Intoxicated SWAT Detective ARRESTED (with machine-gun and tactical gear)

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Ed : 14:02 dog pup. they all stepped in dog poop 14:32 PSSSST! (my body camera is on) Other cop: F#%K! 18:25 what? they busted the windows on the (official SWAT) car? (he thought it was just a dream) 19:45 they will come pick you up. is that your service weapon or personal? (they left his gun on him) 21:00 your jamming me up :) 21:33 come to other side of bridge... I'll do my job. 24:14 his kit not kid. as in his Police SWAT gear: body armour, submachine gun MP7 etc... they took the gun out of the holster at 3:28 and the knife from his pocket at 3:39 empty holster which can be seen better at 18:02 Cops arresting Cops Cops vs Politicians Police Questioning Techniques ( Interviewing / Interrogation ) Sheriffs Arrested

Caver461 : This opens a clear view of a cultural problem that exists in that area. Nobody should think they are exempt from the rules that everyone else must follow.

tdot22 : That drunk guy is 75% of cops

doobla1 : Where's pt 2? I wanna see when HIS boss arrives.

M Calkins : Any civilian would not receive even a fraction of the courtesy this guy got.

Brigand of Braciole : If it weren't for the body cam this guy would've been let go without charge and no one would ever hear about it.

Jared Lumbert : 20 years as a corrupt cop. Hope he gets everything that I would get driving around drunk with multiple weapons.

grinch420 : SWAT vs. K9. Joe is the man.

freddztr : Why wasnt he arrested and put in jail for DUI and carrying arms?

Perry Daniels : Poor old truck drivers get treated worse than this all the time.truck drivers are held to a higher standard because of a CDL than these sorry-ass cops. But they never get any respect. ♥️🇺🇸🚂🚂

Scott Ewing : Maybe he thought the gas peddle was the window button.

Patrick Wetmore : Jamming me up; translation how dare you arrest me for DWI, I am a police officer!

keytobe1 : Law enforcements biggest enemies. Camera's, and the internet!

Ynneb Regnittik : I'm surprised they didn't give him milk and cookies then read him a bedtime story. Thin blue line bullshit.

Eric Bland : They let his friends come pick him up?!! Why did he not get a negligent use of weapons charge? He had a gun in the car and was drunk. I got that charge for legally carrying a firearm with supposed green "weed crumbs" in the crack of the floorboard

Michael Reeves : Once the camera was off they all cuddled and kissed him and cried together about how sorry they're they had to arrest him for breaking the law haha I heard a rumor they sucked him off as well

Mac Neoh : That woman cop couldn't break the window but wants equal pay.

GnomesAmok : This occured in late December 2017. This officer was given a 30 day suspension without pay. No alcohol abuse rehab. That means he took the month of January 2018 off and he went right back to work. He's patrolling the streets right now, some days hes probably just as drunk as he was in this video, if you consider how desperate you have to be to be drunk at your job, let alone as a SWAT officer on DUTY. The man was wasted and passed out while he was on a STAKE OUT. Imagine that? Imagine this is the guy tasked with protecting your family, with investigating the murder of a loved one. And hes right back on the street. This is the most sickening thing Ive ever seen.

brian stafford : Why does the cops keep apologizing for having to arrest him. Would he be apologizing if it was a civilian. Don't think so. Why is it a double standard. Cops EVERYWHERE are the largest organized gang ever. People say that all cops aren't bad, that there are some good ones(ya right). If that's the case then why aren't the so called good cops turning in the bad cops. That's because they are all crooked. They don't care about us. They are only here to collect money for the state and murder innocent kids. They say that they are trained for high stressful situations, but if that was true then they would not be murdering innocent people. Cops are the kids that were picked on in high school. Now those kids are cops and they want to show people they aren't weak. Cops are the scum of the earth.

Dave Yau : Meaning while someone doing time for some weed lol

Dizzy Still : they were still more cordial to him than they would've been to a regular joe- and that is a big part of the problem. -disconnect

Michael Cromwell : So let me get this right...this guy was behind the wheel of a car on prescription meds and drunk..had firearms (including a fully automatic MP7) which he wasn’t legally supposed to have since they belonged to the city and he was passed out at the wheel as well as resisting arrest..and all he got was a 30 day suspension with no pay. You’re fucking me. Could you imagine the jail time someone would be facing if they were intoxicated at the wheel, had a machine gun that didn’t belong to them, and resisted arrest. Fucking corruption at its best.

TANGLDWEB : That's an "MP-5". Most recognizable swat weapon in movie history,.. And He Blew It 😂

73Corbin : 10:21 "That's an MP5" then the OIC later says that it is a MP7. One of them does not know crap from crisco as those two guns look VERY different from one another.

BleuJ. : Will someone give him a beer and his mp7.

Ron Lawson : Makes you wonder about the character of this Swat guy how many people’s rights has this guy violated. How many of these guys are truly Sadists who enjoy being a bully. Is he drinking because his marriage is shot ? Because even a mind disturbed by such conflict should not be working in Law Enforcement

step horse : the punishment for police doing this should be worse than the public

Jay Bee : How does he still have his gun AND grabbing it during the interview in the police station?

krosos6969 : Cop or not. You were OWI. I don't care if you're POTUS, everyone treated & charged the same.

BigReggaeMix : He keeps saying he needs to protect his teammates - what about the PUBLIC?

Binko 969 : Notice although there are 2 officers on scene, neither are relaying any details or using their coms whatsoever until they realize they have to. Because he’s a cop, if it were you or me forget it. More blue code of silence, do as I say not as I do bullshit.

RedUnbannable : cops sure do treat other cops differently than regular people

Salvador De la rosa : the rule of law No one is above the law ☝🏻. I think now he will have to look for security work. 😂😂😂👏

The Hoax Hotel : You jammin me up, bro?

Bigbutt Bubba : That was entirely way too many paper towels he reached him to clean his fingers. Wasting taxpayers money.

M Calkins : Union will gets the charges reduced and his record sealed.

single string sideshow : this cop thinks hes above the law........ this describes america beautifully

Angel Ocasio : Free joe !! This is bs !!

Zues Ares : I wish I got that treatment when I'm arrested lol

Uel Hunter : Processing a member of your own is hard to do. Congratulations guys

Andres Reyes : So he gets a dui while on duty in a city owned car and only gets a 30 day suspension wow what a joke

Seth Jeffrey : You’re not above the law Joey

Tony’s mobile repair : He must be a big dog to be talking like that to the officer.

N quintero : Corrupt pigs at their best

Pritesh Govindji : Did he still have his gun on him???

NPC #1488 : The girl cop didn't even have the strength to break the window, her partner had to come around and break it for her. Yep that's who I would want to have my back on the streets.

t dawg : Training Day alternate ending

gman gaming : Quick question why didn't they have fire arms drawn especially with a revving engine? It goes in gear someone would've gotten hurt it possibly killed

Quentin Willis : Just another set of ass holes cops to me

MsLisaPA : Dam should have left him in cuffs. He needed more then 30 days suspension....a permanent suspensions! Fired