Rough N' Rowdy 3 - Highlights

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mrcrazy chucotown : Did they find this guy in a glacier?

Charlie Johnston : Needs more Burr

MrMartena56 : "I've never seen anyone lead with an upper cut from the other side of the ring and land it"

Eddy Jones : My god those women

Maciej C. : Thank you Billy for showing me this. I am here for life now. Please do not become greedy guys, keep the magical formula and not giving a f approach going. Best of Luck.

bernard wallace : Amateurs beatin the shit outa each other + billy red nuts clownin on fools + *extra fit* ring ladies = an event i wish i was there for. Thanx barstool sports/rough n rowdy!!

Benjamin Beltrame : I hate myself for watching #1 2 and 3...

Vinny Edwards : I will buy every PPV Bill Burr is confirmed to do color commentary.

John Darcangelo : The worst boxers and the best ring girls. Shows you what's really important.

Davis Mavis : Ha. Bill Burr. Is he the Joe Rogan of RnR?

V8HiluxZX6R : MORE BURR, LESS MAT... I mean, you're using a gymnastics crash mat as a boxing ring! No wonder the fighters keep tripping over & the ring girls threaten to shatter their ankles... but mainly... MORE BURR!!!

Mollensittich : That's not the German flag, my American friends. Thats the Bavarian flag, a region of Germany! ;)

Robert Fernandez : Click bait, the guy in the thumbnail looked like Tank Abbott.

Jose Chavez : Missed this one, but purchasing RnR 4 to catch me some Bill Burr magic!

staima86 : Whose the chick with America flag top shes so sexy damn

Francisco Suárez : Name of that beauty at 1:48??

latorgator23 : Who’s the girl at 6:00???

Tim Brady : Just found this ,pretty funny ,kudos to the fighters , ringside kinda reminds me of MXC . Oh yeah , ladies were quite a gentle on the eyes among all the ugly man flesh . Good crowd , no problems ?

gcuz405 : 1:56 is tha best part...

alimuh007 : Ole Billy Boy Red!!!!! sent me

toadamine : The Special Olympics of MMA!

Boomdraw D : Number 9 won this for me

Mario Ruiz : Billy blue balls

Logan Halstead : This ain’t shit compared to WV

Nai Xo : This is why the US is the best country in the world

spacetape : 4:28 Heat reference

Shane Alexander : 6:00 min mark... YES

jesse oliver : Here bc I ran outta fast data during RNR4

Terry Tripp : 1:19, "He fell like a toddler!" 2:25, Is this guy tryin' to grow a sweater?

Daz Capone : Come on man not really fighting just playing

- Silbzy - : I feel jipped fighting after the main event

John twain : Watching this from Ireland . All I can say is God bless America . Brilliant stuff . Only been to Las Vegas but have to visit the parts of USA these fighters and fans are from .

RJ Clark : It's like they give the ring girls some speed right before they get in the ring.

Izzy SoDope : Dope

Easy Peasy : 4:22 American flag bikini ring girl

katiemercedes : I like Bill's blazer, heard about it on the podcast. It looks good!

lightsouthaha : Bill Burr: "I've never seen a fighter lead with an uppercut from the other corner of the ring and still land it." Lol

Anthony Brady : The Best ring girl PERIOD!!!!

Alfredo Norberg : What did WWE expand to boxing?

Kanker shrooms : Thought the guybij the thumbnail was tank abott

Bob Smith : Damn that girls ass! Then the Tito Ortiz interviewer plug "look man how u feelin"...

Joe Barry : USA USA USA USA indeed!

Matt Bradley : Wheres the full skateboarder and cop fight

Anonymous 1 : This ring gal here... Like small conversation?

luker48 : Bill burrrrrrr

fortylove68 : Ring girl red bikini=Dime piece

James j : its like worldstar but even worse "fighters"

Secretary of State : Fuck cardio

Joseph Beltran : That milk man uppercut!!

nunya business : Honestly it's the commentary that makes me keep watching😂😂😂