PapaClips #6 $829.99 donation, epic backflip, wife got fired, tourney ending ✔️

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Last week was incredible! We got so many clips of so many great moments that this weeks video is TWICE the length! I even had to cut a lot of great clips just to keep the video shorter. I met a lot of incredible people last week, had a lot of good times. See you guys MONDAY on TWITCH! Like what you see? Follow us on the interwebs to be notified of all live streams, new articles, comics and more! Website: Twitch: Twitter: #pubg #funnypubg #papaclips #pubgwtf #tournament #twitch #streamers #streaming #pubgfunny wtf moments pubg, pubg wtf moments, pubg funny moments, pubg daily, pubg wtf, pubg funny wtf, wtf pubg, pubg daily funny wtf moments, pubg, pubg moments, pubg funny wtf moments, pubg daily wtf moments, pubg daily wtf, wtf, battlegrounds highlights, pubg funny, pubg mobile, playerunknowns battlegrounds, pubg fails, pubg voice chat, pubg epic moments, voice chat funny moments, pubg highlights, funny pubg, funny moments pubg, pubg mobile gameplay, pubg mobile hack, mobile ✔️


PushingShots : First time viewer. Fun watch brother! you got my sub!

Θεμης Γεωργιαδης : I had fun playing with you XD