Intoxicated SWAT Detective ARRESTED (with machine-gun and tactical gear)

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14:02 dog pup. they all stepped in dog poop 14:32 PSSSST! (my body camera is on) Other cop: F#%K! 18:25 what? they busted the windows on the (official SWAT) car? (he thought it was just a dream) 18:42 "I shouldn't be arrested for anything"... 10:21 "That's an MP5". Then the OIC later says that it is a MP7: 19:23 MP7 in the back. (a lot of law enforcement units all over the world that use the MP7 ) 19:45 they will come pick you up. is that your service weapon or personal? 21:00 your jamming me up :) 21:33 come to other side of bridge... I'll do my job. 22:19 "I run SWAT" 24:14 his kit (not kid) as in his Police SWAT gear: body armor, sub-machine gun MP7 etc... They took the gun out of the holster at 3:28 and the knife from his pocket at 3:39 empty holster which can be seen better at 18:02 On December 22, 2017 East Cleveland Police Officer Joseph Marche was arrested for OVI in the City of Bratenahl, Ohio. Joseph Marche was appointed to the City of East Cleveland Police Department from 1998 to 2005. He left the city and his OPOTA certification ended with the city 9/16/2005. According to public records Mr. Marche worked with Blackwater USA from 2005 to 2015 as a security specialist. Mr. Marche returned to the city of East Cleveland, according to OPOTA files, August 2009 to the present, Mr. Marche is employed as a full time police officer. According to Ohio Administrative Code 109 when there is more than one year break in service, peace officers are REQUIRED to take a Refresher Course and until the course is completed and a letter provided by the Executive Director grants permission, the peace officer reverts to cease and desist function. Peace Officers are not allowed to engage in law enforcement and carry firearms. Mr. Marche's records with the Ohio Peace Officer Training Department reflects he has never taken the MANDATED Refresher course and has been in cease function since 2007. The video clearly reflects Mr. Marche not only intoxicated but having his service weapon and other firearms on his person and in the vehicle along with empty prescription pill bottles. The vehicle is a City of East Cleveland police car which suffered extensive damage to windows having to be broken out to retrieve the officer safely. D East Cleveland Police Commander Scott Gardner confirmed Marche was convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Bratenahl court, and was given a 30 day suspension without pay. Gardner said Marche was on prescription medication for two shoulder surgeries, and drank a limited amount of alcohol, misjudging the effect the combination would have on his faculties. Gardner confirmed Det. Marche's drivers license was suspended, but he was granted work driving privileges. Gardner said Marche has an an outstanding work record and had no prior convictions. Gardner said the department consulted with four other police departments to insure a 30-day suspension was adequate. "There is nobody that's going to condone the behavior of Detective Marche," Gardner said. "Our department wants full transparency, and we welcome residents to give us feedback." "He accepted full responsibility, it was an error in judgment, and like I said, nobody feels worse that Joe Marche." Possession of a Firearm While Intoxicated In many states, there are several misdemeanor firearm offenses an individual can commit Under the law, an individual may be charged and convicted of a class A misdemeanor simply for having a firearm in their possession while or after drinking. The statute does not require the individual be actually using the firearm. Nor does it require the person to be legally drunk of have a blood alcohol content or BAC over 0.08. NOTE: A machine gun, as defined in the NFA, is "Any weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger." A machine gun refers to all firearms capable of full automatic fire and includes true machine guns, sub-machine guns, and machine pistols. The frame or receiver of a machine gun, and any combination of parts intended to make a machine gun, is legally defined as a machine gun. For example, according to the ATF, "A Glock conversion switch is a part designed and intended for use in converting a semi-automatic Glock pistol into a machine gun; therefore, it is a "machine gun" as defined in 26 U.S.C. 5845(b)." [United States National Firearms Act (NFA)] Cops arresting Cops Cops vs Politicians Police Questioning Techniques ( Interviewing / Interrogation ) Cops vs Sheriffs, Sergeant, FBI Agent #LawEnforcement #Police #SWAT #BodyCam #Cops #Arrest #Intoxicated #CopsArrestingCops #ThinBlueLine

Comments from Youtube

Michael Cromwell : So let me get this right...this guy was behind the wheel of a car on prescription meds and drunk..had firearms (including a fully automatic MP7) which he wasn’t legally supposed to have since they belonged to the city and he was passed out at the wheel as well as resisting arrest..and all he got was a 30 day suspension with no pay. You’re fucking me. Could you imagine the jail time someone would be facing if they were intoxicated at the wheel, had a machine gun that didn’t belong to them, and resisted arrest. Fucking corruption at its best.

Lanette Rung : He still got a break. He should've gone to jail and a bond set by a judge. Not right. Any civilian can't just be picked up by somebody!

RSM Captured : Smells like a dirty cop to me. He’s plotting his revenge

Ben Harmer : Saddest part is that chicken take out went to waste on the passenger seat

Michael Zukerman : this degenerate maggot also was recorded threatening retaliation when any of these guys come "across the bridge" to his town. That's a felony charge on its own that would cause him to be fired and never be eligible for another law enforcement job again. This case should be opened up by the state AG.

step horse : the punishment for police doing this should be worse than the public

Steve Evans : Pathetic display by a so called swat officer. If a citizen would have acted in any way he did additional charges would have been tacked on without hesitation. He would have no problem jamming up a citizen though would he.

Brandy Mocanu : Wow, what a crock!!!!! This ***hole is walking out of there!!!! If it was any of us, we'd be sitting in jail till our sentencing!!! Crooked ****ing cops!!!!

Belinda Nichols : This man’s reaction to being arrested is so telling... the police truly do believe they are above the law and have no consequences for their actions.

The Mechanical Guy : Woman cop: "I couldn't get into the window, It would NOT break" Male cop: does it in one hit

M Calkins : Any civilian would not receive even a fraction of the courtesy this guy got.

Jim Sharp : Beer + drugs + gun = felony and no career !

CrankyJack : This guy is just one of thousands who thinks that the laws he is paid to enforce don't apply to him.

Joanne T : Why is the drunk criminal calling the shots in the room? 🙄

Rick N. Backer : Fine example of THE OLD BOYS CLUB......what more can be said?

RedUnbannable : cops sure do treat other cops differently than regular people

Wacko Bird : He was so pissed that his magic costume wasn't working.

jack black : Big Deal! Both the cops and the off duty cop are morons.

Eddie Mack : All the silence is the cops thinking of how this can be swept under the rug.

# 1 : All this "I gotta protect my team", "your jamming me up", "I don't wanna do this, but you put us in a difficult situation" shows these scumbags are as crooked as they come.

Joni Weatherly : Completely wasted. Should be sitting in the drunk tank like everybody else!

Sean L : And the moral of the story is, country music can ruin your night. At least the female officer was there to bust the window. Oh wait, she wasn't strong enough to even do that.

Jason Claborn : That cops paperwork got swept under the rug and nothing happened to him i was a cop in tennessee and this happened all the time and nothing was done

Zac S. : Damn....if I was caught drunk with a suspended license and high on pain pills with my AR, Im pretty sure I'd get more than a 30 day suspension of driving privileges....lose my job and be locked up.... Now if I was black I would have been shot... But hes having a free ride home. .. Murica

Peter Lopez : All cops are sovereign citizens.. anybody without a badge would be doing 15 with a L

Andres Reyes : So he gets a dui while on duty in a city owned car and only gets a 30 day suspension wow what a joke

William Baker : this drunk Turd is all a police officer should not be.....his sorry ass thinks he is above the law.......I doubt he is qualified to clean the toilets ......

Michael Holcomb : Fascinating Footage! - and on so many levels. Thank You!

Nai M : A bad position means them having to do their jobs

howHigh 420 : bet he never drank again. till the next day😂

Scott Ewing : Maybe he thought the gas peddle was the window button.

Todd Pasteur : “I’m not above the law, I AM THE LAW!” 😒

Mega Mooseboi : officer to officer- "I'm going to un cuff you ok?" Officer to ANYONE else- *GET THE LEG SHACKLES*

Truth is the new hate speech : Cops can no longer cover for eachother now with the body cams. This is why some departments refuse to get them. Plus liabilty. For example the Lee county sheriffs office in ft. Myers, Fl. They are corrupt.

Antonio Melendez : All for the body cameras they most likely took him home and told him it’s ok it happens buddy don’t worry partner we take care of our own freakin bastards

SiriusMined : So drunk, he tried to get away, with the car in park

James Thomas : "Blackwater" is all you gotta say! No one coming from that shadow organization should ever go back to being a public servant, a Cop, because those people usually become a part of some dark shit and/or PTSD due to the type of work they do! Get than man some real professional help, and pray for him!

eric brazeale : Why do cops get special treatment? Arnt they suppose to be held at a higher standard?

kendall carol : Thank GOD he didn’t wake up shooting

Docbrew : We would be screwed. He gets a slap on the wrist. Sounds about right.

Victor Steel : These paramilitary contractors, would have murdered a private citizen. Police in the USA is dead. And I see another civil war, because of these contractors.

HackanHacker : "you putting us in a bad position" .... HOW WTF.... when a police arrest someone for a speed ticket they dont accuse them to put him in danger wtf... because they have to park on the side of the road because they want to arrest someone...

deepblue64 : How is that guy a cop ? Fire him.

txmoney : Great that we have bodycams that MITIGATE corruption. Unfortunately, corruption exists at every level from the field to the DA to the judicial system. Too bad the DA’s office and the judges don’t have bodycams.

Lycaous Aconite : They let him off light . He was also resisting and attempted to flee

peacockt0602 : It probably all went down because the body camera was on...things were said, and they couldn't go back. I think it came down to the arresting officers supervisor covering his squad over the intoxicated officers. They were going to cover him, but deleting body camera footage would have toasted them all. He couldn't be sure that one of his officers wouldnt have snitched, and a deleted body cam is a record.

Thereis Hope : How many times prior did this thug get away with driving drunk and ruining innocent people’s lives?! Let him rot in jail.

Steven Medeiros : He says I'm on your side, I'm sure if it was me he would tell me he's on my side.....NOT!

Abdala Nijim : He wants his boss there .. yeah usually most of them want there bosses to come threw and handle it