Tying a Shoe

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PixelSticks0 : I really hope you get like, 700 trillion subs one day. You are really fucking great.

Felixkeeg : I really fucking want you to become better known, your content is top notch!

Sage Channel : I love the idea that he has been having all of these adventures.. with his shoes untied.

Yui's Ego : This guy has series anger issues

Trap Music NOW. : Added you guys to our sub box. Content is too good not to support. Cheers fam.

President Camacho : Like I said before you are the modern day Buster Keaton. Keep it up! I know your channel will explode. Well not literally unless you let your character take charge. :D

Ramasamy Nachiappan : I reckon you need new shoes

DavideoGamer 55 : He can sew laces on but can't tie them? xD

Syed Adib : I love how at the end he shows him self cleaning up the pot. We usually don't see the cleanup.

what : You're starting to grow man. Been here since Dolan Dark memed your swimming video.

My life is a meme : Footage of me tying to tie shoes cause I suck at it XD

Tom Ato : You idiot you dropped your plant

Joe Momma : I think it would be amazing if the duct taped shoes remained in continuity that way for the entirety of the rest of the videos.

pointless videos : HowToBasic meets AlanTutorial

DavideoGamer 55 : Anyone wondering how his shoes were tied in the first place?

Wes Papes : Imaginative and unique. Keep up the good work, Buttered! You deserve every new sub you get.

Crybaby Brat Directioner : IDEA: ironing my clothes, shirt, trousesrs etc.

SlightlyOdd : I am VERY ANGRY. This channel PISSES ME OFF!! Why the hell doesn't this guy have more subscribers?! Seriously! This shit is amazing!

Lilrone : So close to 50k subs!!!!

AS-IS : Anybody else find it hilarious the he perfectly got the thread in the needle. Irony.

Anderson Silva : I love you guy

kanesMS3 : I feel empty without my Tuesday video!!!!

Andrew Kerr : You deserve millions of subs. Keep it up

shietitsumbr : love the ad placement, very creative and entertaining way to include it.

T McK : You do a loop de loop and pull, and your shoes are looking good

Silverarc The Joker : I'm sorry for saying this, but the obvious sponsor plugs are too much in this one. I love your work, and you do a great job, but just because you have a sponsor doesn't mean you have to compromise your idea... I have told a lot of people about your videos, and hope you get the recognition you deserve, but if this is the route that it is going I feel like I've also let a lot of folks down. Just saying, obviously.

Atyab Calloo : Shoes with Velcro might be a better alternative, no? ;)

bollllllleeeee : Is this guy big enough yet, to start demanding videos when he`s a titty bit late?

Hobes : A while back I saw this on creators on the rise, I watched one video and couldn't stop. This is great channel. If you dont reach 100k or even a million, its just because people don't know about ur channel. Imma spread your channel around YouTube. I hope you have a great day :D

RoadRunnerdn : This is the first person view of Mr. Bean.

sniffer squad : U deserve way more subs

Shane Morris : This was nothing short of amazing.

Crazy Leo : Subscribe myyyyyy !!!!! XD Im cool

Baysick : Do changing a lightbulb next!

Jordan Flemming : best integration on an add I've seen on YouTube thus far

The Stupid Mario Bros : dude this guy is my favorite youtuber

Ricardo C : Best ad 2017 by far. Not even mad.

Habnef4 : Didn't actually expect whatishappeningtome.com to be real, it is.

SonicChaocc : Im a 23 year old human male, yet I still dont know how to tie my shoes. (While I did learned how to, after a year after graduating High School I pretty much forgot how to)

Rainier Rosas : do Cutting Paper Eating a Burger Doing a homework - (Requesting for a month now)

RoboRobic : Damn quality content

Cordero : been here since before 48k subs

Jay D : I love you

Medsal Fifteen : This is why we created Hook and loop fasteners

Traci Hoffman : If tying a shoe is this hard, what is life like while flying a kite?

Mustafa alam : Even the sponsers are so awesome

Dalton McBleh : Love that he can't tie his shoes but knows how to sew the laces together

FunkadelicPeach : Breath of fresh air. This one felt like a classic. Still excited for more over the top/dark humor ones.

RandoKid OnTheInternet : Shoes with laces Should go to hell WHERE THEY CAME

Tsana : uhhh