Getting an ad during a YouTube video
Ads during YouTube videos

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um otΓ‘rio qualquer : Nice to see that you made an entire costume for half a second of the video

G G : That family cracked me up

Ancrath Justice : That was a little too real.

Northeast MotorCo : Dead on balls accurate. Thanks for bringing real comedy back.

Klaus Bruggenheim : peak diversity family πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

jetnavigator : Funnier than the entire ABC comedy department. I'd like to see a serial killer themed sketch where he murders people to that annoying bloody ukelele music.

Mike DePue : Your work is outstanding. You deserve all of the subscribers. Keep it up!!!!!!

James S : How do you not have more freakin views!

kalenrox9 : To be fair, can't blame the advertiser for unplugging the cord at 0:01, serious tripping hazard

francescop1 : Dude I had to subscribe after the vice skit

avameira : Seriously, your jokes are right on point and you pretty much have the same humour as me. Thank you so much!!! Finally some comedy I can enjoy on youtube πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

Far West : 5/5

ifonlyicouldstop : Funny twist....Ive been stalked by the wish app ads for months now (despite clearly never intending to use that product, ever), but the crafty devils have found a way around the feature that allows you to block certain ads....they simply make 20, slightly different varients, for the same ad (the bar-stards!)

Joshman972 : furreal where can I play Clash of Gash tho? Asking for a friend

Samuel Gates : Your skits have the best endings hands down they are timed so well

Mihai Petre : When you don't get an ad before the video... BUT THE VIDEO IS THE AD

texaspenguin : neat

Fauzi Kautsar : subscribed, hello from indonesia one of corrupted country in the world.

starkistuna : hahaha i love the abrupt cuttoffs

Keegan Jackson : New favourite YouTube channel!!!

Mush_Farmer : Yes mate! 24k YouTube Gold!

Antonio Reyes : 0:06 that whistle! I wish I could do that...This is pure genius!"

J Black : the board at the end had me on the floor xD

basti329 : You deserve more subs m8!

Chips Dubbo : I do not take kindly to threats, but I worked hard on my village, therefore I concede and am forced to subscribe.

Hunterr : always so hyped to click the notification button

Riley Jennings : who else got an ad before the vid

Rup Tratin : Nearly busted a gut at the "family photo" well done.

Brennan Huard : I couldn't wait to show this one to my husband. He loved it! Thanks for the laughs.

Kelby Roberson : So glad to come across some good sketches on YouTube in this time period of reality tv YouTube. Subscribed.

Dave Ass : Top kek this channel has potential

Lucky S : Lol nice bro!

Stubborn : I liked the ad that was before the video

NeuesTestament : I always get Ads for stupid gaming accesories and crypto currency trading. I am into neither.

bens number 1 fan : im just gonna spread the good word of this to all friends and family

Doctor Edgy : Much more relatable than any vine video in the existence of mankind.

Bas L : Hahaha that stupid whistle and ukulele tune XD So good.

cherryfractal : His done it again!

starclaws : Or just adblock...

Giorno Giovanna : I think i found my new favourite channel

Unbearable : Atleast it's better then mainstream TV were there are longer/louder and more obnoxious commercials every 3 minutes...

ZΕ‚y Wilk : S H U T T E R S T O C K

steve steverson : lmao the family picture was the best part, spot on

Nunum Sinclairs : Great memes...i love it

Atheists Are Actually Theists. Proof? "A Theist". I Rest My Case. : I honestly can't tell if these are two different people

Rich B : I wish it was like this. At least I could throw things at my screen during the adds and feel satisfaction.

BritishYankee : Loved it

burnzy3210 : the ridiculously mutli ethnic family killed it :P

SB Dreamers : Here from ig πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½