Clothing in Video Games

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24 Frames Of Nick : Nakey jakey looking sharpy jakey

Marijan Vukojević : More like lack of clothing in video games:)

Samir Jain : I'm deaf. Can you please upload your script to the caption tool so YouTube can automatically pair it with the speech timings?

Dustin Matos : I was going to be sad that the channel is Nintendo Switching to fashion, but that sick Goldeneye rocket launcher sound effect completely changed that opinion. I would buy Jakey Crates to unlock new fashion episodes

TheRealmDrifter : This video has worn me out. Get it? _Worn_ me out?

Sam Patterson : But Luigi is taller tho

Scott Bennett : Can’t wait til the devil wears Prada review...this is y u da best

Bebx : *Talks about clothes in vidjya games* *No mention of Team Fortress 2, the war themed hat simulator*

Alex Smith : 2:05 I will not except this shade towards Rescue Heroes

Tyler Noice : Love the transition at 1:17. Is this the future?

Awesome Flink : ill donate you how much you want for an uncensored version

Mike Bison : Tekken 7 vs SF V would have been a great agrument on this matter. 95% of clothing is unlockable in tekken7 leaving man thongs and bikinis in some dlc pack.

lee-roy jenkins : Talks about Clothes in videos... Doesnt talk about TF2... how?

Billy Murray : My boy is blowing up and I can’t be happier

Manuel Mateo : I fucking love character fashions in media. Whether it's Kazuma Kaneko, Hirohiko Araki, TWEWY, Jet Set, Mirror's Edge or Tite Kubo, I adore looking at a character's style (or lack thereof). I love fighting games because of this, cause they are incredibly fertile ground. Tekken sells me on it's fashion choice ALONE. I would actually love to hear more of your thoughts on this (unless you got nothing).

Voice Muted : The girl on the left of the thumbnail looks so hot in her boxers 😩😩😩😩😩😩

Mr.Thatcher : am I the only one who thought he was sitting on a toilet

Christopher Wallace : Another hit from You Tube's hottest boy, NakeyJakey!

Ibrahim Iftikhar : I like how you used the Wii start up music in your vi- IS THAT A MY LITTLE PONY MASTER CHIEF JAKEY NOOOOO

Максим Г. : And no word about TF2. The Hat Simulator.

Marshall Martin : Anyone have a link to the outro remix of "Kiss Me"?

therealzomb : Yoooo that Max Payne elevator music reference is DEEP son!

Veton Rečica : You don't need clothes to be a *HOT BOY*

ivan55599 : I thought that TF2 is most fashionable game ever made.

ChristopherTheKnight : in b4 the naked jacob actually uploads a full commentary on the devil wears prada i'd listen to it anyway

Macieks300 : Still, I'd rather have microtransactions that can only affect textures than have a pay to win model game.

Uncle Donald : Didn't mention tf2 huh? dissapointed...

Gian990 : C L O D E S

Zacorn : ...tf2?

josiah powers : Best video yet baby chicken, and that six pence none the richer was beautiful ;*

BookerCatch : @1:01 I had to make sure that my playlist wasn't playing in a different tab. Dats a hawt ass song

Paddy Bro : What was the song at the end?

Zero P : I luv me some clothing jakey. But i need more games banging.

No New Interest : Don't eat glass.

Greg Williams : The end needs to be a public service announcement

Gotakibono : It's almost outrageous how good your videos are.

Titans JoJo : I'm expecting a Devil Wears Prada DVD commentary track in the following week.

Rotisserie Chiggen : Your argument is to get clothes( cosmetics ) out of loot boxes and payed DLC well it's that or upgrades or weapons or forget loot boxes and they can have payed dlc which I don't mine either too much at a reasonable price but I prefer loot boxes because they work for the companies and give an incentive to play and dlc splits the player base look at COD and BF with premium. The game devs only make like 15 percent of sales ( that can vary )it goes through the big boys first. the game devs have to make more money somehow.

SMG3 : video about clothing do not talk about tf2 (basically a hat simulator with team base gameplay added to it)

D-Mac : 1:31 gave me chills

Dominicus Savio : Cough cough tf2

Quazap : You can't talk about clothing in video games without at least mentioning the famous war-themed hat simulator TF2!

Chea Cliatt : Please, do the DVD commentary. My roommate and I got so excited about by the sheer prospect of watching an outstanding movie lead by Meryl Streep, highlighted by you talking about their fashion, cinematography, and whatnot. That'd be so rad. All the best, Jakey.

Mr Lonely : Why didn’t you even talk about tf2, that’s all the game is

Dgrunkle Sam III : Except for TF2 it gets a pass

Franklin Turtle : Ending song name?

Santi Barrios : but i thought your name was Naked Jake

Holden Soderstrom : have you herd of this game called, TF2?

General Tankz : I'm going to hold you to your word about next week.

Benjamín Gaete : what about tf2