Penn & Teller Fool Us Shin Lim Return - Fooled
Penn amp Teller Fool Us Shin Lim Return Fooled

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Penn & Teller Fool Us Shin Lim #PennandTellerFoolUs season 4


JK Steen : I've been learning some card trickery recently and here's what I noticed... … … … ... ... this guy is good.

Hans Ricour : that guy... so beautiful to watch, one of the few where i don't want to know how, but just enjoy the show, just so poetic and beautiful! love it, well done putting this routine together

Michael Weston : it's very obvious, people. he grew another set of hands from his surgery and painted them black.

Christopher Law : Penn just couldnt resist lmao

Rich Ferguson : Best. Period. Epic as usual buddy!

Tim Owen : That mat is very black...

Martin Schnack : Easy. You can see at 0:34 when he makes a deal with Satan and the devil takes over his body.

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James Crenshaw : 2nd time he's BLOWN MY MIND, and with a recent injury no less! This guy, just WOW!

Ayuwaska : This guy is just incredible!

Veto : This guy is pulling some mean Micheal Jackson faces

Eragon Saphira : Even with 0.25 speed, he is fast enough to hide cards in many situations

Redoralive : Trying to think, what kind of trick was he doing when he served his tendons? Disappearing razor blades?!?

David Saunders : Shin Lim has been my favorite both times he's been on the show. There's just something so beautiful, poetic, and pure about his magic that I find myself laughing out loud like a child. Thank you Shin, for giving me that experience!

Jeremy Oscar : This Asian guy makes move that reminds me of Michael Jackson.

Pee Ess : The state of some comments. If all you're about is wanting to know how it's done, you're missing the best part of magic.

Werner Heisenberg : SPOILER ALERT I think the first part of the trick (until 3:30) is done with cards with black non-reflecting backs. You can actually see him pick cards up from the black canvas, and remove cards from the canvas by pulling them towards him and letting them drop down from the table. He is wearing a black non-reflecting shirt so we dont see the back of the cards even if he holds them in an obvious manner.

Rich Pyke : Dude blew me away. I don't want to know how it's done (I think we all know it's slight of hand). The first time in a long time I've been genuinely blown away. Watch more than once and you see things but man this dude is insane, presentation is off the chart!

jrmitchell12 : SPOILER (I THINK) DON'T READ FURTHER UNLESS YOU WANT TO KNOW A MAJORITY OF THE TRICK . . . . There are two main parts to this trick that I can see: 1. The deck. 1a. The deck consists mainly of cards that have blue backs on one vertical half of the back of each card, and red backs on the other vertical half of that same back side of the card. He uses slight of hand (extremely skillfully) to change the top card to make it appear as though all the other cards are entirely that color, but they are not. Once place to look for this would be at 3:25 where he manipulates that top Ace card from red to blue but is very careful to rotate the 4 cards 180 degrees on the way down and fan the opposite blue sides of the cards. 2a. Similar are the face sides of the cards. All but the top face card are vertically halved regular playing card pictures and vertically halved "Penn and teller - Did I fool you" drawings. He just skillfully manipulates that top card to make it appear as all the cards underneath are entirely those drawings. You can even see at 4:38 in that he is just fanning out the other half of the cards and dropping the two top cards (the "You?" and the "P") on the ground 2. The table This one stumped me for a while, but I think what he is doing from 1:37 to 3:20 is using is a non-reflective black coating on this table with most of the cards in this section also having backs (and edges) that are black and non-reflective. If you watch this section of the video with this in mind, I think it appears to be obvious. For example, at 2:17, you can see him put the Ace on the table and flip the other two heart cards off the table (with the tip of that Ace) into his other hand (very hard to do). Also, when you see him making those cards "disappear" he basically just turns them over and you don't see them any longer. I was amazed with this trick, and even having figured out a majority of the ways in which this is done, it is still just amazing (maybe even more so knowing all the things that could go wrong). The skill and practice he put into this is just crazy and I wish him all the best with the injury he endured. I'm not absolutely positive on the end where he puts the deck carton back on (looks like he may just place the deck in a half of a deck carton and then flips it over to show the other side of the deck with that half carton). Let me know what you think about the analysis. Great trick!

The Flying Swagman : I don't know how and never want to know.... brilliant!!

Steven : Anyone know the music?

Paulha Sin : i can watch this for another year and still have the same reaction ... 🤷🏼‍♀️


SnowTiger45 : Impeccably Flawless Execution. He's one of the best technical card manipulators ever.

Darkmage1293 : It's freaky to turn the speed down to .25, and STILL be unable to see how he's doing it. The transition from red to blue backed cards, and blue to messaged is nigh flawless, second only to when Javi was doing his tricks.

Twelve Wing Productions : I used to enjoy it when they would give a bit more commentary. This guy's slight of hand is so special it would be great to get a bit more commentary.. but then I suppose the amazed look on their faces says it all. There is a difference between knowing how a trick is done and catching the magician doing it. This guy.. is pure perfection. Just wonderful to watch. I'm so glad he was able to overcome his injuries.

Crick1952 : Guess who's back? Back from the dead. Shin Lim's back. Tell a friend.

Shayne Sim : One of the most skillful and masterful magicians ever

Daniel Demers : All I can say is....whoa

Loggan : I have most of his products/ tricks, 52 shades of red is soo nice

Tom van Rens : Awesome. Pen with the dung dung dung duung! xD

Rick Deckard : 5:23 "Oh, my goodness! Was this easier to come on the second time or was it harder to come ...? Who's a naughty girl?

M. K. : Amazing! He makes it looks so easy .... What is the name of the beautiful background music? Anybody please know (??)

Mohammad Kazmi : He performed this on AGT this week 😂, funny how the judges didn't know , but also, I mean the chances of them knowing are low

Sarah Burkett : This has gotta be one of my favorites! :D I love this guy! ^-^ What was that background song he used? It was so epic! :D Gave me chills... >~< Especially with his epic card trickery going right along with it. :D Soooooooo good. ^-^ It was beautiful and amazing, and I wouldn't have even known he had severed two tendons in his thumb beforehand if he didn't tell us. It was very well done! :D I love it! ^-^

joseph weiss : Amazing skill!! beautiful to watch!! smooth as a slide! although i belibe that Penn and Teller figure out all magicians act that fooled them, with that beeing said after his act on season 2 they probably watched it over and over until they figured out every tiny move and sleight of hand, so they should know his dirty little secrets. so how come they got fooled again?

D Pilon : Elegant af

Jonny Lee : i bet he can't do that same routine on my wooden kitchen table.

ViIvaNunner : Would've been way better if it was "Penn and Teller... Will You Marry Me?"

Abhishek Nirgun : He did his FISM it is...and still fooled them????

u8sumthinbad : Just Amazing Skill.

Jeff Ward : His YouTube channel is sick

Alik : ...And then he wins AGT 2018 and AGT champions.

Solid Snake : so were they expecting to be fooled again and just prept the card or did they know in advance? kind of makes this feel like it was staged... amazing act though

mo ju : What an amazing and beautiful performance! Great job, Shin Lim.

Maurice Tamata : I'm a magician this guy is my idol and he is number one magician in the world thanks shin lim

Annie DeFay Hallworth : this guy has got to be my favorite, his magic is just so mindblowingly beautiful

UT AllTheWay : This dude is flawless. Absolutely flawless.

Lia Dee : What if he use other cards. Like cards from the audience, can he still make some magic. 😁though he is really awesome 👏