Finally... WILL SMITH!

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Yes Theory : Thank you once again to all of you who left comments on his channel, you guys made this possible and we can't wait to share with you guys the rest of our journey with the Fresh Prince, much love

Gali18 : this shit escalated so quick. A year or so ago I was watching these guys with a couple hundred thousand subs sneaking into parties, asking rich people to eat a donut with them or whatever. I thought they were pretty cool and that was that. fast forward a bit...they are talked about on national tv on one of the most famous shows in the country, they have 2 milion subs and they are going to jump out of a helicopter WITH WILL SMITH on HIS 50th BIRTHDAY ove the GRAND CANYON. What is going on....

Garrett Ginner : Very few channels on YouTube make me genuinely happy and you guys are one of them. So sick to see your channel’s progression, please don’t ever stop making content

Darth Vader : Lol we all smashed and spammed his comment section 😂... Good team work guys

Nka Vids Skateboarding : Wow this is gonna be Incredible. 🤓💯

Melanie Kate Love : OMG, how flippin exciting!

Victoria V : Yo, Will freaking Smith!! Is spending his birthday with you guys!!! That’s insane

Maria lwom : I love how this million views video has not even 1k dislikes. I love this. I love Will Smith. I love yall.

Jon Oz : Will Smith's kindness, his positivity, humility, is absolutely inspiring. He has all the good traits a human is meant to have. And he's always having a good time. 50 & living life to its fullest. Respect.

itsAlexClark : I’m so proud and ecstatic for you guys. This is all so genius

LyricalGenes : *DO IT, DO IT!*

Mo Sabri : Will Smith is 50 and looks better than me at 25

Niels Cremer : Love how Amar did all the talking lmao

Niels Cremer : Why would anyone dislike this? Who could they possibly offend?

Darth Vader : FINALLY

Yasser EL-Hadraoui : Guys i have an idea... Why you don't give us a challenge everytime you post a video. And those who did, must post it on their Instagram page or story tagging you in it.

ziljin : Will Smith hasn't aged a single day.

Filip Niewinski : Start a patreon. I'll support you and so would many other people

Master Shredder : Will smith for 2020 President

Tara murphy : *protect amar at all costs*

lampa dedromia : *I N S A N E*

Sputz3 : Will Tom Cruise fly the helicopter?

R Picifica : This is why I love Yes Theory!!

Saad Alkabli : I wasn’t even thinking about jumping from my desk but if I can join you I will do it

Gaming Casualties : only here for will smith. anyone have this video edited it with only will smith in it?

BanditRants : Best collab in YT history!

530 mexican : Tip make (seek discomfort ) bigger on t shirts

DE51B0Y : I’ve subscribed just because of this

Jakub Adamowicz : Lets get them to 10m they deserve it!

Parker Unmussig : Yo September 25 is my birthday lol

GodIsTheName : I read ‘Will It Smith’ lmao

ken tran : anyone realize through the part where will smith chucks on the shoes, he wears it till the end of the video haha

Paul Haack : Very Good editing 🤙🏽

alyssa.morgan : go birds 🦅

LivingBobby : 5:40 honestly... holy shit. Insanely inspiring guys!

Alan Berman : I’m likin the Ajayi shirt 💪

Basil Sini : yall should make a video where you guys go to another country and talk to people going around town by just using google translate or any other translating app

Kevin Huwiler : Song at 6:30 ?

Choco Is Here : The new YouTube 1million plaque is fresh boiii!

Gary : this is unbelievable guys

shook : You should throw a flash mob

Brandon DiPaula : Dude this video is pure greatness..... SOOOOO jelly of these guys

Alex smith : I was just thinking about this the other day


Sami Loft : Annnd now I have to wait two months

DrKDot : Okay this is sick but youre in my home country and i just cant! :D

sunny Thakur : This is serious man ... this is serious ... Oh my god 😍

Exquisitlee : So is Tom Cruise still in the picture?

Jose Rodriguez : I don’t think it matters if he bungee jumps, like I don’t get what’s so special. Dislike guaranteed from my side.

Urim Berisha : *Yo I'm on the video wtf* (1:49). Love you guys, you are definitely one of the best creators in this platform who never fail to amaze and inspire me and a lot of fellow viewers. Also Ammar just in case you see this stay strong brother, the yes family got your back. ❤