It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Family Fight part 2

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Deej John : shabooyah role call

Danny Lifts : Lmao his face when "dragon" is out up there 😂😂😂

Drake Deardorff : I lost it when he frank kinda wandered away and then came back.

Ty Alex : When Dee said ''cock'' was one of the hardest moments I ever laughed at anything. I still vividly remember that moment drinking water the moment she said that spit it all out. God I love this show so much.

Travis Smith : "I was sort of the odd man out," looks at the host and says, "You know." The subtle racism is brilliant lol

MJ Red : I love how the host is so obviously pissed yet he keeps on smiling.

ツmorgan : "dragon!" "Charlie, do you eat dragon?"

Ed Blackaby : He raised them but he did not SIRE them.

Cassius Eagen : "yeah yeah i actually brought my blood bucket in case you guys wanna run his blood and see if it all checks out it'd be good to know."

mightbeazombie : lol I bet Frank adopted Mac cause they through they couldn't compete in the show otherwise

7BitTrip : "I'm not even gonna try to figure that one out"

Davis Moore : "Easy, a sea urchin" "A s-a what now?"

Daria Noir : That look of fear and loathing at the end.

jskrabac : So unusual and great to see Key playing a straight man!

Phobos TwoTwoOne : good dennis moment - 'you have these people in your life..'

Andrew Stalnaker : It was a bloodbath

NIGHTMARE-NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE-NIGHTMARE : This is one of the funniest and most interesting episodes showing Dennis' descent into insanity. 🤣

ando1135 : lol dragon on the board

mike devaney : this is too fucking funny!!! Dennis trying to stay happy and not expect rejection is brilliant! plus dee looks fine!

Machiave11i : @ 3:09 "I was always the odd man out, ya know? I mean YOU know." lol

Jean-Michau Michou : This episode is comedy gold.

Braden Spencer : god damn Glen is good at acting like an insecure person that's full of themselves at the same time

wade w : A light-hearted barb, if you will.

Howdie S : "Show me cow"...

Ohio Against The World : "there's only one thing in the world you shouldn't say right now, and that is 'show me.' that's my line, I say that, not you"

Views : lmao after years I just now noticed mac was being racist at 3:08

Lhykosidae : Mac's look of confusion from 3:48 - 3:58 is pure gold.

Evan Miraglia : isn't the pig eating a man thing frank says from Hannibal?

Colin S : Key is fantastic in this.

Ohio Against The World : this would've still been funny, but Keegan Michael Key made this so, so much better.

Kyle MacDonald : "But they do live together in squalor!"

S. Lee : Love Frank's hip swivels.

anastasia : DRAGON!

Atrijit Das : Everyone's performance here is so good i dont know whom to single out and appreciate

Hieillua : Gotta love it when Dennis is the only one that gave a wrong answer. You just know it makes him totally crazy.

TITOF123 : Charlie, do you eat dragons?

Ryan Levin : He was in the survey

rwest1833_MGTOW : When Mac says "but they do live in squalor"...the look on his face is perfect...implying that this alone is a valid reason for them to possibly be related...LMAO...its so perfect!!!

Grandpa's Barbershop Music : "You know? I mean you know"

candymr2 : that is the mother from the movie friday

Aaron Slouber : You realize of course, that Charlie was likely the one polled for the answer in some mall 6 months prior. Cause who else would say Dragon!? He's brilliant in his memory of that day and sat there at the end, patiently waiting for everyone else to answer, so he could win it.

TrapSkateLive : Dragon Steak. Sounds fire!!

slowjack 789 : sweet dee is a goddess

FullTimeSlacker : The hosts face when dragon is on the board is priceless

Jamie Wells : Nightman is to be feared

modernlover0rosalyn : Blood bucket.

Rafael artiga : keys face at the end 😂😂😂

dwd ded : Dennis so creepy I love it

Hazardous XD : Shaboya roccal!

Anna Mozatee : This one was funny to me on so many levels; but particularly the fact that they were calling out the real Family Feud's not-so-well hidden racism when a "white" family is playing against a black family. Steve Harvey will do EVERYTHING he can to make the "white" people feel and look like fools in front of a predominantly black viewing audience, whereas he has nothing but nice things to say to/about the black families. Hilarious that Sunny called them out like they did-subtlety at its utmost finest.