Rough N' Rowdy 3 - Highlights

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NVVD : This is perfection! Redneck amateur boxing, hot ring girls and Bill Burr, I'M SOLD!

John Darcangelo : The worst boxers and the best ring girls. Shows you what's really important.

MrCrazy ChucoTown : Did they find this guy in a glacier?

MrMartena56 : "I've never seen anyone lead with an upper cut from the other side of the ring and land it"

Eddy Jones : My god those women

Charlie Johnston : Needs more Burr

Maciej C. : Thank you Billy for showing me this. I am here for life now. Please do not become greedy guys, keep the magical formula and not giving a f approach going. Best of Luck.

John twain : Watching this from Ireland . All I can say is God bless America . Brilliant stuff . Only been to Las Vegas but have to visit the parts of USA these fighters and fans are from .

SWEATT : who is here after watching hot ones?

Andre Martinez : The real question is whos that asian chick at 4:25 ??

Benjamin Beltrame : I hate myself for watching #1 2 and 3...

Nai Xo : This is why the US is the best country in the world

fortylove68 : Ring girl red bikini=Dime piece

Vinny Edwards : I will buy every PPV Bill Burr is confirmed to do color commentary.

Davis Mavis : Ha. Bill Burr. Is he the Joe Rogan of RnR?

V8Hilux : MORE BURR, LESS MAT... I mean, you're using a gymnastics crash mat as a boxing ring! No wonder the fighters keep tripping over & the ring girls threaten to shatter their ankles... but mainly... MORE BURR!!!

Michael : My favorite... Burr says, "Can you imagine what this guy went through during puberty... STOP STOP, but it just kept coming!" HAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAAH @3:12

staima86 : Whose the chick with America flag top shes so sexy damn

Mollensittich : That's not the German flag, my American friends. Thats the Bavarian flag, a region of Germany! ;)

Rhidian D : this is the most american thing...

nunya business : Honestly it's the commentary that makes me keep watching😂😂😂

Gavin Klein : 2:30 pure gold from Bill Burr haha

Artifacts407 : All somebody would have to do is focus on learning how to throw a straight right, and you could drop every single one of these guys.

lightsouthaha : Bill Burr: "I've never seen a fighter lead with an uppercut from the other corner of the ring and still land it." Lol

Easy Peasy : 4:22 American flag bikini ring girl

The Transpanzer : When you find these randomly but watch Bill Burr all the time....

John Smith : these videos are violent, vulgar and sexist! i really like them.

N Vannote : Great comedy, ....fights, and great asses.

Jose Chavez : Missed this one, but purchasing RnR 4 to catch me some Bill Burr magic!

alimuh007 : Ole Billy Boy Red!!!!! sent me

Robert Fernandez : Click bait, the guy in the thumbnail looked like Tank Abbott.

latorgator23 : Who’s the girl at 6:00???

Dar ren : This is exactly what YouTube needed, great entertainment.

toadamine : The Special Olympics of MMA!

Martin Suarez Nuñez : bill burr is great , i wish this promotion all the success

Francisco Suárez : Name of that beauty at 1:48??

Mario Ruiz : Billy blue balls

jerry robinson : God Bless America..we know how to do it or what LMAO

Tim Brady : Just found this ,pretty funny ,kudos to the fighters , ringside kinda reminds me of MXC . Oh yeah , ladies were quite a gentle on the eyes among all the ugly man flesh . Good crowd , no problems ?

Zeek DGr8t : “He fell like a toddler” lol

Khristopher Bryson : I want to fight one of them 💯 AKA Bryson the kaveman

Michael Filmore : REDNECK boxing!!! Awesome. Ring round girls are #1

Louis Mat : Oh Damn, who is the chick #5 at 6:15?

Jimminy Kricket : Just when you think it can't get any better BILL BURR SHOWS UP ON COMMENTARY!!!!

Grand Daddy Purple W : All i can i say is wtf

Robert Hill : Exciting as a bleeding hemroid

Shane Alexander : 6:00 min mark... YES

kyle Sabato : they got some pretty fine women

Khristopher Bryson : Man up

Philip Hubbe : 3:40 he need some milk