How To Be Creative: How an Artist Turns Pro

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shyam kumar : thanks for the inspiration

Analytical Street Sweeper : The amateur dreams of the magic after the work, the professional feels the magic during the work.

KTM Doctor : Who is here after IRFAN JUNEJO

Kolt Kloud : I feel a slight annoyance at the realization that I constantly need other people to explain me how I work and who I am. ... Thank you anyways. This video is very important to me.

Westwood Films : Great inspiration, writing a script at the moment and this inspired me. Just wrote 23 pages today.

Nkanyiso Innocent Khwane : *I think every artist needs to read this book* you did a great breakdown, I hope it reaches people who never had the chance to read it

amanieux : i think you may be misreading bukowski's poem. he is not saying "if you are a procrastinator then you are not an artist", i think he is just saying that the filter between your good artwork and your bad artwork is the level of urgency you felt putting it out

JuGGerNauTT32 : Insightful, but I believe you missed the point of being an artist... I have a question for you. If you didn't need money to make a living, will you still be an artist? If the answer is yes, then writing a book every month for the rest of your life, or a single masterpiece in your entire lifetime, shouldn't make any difference. Because, isn't expressing yourself truthfully, the most important thing? Writing, is the space between words. If you don't allow time to come in and settle your constant thinking, it doesn't matter how fast you are, you already stripped yourself of the best book you didn't write. Being pro has nothing to do being an artist, it just brings food to the table. Better do a mundane job that feeds your family and take the time to do what you love, at the speed you want to. Not just because some corporate giant forced you to, or because other writers do it. But because you want to tell something that hasn't being told before. All the greatest artists who ever lived, died poor. Don't be afraid, just do it with your heart :)

David Avila : "Rest In Peace, Motherf**ker."

Daniel Sánchez : *YOU SHALL NOT PASS*

Siim Land : “I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes every morning at nine o'clock sharp.” - W. Somerset Maugham

Mana : You lost me when you put J.K Rowling anywhere near Fitzgerald and Bukowski

Esi 420 : I'm not stating this lightly. This is the BEST video I have seen on youtube ever. Period. Thank you.

Nathan Felsch : Damn dude, you really understand what your talking about. You've clearly given it a lot of thought, and came up with the right answers. I feel the resistance all the time, but have never really been able to put a finger on it. So thank you, this has been very useful for me.

Olger : Isn't the approval of others, that give you that addictive dopamine rush, the fight you have with yourself? Isn't it more the addict figuring out a way for him to have his next shot. Feeling pathetic in his need for appreciation. I prefer to write when I want to capture a moment in my life that sheds a different light on things. Or even a sort of ankerpointe of my human existence that amazed me and the reaction my body had on specific circumstances. Desperately holding on to fleeting moments that meant everything back than. Charles Bukowski isn't wrong in the sense of even thinking in terms of whats right or wrong, (thats a bit old testament). He does not talk about the writersblok but more on the fact that if you don't contribute something you beter not write. Don't waste my time and I will not waste yours that kind of thinking. Go out live life and than write, it will come naturally.  If it takes a life time to write one sentence that changes a humans perspective on life so be it, but don't indulge in capitalist rhetoric of productivity because than you are writing for them will it always been about you.

Hayden Perno : "When he is face down in the arena chewing on sand and everyone's laughing at him, he knows it is still better to be in the arena, than standing on the sideline"

Mehroz Rana : IRFAN JUNEJO SENT ME HERE. Thanks for the inspiration.

Daniel Vargo : I like creating a story by just using notebook paper ! With dark experiences and events ! My best way is just by using classical music thats dark or metranomes and my mind carries on nonstop for hours!😉 totally by myself

Caspar : Normally don't like these kinds of videos but this is pretty good.

Helle Fyre : I agree completely with Bukowski. If you don't have it, you don't have it. It's better to refrain from being in the business of something you have no business being in.

DaDavidVids : *Procrastinating while watching this*

Gravity Productions : Great video, resistance is my problem

Comet : You cant become creative, its a trait if you already are you can further it if you're not expressing it but most people just simply arent creative. If you don't believe me do your own research from actual psychologists not media outlets.

BUTER BUTTER : This video is Phenomenal 😁

Septimus 77 : I know I'm late to the party, but thank you. I've had the ideas for these worlds floating within my mind, but let fear keep me from setting them free. Your video has really inspired me to get back to writing with a vengeance. Thank you so much.

maro ashraf : could someone help with movies names ? 3:54 4:37 5:27 12:05

ahmet şükrü : Wow, Thanks for bringing out the poem of Bukowski, I thought pretty much about his words back then. I also read the book of Pressfield but that poem made me sad despite of I see myself as a creative person. Because the state that he mentioned happens SOOOOOO RARE. Also it happens through all those dull hard work. I don't know if he is a superhuman that had constant creative urge that never ends and never had resistance, but saying don't do it if it is not this way is so wrong and offhand.

littlestbroccoli : But where does the ending music come from

holyelisha : I'd say this is true with almost anything you want to pursue in life.

Drew Travis : "It was easier for Hitler to start World War II than it was for him to face a blank square of canvas." _Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art

all things fascinating : brilliant summary of the book. thanks a ton for this guys.

King Crow : So many thumbs down whats the matter haters? Does the truth hurt? Steven Pressfield is brilliant. Good video sir.

Just a random guy : Bukowski isn't necessarily wrong. What he did in that poem is try to eliminate those who weren't meant to be writers, or at least weren't able to take it. If that poem made a lot of people give up writing then they probably would've gave it up when faced to rejection and being misunderstood. The advice of "Don't do it" is used by a lot of big figures in many domains(Take Elon Musk for example) Because every writer who take his craft seriously will find himself frustrated in front of their computer screen or a blank paper. Every writer will find, at some point, the tought of writing exhausting(especially during a writer's block). That poem is just a filter, an obstacle that some will jump over and some won't. And even those who will can give up later. He's just doing those who aren't fully dedicated to their crafts a favor. Because there isn't worse than sacrificing so much things for a mirage.

Kino : Glad you debunked that poem by Charles. That is my biggest fear is that. If I'm not itching to draw or animate, it's not for me. Even though once I start I'm in a trance and work for hours. I am slow to get to it. And I wonder if other people who were 'meant' to do this attack it with a passion I dont have. Thank you for this video. I'll keep working hard and continue to do so

Bathory Bill : As a creative person I can say, some times it doesn't come just bursting out...some times I have to drag it out of me kicking and screaming like a hostage that's been picked as the 'example'. It's not pretty...

Zulqurnain Nawaz : Powerful things come in simplest form.. loved it from soul... Wao!

Stones Jones : You didnt understand what Bukoswki was saying. It hurt yiu since you also want to express..but its about..the NEED..THE SINCERE NEED TO EXPRESS AND TAKE THE STAGE. not just out of narcissistic tendencies and greed. No real need!! Also your thick dutch accent and your way of talking is very ..very annoying!

Together In Style : Interesting... No doubt resistance is the enemy. Yet creating alone is not the answer either. I create full time, and have had some remarkable successes. But, you are only as successful as your last moment of success. The real challenge is keeping the flow coming into your life. And, to keep that flow, artists often have to risk everything they have earned or gained to get the next project seen, shared, etc... Then there is reinvention to boot. Thanks for sharing these perspectives.

Moiz Sidd : Who is here just because or Irfan Junejo ?!

Kashif Ahmed : Who came here after junejoe's story

HeavensAzreal YT : Here from irfan junejo

James Vani : Using Van Gogh's image at the beginning, as an example of artists for whom the art didn't just "flow", was egregious. We're talking about a guy who never touched a paint brush until 27, and it just happened for him. Works of art exploded from him, 900 throughout his career, or 2 a week, every week, for 10 years. This is not an example of someone who's "struggling to make the art happen". Using Van Gogh here is like using a sloth as an example of a really, really fast animal. Good video otherwise though. Had to edit; "Rest in peace mother fucker" was a GREAT way to end this video.

FOG MFD : Watching this video everytime I need a lil boost!

Kek Network : You're absolutely right here, but I think you misunderstand Bukowski's poem. I don't believe he's talking about the actual process of writing, even Bukowski himself dealt with his fair share of perfectionism. He's talking about what drives you to write, if you don't have a burning desire to write then you should not. "if you have to wait for it to roar out of you, then wait patiently. If it never does roar out of you, do something else." What he's saying there is that if you don't feel it, you need to wait, are you saying George R.R. Martin isn't waiting for the right inspiration to hit him on his new book, I think he is, I think he's following the logic perfectly. "if you first have to read it to your wife or your girlfriend or your boyfriend or your parents or to anybody at all, you’re not ready." What he's saying is you ultimately will be the one who decides if it's worth your time, not your loved ones or the ones you respect, you have to sit there and write it and contemplate it. Andrew in "Whiplash" went to his family, and found nothing from it, they did not inspire him, they practically ignored his drumming in the film, even Fletcher wasn't the one who truly pushed Andrew to be great, it was Andrew, his determination, the fire in his gut. And he took his time to realize that, learning his lesson through the film. "if you have to sit for hours staring at your computer screen or hunched over your typewriter searching for words, don’t do it." What Bukowski means is if you don't feel it, don't do it, and that's an inherent truth in art, you have to train your mind and learn to be a pro, like you said, but that goes hand in hand with waiting for that fire inside you to come out, and if that fire never comes out, then don't do it. Bukowski always had a sense of cynicism, but he's using trick language in the poem. He's not saying "Never make art if you don't automatically have the fire in you." What he's saying is "Don't do it, unless you feel that fire inside you." Some people may never have that fire, and the only real reason they won't is because they become discouraged, because they mistook the information that they need to wait for that fire to come out as information that they'll never have the fire. This is a good video, and me even daring to comment on "YouTube: the world's most awful comment section" because you're video got me interested enough to do so, means something. Good work, hopefully my comment means something.

Miss Poste *argw27 : 7:08 <3

suresh keesari : can any one name the movies on this video

Tushar Bareja : Who is here after Junejo Bhai

George Yeulett : yep, the deep pit of resistance my fingers scratch at the walls instead of the keys

Kaylah Crosby : I'm watching this as I procrastinate

Masi Ahmadzai : ❤🙌I phucking love you man, Never have I ever felt like kissing a man but I just gave it some thought and yeah I don't think I want to kiss you, but I want to thank you and have you be my best man at my heterosexual wedding for this video alone. 😂📚🐙