Scraps: Conan's Sturgill Simpson Intro - CONAN on TBS

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minutemuse : Is Timothy Olyphant ever _unlikable_? Is it even possible?

Luke Dewey : Who thinks Conan is the funniest, funkiest host?

Higher Octane : I demand more Scraps. This was hilarious. Seeing them all be themselves is the best.

Very Nice : no other talkshow would post this on youtube. conan is life,

Fahmi Sani : "I'm not doing it, Conan!"

Playervid ZeroZeroFour : In all honesty, this 3 minute behind the scenes clip really is funnier then a lot of talks shows written material.

Dane Adiwinata : lol i feel like Olyphant loves being on conan the best out of the talk shows he always seems to have a good time

Very Nice : The day Conan retires will be 20 times more sad than when letterman left.

tdubb3 : Conan/Andy/Olyphant trio, make it a thing. at least once a week.

Deleted : This is why Conan is THE talk show host. When it comes down to it, he is just a naturally funny guy.

K G : Conans scraps is like Craig ferguson


Mark McKeown : This is awesome, more of this behind the scenes stuff!!

DannyAllenXp : Conan is a savage!

matt hansen : Haha this was hilarious and a lot better than a lot of the stupid skits on this show.

Camilo Perna : what is a scrap and what the hell happened in this video?

Legion Ivory : We need more of these.

pageperpage : Tim Olyphant being the guest at this episode for this scrap just made it even more perfect (if that's even possible haha)

Jayant Srivastava : This is the best video on youtube

Willie Miller : Seriously, this is why I want to see Conan live. Brilliant.

Brian Kibet : Is Timothy Olyphant wearing the same exact clothes as the last time he was interviewed? 😭😂

DarkRaptor99 : Looks like that was a hilarious taping to go to!!

Tim Fisher : More scraps. MORE SCRAPS. Give us another scrapisode! Autocorrect changed that to "scrapisodeu" for some reason! Scrapisodeu!

Square Squid Studios : And with that, Conan was fired~

Thomas Christopher White : Always a good time when Olyphant's around.

t0mmyb0y75 : Tim is right...Conan IS crazy cool

Random Comment : Conan is an American treasure.

Evan Green : I love this so much. Thank you, Conan & Co.

Trickier Hades : These Scraps segments are terrific. It's always a bit of fun to get a peek behind the curtain every now and then.

Sini Myllyniemi : Timothy Elephant is always so funny when he comes on the show

Azra BH : Timothy, Conan and Andy have the best chemistry

Happiness Bunny : Give out Conan wigs!

Wise Albatross : Moar.

MegaGoddamit : Omg David Letterman is in the audience

Louis Francisco : This is some good banter.

Adub Htown : THIS WAS GREAT!! MORE OF THESE PLEASE!! pretty plz.. with sugar on top.. unless you dont eat sugar.. then just pretty plz..

Kanupriya Sharma : You guys should upload more of these! I bet they're more funny than interviews with a lot of dull celebrities.

The Stuport : "Come on knew TV was a lie all along"....Conan states the truth and makes it's funny too....He's The Best

shyam s : "Conan is Cool!!! Conan is Crazy Cool!!!!" Haha... Damn right, Timothy!!!

Derpster : I bet this kind of deception is illegal by the year 2000.

Bent Neatly : best clip posted in a while. love the scraps.

hawaiidispenser : Love this rare behind the scenes stuff!

The Mountains : Keepem quiet Andy!

Starman Dx : This is some good Conan.

Riyan Wahyudi : I come back here again and again just for Timothy Olyphant.

Anubhav Panigrahy : Olyphant looks great for a man pushing 50.

Some guy named Mike : See them regularly posted by Team Coco on Facebook & I see now these are pretty enjoyable

Joker21SRB777 : This was awesome! More of these wouldn't hurt

Jeff Sorensen : Man...I love everyone involved with this show. Timothy Olyphant? Give that man anything.

Sullivan : Help I can't stop watching the scraps