Ideas & DIY : Lol I thought the title said puffer fish gets punched in the nuts and then goes nuts

Tepper : That fish really went overboard and now the shrimp is sleeping with the fishes. But hey, I heard shrimps are a great source for vitamin sea but that's not it's primary porpoise.

Lara Specter : How beautiful nature can be! Makes my heart warm... 🙄

cutie pi : that escalated quick

Lee Hong Jin : *BRUTALITY*

Spit Fireking : Since you wanna pinch ima gonna eat cha

Uejji : More like crustacean trapped with murderer fights for its life.

they took my memes : Fucking obliterated

Ronin Rampage : "Bet you won't pinch me again!"

沉沉hao : When you were more worried about the crayfish than the puffer fish😂😂


Luna Talia : Well, I thought it would be a funny video not a gruesome one lololol

mtallmen184 : I read the title as "Puffer Fish Gets Pinched In The Nuts By Shrimp"