Thunderbolt Fantasy 東離劍遊紀- Episode 1 Scene 1

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Ruz : I admit that I clicked on this just to see how dumb it is as I don't care for anime at all, but holy smokes was I humbled. This is amazing. I love the effects and the story is really intriguing. I can't wait to watch the rest.

Yunpei Yang : Who would've guessed that a Chinese style "wu xia" (fantasy martial artist genre) story, puppetry and anime can make such an amazing combination!?

In The Zone : If I could have choreography like this show, I would settle for more a puppet version of berserk over that CGI crap any day. hell a puppet version of basically any anime with this quality. Toei, give DBS to these guys.

Madara Uchiha : I read this was puppetry and thought this was some lame crap. I've never been so wrong in my life. This is art.

Oda Swifteye : Someone was randomly watching this and it took me several moments to realize that this was being done with puppets. Just imagine Jim Henson seeing something like this. It would blow his fucking mind.

Karsonist : Absolutely gorgeous! Although the language spoken is Japanese, both the hand puppet technique and story are Chinese in origin. It's great that both Japanese and Chinese artistic stylings can come together like this, and that Japan can celebrate another country's culture so sincerely for a change.

Firestorm TH : I can't imagine how long it took to make that

weezamon : 1:14 half life crowbar hitting metal

MrVince329 : Gen Urobuchi and Hiroyuki Sawano everyone :D

GinHindew110 : The shameles cgi would look lame in an anime or live action but the detail of the marionetes and the normal special efects makes it quite cool, above everything else to know the care anf effort poured into this is what makes it feel that good

TheHueisOver™ : This is beyond fantastic, the creators should put it on netflix asap.

IamYou86 : This is AWESOME!!! I frigging love this so much. The dolls are all so exquisite and detailed. This was a joy to watch.

Kakashi Hatake : An impressive, among many other things, how flawless the cuts are made. Never feels like cheap production, as a matter of fact, this is really high production, probably the highest.

Ellena Crystal : Damn that emo guy(bone man) looks fresher than me waking up from my beauty sleep.

WarpRulez : When somebody thinks that playing with dolls isn't badass, show them this.

Christopher Pineau : For those of you who don't know, all 13 episodes of this amazing, epic series are available with subtitles (this Japanese dub, in fact) on, so those who'd like to check it out in better quality video, pop over there!

Bartosz Lechocki : At first I thought that it will be hard to swollow, but just 40 seconds was enought to change my opinion. This series has brought so much joy! I thought that nothing will astonish me that much after my 32 years of life, but this..!?! It's fu..g AMAZING :D

I Like Butter : "Anime", "Japanese". How many people know that this is actually made by a Taiwanese studio, with Mandarin voice acting in mind, and has Chinese written characters on screen. Not everything is Japan jeez

Viewtiful Valentine : yeah this is more impressive than mots anime I've seen...

Switchback : Wow, I was not expecting that. The story and characters were portrayed with such seriousness and drama that the dolls didn't do anything to take away from the experience. It might just be the novelty and execution of the medium, but I felt more invested from that 7 minutes than multiple episodes of other anime.

Jorrellds : This is like Team America.... times 9/11

Madame D'Mort : OMFG THIS IS AMAZING !!!!!

TheKenchanx : Big Bad shows up slowly decending from the sky with a poem When he lands, anything within a few feet of him that has life... explodes and dies I'm hooked

Dave Ranger : Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn this shit was lit, I don't know what the hell this is but I'm a fan now! LOL

Hi : Taking playing with dolls to a whole 'nother level.

Silas ofNj : I literally don't know what to say to this... Holy shit, I'm speechless...

UltimateBattleRap : I need this

Judith Rios : I came expecting to laugh my ass off.......but now I just want more puppets kicking ass!!! Wait, does this count as anime?

ebere213 : You can tell the story's by Urbochi with how violent it is lol... Also gosh, never get tired of Gilgamesh's voice...

TUSKACT 4 : This should've won anime of the year

Polarpwnage : it looks like a live action barbie show LOL I was laughing so hard. But after I got over the shock of watching something that reminded me of robot chicken, I realized how amazing and unbelievable it is to film something like this

Jiminipple : I admit that it's well done, but still it's weird ;;; I don't like puppets, they're creepy, especially hearing them talk while the mouth is not moving is kinda..

Starving Boy In Africa : I came here to laugh at the video, but its actually cool

98kazer : gone is the time of puppets awkwardly fighting, that in reality, looks like they're humping each other and welcome to age of THIS!

nichols4520 : it took Japanese to want the rights to air to finally add English subtitles for all to understand. Thank you. been following for 7 years without being able to follow the stories, until now.

SoloSphere Entertainment : Why is everyone calling this anime? lol it's from Taiwan. Just saying...

Charlie : Insanely dope! I am addicted now! I need more, damn.

Space Pilot : Do you add motion blur to the characters? Regardless, it looks amazing which really matters.

wutangdan : Holy shit this is dope

Jafar Shodiq : wtf this is surprisingly very good!

miryone Heartilly : Just like an anime with wuxia elements. I like it.

Destiny Hero : this is better than i expected. Much much better!

YTDekus : Holy Crap wow!!!

funkeymanx : That was amazing!

Ken Kusanagi : Really well done.

M.K. Shiro : Is the music by Sawano Hiroyuki?

gamehead91 : wow, this is dope.

Nusret Bextiyar : Should have used the english translated names for the characters... or else it confuses foreigners a lot since they also have vietnamese names and korean names

MrNone92 : Amazing !!#

Chenggong Lee : Best show I have ever seen. I could literally see this becoming an actual movie