Sechs Kies - Chivalry, 젝스키스 - 기사도, MBC Top Music 19980110

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luhan's nipples : i come back to this daily just to laugh at the intro wtf

Happy! Lia : Lol I can't stop laughing

officialkpopfan : So the story is... actually they were really strict back then too and Jiwon was definitely NOT allowed to say that, in fact a lot of people knew he was cursing. Yet, he did it on purpose. Back then there were rumors that Sechskies was always lip syncing and as the leader those rumors stressed him out a lot because they almost ALWAYS sang live, so to prove it he started cursing during a live intro .... STRAIGHT SAVAGE EUN LEADER

B B : lmfao how did they get away with that intro

HYORI STAN : this makes me laugh so much, watch this everytime!  JUST LET THE PUSSY ROLL

michyeoji : The fuckin di*k is in your pus*y?? You've got to be kidding me right?? LMAO WHAT KIND OF INTRO WAS THAT


againstthetimes : That is the funniest first 10 seconds to a live performance, ever in kpop XD

D Destiny : Song is named 'Chivalry' but the Intro got me like *'OH THE IRONY'*

bee.syrup : their outfits are making me speechless.......and their hair too........and that intro is a gem omg

funkyfreshdays7 : wow, the old days of K-pop were pure gold

Blue e : The most legendary english lyric in kpop, holy shit.

kyshimimi : Ok, new ringtone

Drewski217 : NOT this song being titled 'chivalry' with THAT intro!

Taegum Lee : Well in 90s there were quite few people who could actually understand english properly thats y that kind of trolling could possibly happen haha

fabuxoxo : WHO SAYS FIRST GENERATION IDOLS AREN'T SAVAGE? LOL THAT INTRO. I wonder if they knew the meaning xd

WHATEVER GOES FOR ME : Obviously, no one understood those slang words LOL. Broadcasting networks were a lot stricter then and were known for banning tattoos, plunging necklines, hair dyes, etc. and yet those words were not censored at all hahaha.

Amy K : I died at the intro.

Akai Apple : so this is why they got into YG. They have the same hobbies: TROLLING

J kim : Sechskies were rebellious youths at that time. Due to the conservative society and strict regulations, I think they were just been rebellious. Eun Jiwon was a bad boy and seem to be hot tempered and angry. He has lots of energy and it’s like a young boy that is impulsive and said things he is not supposed to say on broadcast. Since it happened so many years ago, i think the audiences and producers were just ignorant of English. Just forgive and forget about this incident. Now they are showing a more matured and sophisticated image. It is probably almost impossible to hear the vulgarity now.

Lynn Lai : That intro made me do a triple take...

SapphireSonatina : I had to pause and have a moment after that intro... what just... dang

BLACKPINK YG TRASH : The super iconic performance with a very disturbing opening. Sechskies only hahaha

Angie Kang : Sechs Kies may have expressed their complaint in this way to the excessively authoritative and corrupted agency that had exploited them for years. All good old fans of Sechs Kies know this. Thx.

D Destiny : So basically I listened to their new Album and liked this song and wanted to see the older live versions and I am literally *crying because of that Intro*. Like this is not chivalrous... *OH THE IRONY*

Elena Salvatore. : The intro. The outfits. The hairstyle. The cheography. *mouth agape*

Alex Kerie Martinez : _what the fuck was kpop doing in '98 i'm fUCKING CRYING_

healingv1sion : the what is in the who now?

Princess Marshella Horman : 90s Kpop:Back when idols had freedom,dress like someone from an action movie,had greasy hair and also INVENTED MEMES

Kuro Kuro : 1:38 SungHoon also said "Let's make that tootsie roll (??)" lmao

Marupyon : what surprises me the most is how serious they were while singing this infamous intro... if I were to sing something like this in a music show, I would probably burst in laughter !


kimmie fonze : Previously on How To Get Away With Murder...

Micah Baligod : someone tweeted asking whats the most iconic opening line and someone linked this. IM CHOKING

Rei G : *DEAR FELLOW YELLOWKIES* I wish to share another golden troll move by our brave leader, Eun Jiwon. Search for 'Sechskies A+' and click on the video where Suwon had this hideous reggae hair - just watch until the first minute and you'll find great treasure.

rchltrbl : the most iconic performance ever; it's all because of that intro

ayaeternity : one of the few times where they didn't lipsync then.. pussy intro lmao

Thea Bruun : The hair...the outfits...the dance...THE INTRO? What happened to kpop in 1998?

Orca : I watch this when i'm sad aff

Evioka : "Make the pussy roll, yes" -- OMG WHAT IS THAT. AM I HEARING IT RIGHT?! BWHAHAHAHAH! OMG! EVEN SUNGHOON SAID IT! =))))) JIWON: 0:41 - 0:44 SUNGHOON: 1:40 - 1:42

Ryan Flores : well then. 97' was lit

SMstan B2uty : 😂😂😂 the intro never gets old.

arvin ilao : The intro was gold. HAHA Ji Won is a troll!! >.<

taetae431 : The intro is the best lmao


richzero0 : Best intro of ALL time. Absolutely NO debates!

Aileen 123 : This never fails to make me laugh xD

Oksana Seile : Eun Ji Won :DDDD why don't you try to sing something like this now? XDDD

cupoftea _ : Sechskies were really ahead of their time, even in memes and trolling.

stan talent stan loona : Its amazing how, even back then, so many koreans went abroad to study in America and not even one person caught that.