Finally... WILL SMITH!

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Yes Theory : Thank you once again to all of you who left comments on his channel, you guys made this possible and we can't wait to share with you guys the rest of our journey with the Fresh Prince, much love

Gali18 : this shit escalated so quick. A year or so ago I was watching these guys with a couple hundred thousand subs sneaking into parties, asking rich people to eat a donut with them or whatever. I thought they were pretty cool and that was that. fast forward a bit...they are talked about on national tv on one of the most famous shows in the country, they have 2 milion subs and they are going to jump out of a helicopter WITH WILL SMITH on HIS 50th BIRTHDAY ove the GRAND CANYON. What is going on....

OhLeahLRae : “On the other side of your maximum fear are all of the best things in life.” Holyshit.

FireWolf Gaming : Yes theory “we stole your play button” Will Smith “I love what you guys are doing”

s a m p l e t e x t : You guys never fail to impress. So proud of the growth i've seen on this channel.

Catastrophe Cause : You know why this happened? because this is what happens when a kind team meets a kind person. Will Smith hands down is this most down to earth actor out there, me being a struggling actor dreams of meeting and working with him someday, that being said YES THEORY is legit the most hardworking and creative youtube team out there and you deserved this exposure guys. So happy to see this video shape up.

Mo Sabri : Will Smith is 50 and looks better than me at 25

Anthony Esguerra : This is gonna be the biggest event in Youtube history. So pumped 👌🏼

hello bye : "Will Smith is like mans Beyonce" 😂😂😂😂😂

AMINE : Yes Theory is probably the best youtube channel out there. It has comedy, entertainment, and a down-to-earth group of friends who genuinely love being creators.

donny haasnoot : From asking rich people To eat a donut with them To jumping with WILL SMITH on his 50TH BIRTHDAY over the freaking GRAND CANYON like how!?

Victoria V : Yo, Will freaking Smith!! Is spending his birthday with you guys!!! That’s insane

Fatcat Music : I cringed and laughed at the same time when Will Smite walked out and they started dancing xD

XProject13 : It’s like when u watch a show from the start and it’s all like small scale cutesy fun times but by season 4 the worlds ending and it’s up to some kid with a wooden spoon to save it

Harri Noon : It’s sad that their video with Logan Paul got more views

GUUD KELLY : Will for President!!!

Garrett Ginner : Very few channels on YouTube make me genuinely happy and you guys are one of them. So sick to see your channel’s progression, please don’t ever stop making content


Justin Coleman : Hey guys, I know this may sound a little silly, but I would like to meet you guys sometime in the near future. I live in Texas, so I would like to know how we can go about making this happen. Since you guys made a bold bet to meet one of the most popular movie stars in the world, I figured it would be easy to meet you guys. Let me know please.

Faizan Kazmi : whats the song in the start called ??

Izzy Woods : They are so cute omg. Fangirling

ziljin : Will Smith hasn't aged a single day.

Yasir Alani : Very inspiring. Will Smith changed my life in his movie Prusut of happiness. I was living in a third world county oppressed by dictatorship, and what I thought it to be the unfairness of life. I was able to turn my life around after I was inspired by his movie to push harder and to never give up. Fast forward now I'm a US veteran living in the United States of America and achieving one dream at a time. Very grateful 🙏🏻

Roboticfalcon21 Main Channel : I haven't seen this yet but I know you're gonna jump from a helicopter in my state. I'll be sure to try and go to the Grand Canyon to see you guys.

Galaxy Unicorn : At 1:34 you can see a palm tree looking island in Dubai I highly recommend it I went last year and it was amazing but if you can’t Handel heat I don’t recommend you going because inside very well air conditioned but out side my sunglasses forged up as soon as I went out also, there are so many different restaurant you can go to inside like seafood , rib shack, classic and more I highly recommend it

Вася Пупкин : Хахаах "привет" - 4:57 ___________________________ Love that russian "privet" at 4:57 lol

Lashan : Damn I thought you just messaged Youtube and asked them for Will Smith's play button but you actually stole the thing HAHAHAHA

ToxicRat : At 4:21 it says Al-Amir in the background while Amur is talking👌

Genesis Castaneda : Wait so you asked Will Smith without Tyler and Josh?

DigiPWin : 2.3M in both views and subscribers!

_Flo_ OG : My dad's 50 but he doesn't do things like bungie jump over the Grand Canyon... I dont know if my dad's just very ordinary or will Smith is extraordinary and just all in all EXTRA😂😂😂

Devil's Workshop : 25th of september is my birthday too 🤩😍

Mark Garry : Ok so.. ya, this is the best content on YouTube by a long shot.

grace kashabira : I think I finna come next , let me know the requirements and fees etc ... in order to try this challenge ! Contact

Andrea Wellons : What else can you say about Will Smith??? He's just so down to earth and generous!..I cant wait to see him bungie jump on his Birthday #yougoWill

Drone Supremacy : This channel literally shows what following your dreams looks like :)

MrPCLEGEND : its 5 am sep 25th and i just found this channel bored on YouTube and i happen to be from Philadelphia (where will smith is from) and i legit just missed the live stream now im going crazy trying to find it, binged watch about 1/4 of your videos tonight alone love what you guys are doing keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arvind Nat : Will is very humble man!!! That’s a great attitude👍

ActionTv808 : Awesome! Will's the man! 💯🤙

XPERT Productions : So this comes out a day after my birthday 😂

BanditRants : Best collab in YT history!

__yl luz : They hugged him so much SAMMMEEEEE

Karthik R Kashyap : Gayathri mantra here? Awesome

Ahmad Alzuldk : TEAM AMAR I love you dude will smith is the LEGENDARY COOLEST GUY EVER

The quidz man gaming and more : yay hes jumping off of a heli and fortnite is comeing out for all androids on seprember 23

Will Walsh : Never clicked so fast in my life

T.J. MoJo : yoooo whats the beat at the beginning 0:40

Brandon Bellingham : I remember watching when you had 4k subs and I binge watched the vids. You deserve what you gyuys are getting.

Markus : Some serious quality on this tho

D O : You guys are an inspiration. You are changing lives including my own. Thank you