Reporter loses it on Gilbert Gottfried!

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UponLegions : omg i would love to know wtf he said to make her laugh like that

WasemNator : she sounds like freaking seagull

Am I right Folks : 0:48 hawaiin dancers

Bikerdude69 : I have that effect over women... when I ask them out.

latinblade : this is where they got that seagull from on Family Guy? lol

major600 : That's what they mean when comedians say "I killed".

Gene Maguire : I'll bet she peed herself...

evvignes : Was Gilbert flicking her bean below the camera shot?

FeloniousPunk : I love that he knows where the humor is, he takes over her job and turns the camera on her! Classic! Kind of reminds me of that Monty Python sketch about the most dangerous joke in the world.

Michael Santoro : Gilbert is one of the funniest human beings to have ever walked the earth.

C- Pro_076 : jesus.... get that seagull a piece a bread hahahahaha!!! Gilbert couldnt help but laugh lol

Sara Johnson224 : This woman might be going up to Mars...

Joshua Rialto : Quick, throw her some bread.

Lsdude420 : Did this chick teach half the usa or what?

Jack Grattan : If the time ever comes that we are forced to invade Canada, we'll just send Gilbert up there. If jokes could kill........

Kolton Park : She's currently my English teacher

Cp3jordan95 : SEA GULL!!!!!!

Rushnerd : 47 people couldn't handle the Gottfried

manintheflask : Or the Seagulls from the beginning of Chrono Trigger.

kevinmosleyI : Lmao!

Justin Locs : So that's what a seagull sounds like...I've never knew they were impersonating a newslady.

SancLunatic : She sounds like a hyperventilating seagull.

SancLunatic : Drunk night inside a bird cage.

killpigfuker : that's great, this woman sounds like a seagull.

killpigfuker : seagull woman

livardo : ahee ahee ahee aheee ahee aheee aheee aheee aheee

DanimalLawlz : lollll he must've said something pretty funny

PlanetSledge : What horrifying out of control laughter

Matt Thornton : I'm assuming that she's laughing at Gilberts voice. Well I guess it is funny when he starts shouting and ranting!

Lolimoog : Whuuuuuuuuuuut.

HectorJW2007 : Sounds like some jungle bird.

Brad Saint George : what a stupid reporter, Gilbert has to instruct him on what to be recording. geeze.

justletmesigninokthx : * cringe *

Mr. Perry : is she hyperventilating?! LOL

alkhami1 : ...she'd be fun to hit from the back...

SouthernKudzu : She shouldn't smoke a big spleef before interviewing.

Cali D : @ itzamia lmfaoooooooo that comment made me cry!

Cali D : I don't wanna hear what she sounds like when she orgasming

Typhoon72 : she sound like a pokemon

DroverChicago : Good God. Did she have a caterpillar crawling across her tic-tac or something?

Captpan : This just in: dogs in a 5 mile radius go deaf

OneBagTravel : i love gilberts deadpan humor

wotchermuggle : Is she having a seizure??lmao

Sucrose : wow she got problems

seal1 : what did he say to make her laugh like that?

zack11993 : Look at his face at 7 seconds! LMAO ! A mix of worry and disgust.

frother : a career was ended by a seagull

MiamiPush2theLimit : omg...that was scary o_o

kaptaintrips : Did Gilbert tell her his version of, "The Aristocrats" ? I seriously doubt it...

Ross Cicero : She sounds a seagull.