Tying a Shoe

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Sage Channel : I love the idea that he has been having all of these adventures.. with his shoes untied.

pointless videos : HowToBasic meets AlanTutorial

Trap Music NOW. : Added you guys to our sub box. Content is too good not to support. Cheers fam.

TheSlightlyOddTim : I am VERY ANGRY. This channel PISSES ME OFF!! Why the hell doesn't this guy have more subscribers?! Seriously! This shit is amazing!

CLY BOT : Bad how to basic...

wetnoodlex : kinda reminded me of mr. bean this time

Crybaby Brat Directioner : IDEA: ironing my clothes, shirt, trousesrs etc.

Tom Ato : You idiot you dropped your plant

Lucy Cosios : I know where he lives 😂😂 I swear to god

DonutMafter : Hey man, appreciate your stuff - a little variety to the how to basic stuff ;) Could you tell me what your setup is ? Assuming headmount + gopro ? Thanks man

Trevor Mcreath : Where are you my dude been waiting for the vid all day

kanesMS3 : I feel empty without my Tuesday video!!!!

Dilly Mackey : This comment section is full of complements. #GetButteredSideDownToFiftyThousand

bollllllleeeee : Is this guy big enough yet, to start demanding videos when he`s a titty bit late?

Vlad Dascaliuc : Yeeessss. I've found the quality content. Now to wait for it to get viral.

steamingpileofspaghetti : Wow, you're perfect. Don't change.

Enternamehere 12&1 : He is like how to basic if how to basic was good

Deux Devils : NO NOT THE PLANT ;-;

FoxyWolfGamer : I can't believe you do this with so little proofs. You deserve so much more! I love your vids and honestly, you should earn more subs and recognition.

Kajenx : Lol, I feel like all of this guy's troubles would be solved if he learned to relax a bit and be less frustrated. Of course, if he tried meditating he'd probably end up traveling to another dimension or something...

lalobacan :3 : how to basic version ultra vip extreme 2.0

Cole McCarthy : Just checked, this channel has a page on TVTropes. You've made into the larger sphere of pop culture! Congratulations!.

Stoney Woney : Same problem solving skills as Donald Duck in the old Disney cartoons. I love it!

Aussie Engie : The grunts this guy makes though

Anthony Blank : That's one way to input an ad without pissing people off

Danny Sanchez : Awwww it was good but it was to short

Jon Irenicus : My roommate walked in on me duct taping my shoes today, it was very awkward...

Minty Butthole : I hope you do more "something goes wrong" soon instead of you getting really weird with how you do X, I miss mishaps like when you tried learning to swim or played with a frisbee

nevar108 : This was the best integration of a SquareSpace sponsored video ever!!!!!

KopetePanda : i liked your other videos but not this one

Aiko Nyan : I watch you since your first video on your channel - since you had no more than 10 subs - I hope I can be with your journey for a longer time and see how your channel grows :3

SuperWiiBros08 : I was expecting the shoes to explode or something, but alright he nailed it.

TheQuietKidd : He caught the run-away plant!

UnluckySummer : I love how you take the most mundane things and turn them into something fun.

Γιώργος Θεοδώρου : You are the GOD of crazy

Ali Zaed : this channel is Similar to how to basic channel but way better and less Disgusting

Lost : He really dedicates a lot of time/money for these videos. Bought a plant and broke it immediately in his house and had to clean it up. Then he completely ruined 2 pairs of shoes and wasted tape. (I mean wasting tape isn't that serious but still) Definitely a great channel and I'm glad that I found you. Keep up the great work! :)

kikix Mejia : He's overrated. Don't deny this- you know it's true.

derpeederpderp : This is probably the happiest ending I've seen in one of his videos so far.

orangeapples : I have a strong hung this guy's April Fools video will be "Making Scrambled Eggs" and will be a completely normal video of him making eggs.

거미 어머니 : 016 everyone did that at one point

jdogstube : You're like the guy from the infomercials who fails the easiest tasks: "Are you tired of struggling with ?". Great videos dude.

Ragnar Frothbeard : He made ads entertaining... Let me repeat that *HE MADE ADS ENTERTAINING*

lucky Man : I like The Effort Keep up the Videos man

SeekerPsycho1 : I knew it. I absolutely knew tying his shoes would become a subject at one point. Just surprised he didn't injure himself worse yet.

EminentLine : Wait, hold on. Are those Air Force 1s? I didn't know they still made those. I wore them in the 5th grade. Damn.

adam mac : Not sure if you've heard of it, but there's this video site called YouTube, where you can probably look up how to tie your shoes. It'll show you step by step. Get it? Step? Shoes? I'll go home.

The Plush Squad : Did you try turning your shoes on and off first?

spartang : You can't tie a shoe but you can tie the string to the needle lol

Robert Landers : Was expecting a dark twist...