Reporter loses it on Gilbert Gottfried!

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UponLegions : omg i would love to know wtf he said to make her laugh like that

WasemNator : she sounds like freaking seagull

Am I right Folks : 0:48 hawaiin dancers

Bikerdude69 : I have that effect over women... when I ask them out.

major600 : That's what they mean when comedians say "I killed".

Gene Maguire : I'll bet she peed herself...

latinblade : this is where they got that seagull from on Family Guy? lol

C- Pro_076 : jesus.... get that seagull a piece a bread hahahahaha!!! Gilbert couldnt help but laugh lol

J_ Bar : Gilbert in a cheap Hawaiian shirt that a fat stereotypical American would wear at a all-you-can-eat-buffet would make anyone laugh!

Joshua Rialto : Quick, throw her some bread.

Lsdude420 : Did this chick teach half the usa or what?

Jack Grattan : If the time ever comes that we are forced to invade Canada, we'll just send Gilbert up there. If jokes could kill........

Cp3jordan95 : SEA GULL!!!!!!

Kolton Park : She's currently my English teacher

vCasp : this bitch needs to shut the fuck up ASAP!

MayonR : I thought she was imitating a sea gull

Paz Scalz : Give her some fries.

xApemanx : HEY I'm at the Beach!

justletmesigninokthx : * cringe *

evvignes : Was Gilbert flicking her bean below the camera shot?

Michael Santoro : Gilbert is one of the funniest human beings to have ever walked the earth.

2 bros and 1up : Looks like Gottfried Got some pussy that day.

Beech Life : He pulled out his dick

billybob joebob : dat laugh tho

John Doe ? : thats not my teacher thats my wife.

Kokutan Shi : sea gull

Jesse Whitman : Lmfao that's my English teacher to funny your awsome m Cummings

AngryBeaver30 : Gilbert made her cum without touching her.

Dougs World : Sounds like a seagull

Sara Johnserri : This woman might be going up to Mars...

Draik Maskell : This is my familie studies teacher

Craig L : So odd to see my German teacher interviewing Gilbert.

nalikiller : this was my french teacher in grade 10

vlpjwds : Jake! I found you!!!!!!!!

kewl dog : somebody kill it with fire


TheSourceForMegadeth : Yeah, I saw that too. "greatest laugh in the world" Riiight.


diulaylomo : Canadian crying seagull

D. Steven : Parrot, meet seagull.

DeutschUndAmerikan Republik : she sounds like seagull

JamandTheHolograms : That's Slender man's uncle.

ericscarface : he made that bitch come

quickclot1 : Gilbert does that to me too!

uke jo : Wavy legged people!

Greg Haza : Straight outta Hamilton!

Furball : She sounds like a seagull

ericscarface : he made her cum

kokokoko344 : 0:48 the wavy legs people

danimalplanimal : i wish we could hear that whole joke