Clothing in Video Games

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24 Frames Of Nick : Nakey jakey looking sharpy jakey

Turbo Button : I was expecting NakeyJakey, not NakedJaked.

Marijan Wolf : More like lack of clothing in video games:)

Dentally Challenged : If you can put a dress on a male character im good

Mr.Thatcher : am I the only one who thought he was sitting on a toilet

Samir Jain : I'm deaf. Can you please upload your script to the caption tool so YouTube can automatically pair it with the speech timings?

Voice Muted : The girl on the left of the thumbnail looks so hot in her boxers 😩😩😩😩😩😩

Bebx : *Talks about clothes in vidjya games* *No mention of Team Fortress 2, the war themed hat simulator*

thegreatcalvinio : Female armor in video games: tiny steel bikini = over 9000 HP

Christopher Wallace : Another hit from You Tube's hottest boy, NakeyJakey!

AwesomeFlink : ill donate you how much you want for an uncensored version

lee-roy jenkins : Talks about Clothes in videos... Doesnt talk about TF2... how?

Максим Г. : And no word about TF2. The Hat Simulator.

L Nordin : I think he would orgasm if he played tf2

Diego G : I mean... The real problem with loot boxes is that its just plain gambling. And they also make it to be as addicting as possible, i don't mind the idea of selling a video game more as a service than a product. But that doesn't excuse using shitty practices

CthulhuTube : 2:27 to 2:38 best part he actually wears what he collected

National Graham Cracker : "Clothing. It's what separates Mario from Luigi. Man from beast. Beast from beast. And beast from man again when- when he turns back- when he turns back into back into a man."

Sam Patterson : But Luigi is taller tho

ivan55599 : I thought that TF2 is most fashionable game ever made.

SGN3 : video about clothing do not talk about tf2 (basically a hat simulator with team base gameplay added to it)

Icna : A game that has an amazing yet extremely simplistic "mechanic" on clothing is Starbound, you have two slots on each part of your body, two in the head, in the chest, and in the legs; The first slot it's for the armor, which gives you the stats, and the second one, is for the cosmetic, basically, if you find a pretty damn cool fedora to tip to m'ladies, but it's stats are fucking weak, then you put it in the cosmetic slot, so you can cover the helmet that gives you +80% dmg res that looks like it just has been taken from the deep dark depths of hell.

Manuel Mateo : I fucking love character fashions in media. Whether it's Kazuma Kaneko, Hirohiko Araki, TWEWY, Jet Set, Mirror's Edge or Tite Kubo, I adore looking at a character's style (or lack thereof). I love fighting games because of this, cause they are incredibly fertile ground. Tekken sells me on it's fashion choice ALONE. I would actually love to hear more of your thoughts on this (unless you got nothing).

Nicholas : This video has worn me out. Get it? _Worn_ me out?

Bronson Brown : Don't eat glass.

Eddie Strike : why did I watch this whole video. who even is this guy. why is he sitting on a beach ball

Uncle Donald : Didn't mention tf2 huh? dissapointed...

Marshall Martin : Anyone have a link to the outro remix of "Kiss Me"?

End My Life : I punched a kid in kindergarten because he took that fireman toy from me

Chea Cliatt : Please, do the DVD commentary. My roommate and I got so excited about by the sheer prospect of watching an outstanding movie lead by Meryl Streep, highlighted by you talking about their fashion, cinematography, and whatnot. That'd be so rad. All the best, Jakey.

Borna Japundžić : No mentions of tf2?

Zacorn : ...tf2?

Nintendowhirl : This is the most underrated channel on youtube.

A Buzzed Whaler : Song at 1:31 is Unforgotten from the Halo 2 soundtrack.


Benjamín Gaete : what about tf2

Dgrunkle Sam III : Except for TF2 it gets a pass

Aj Run : Nice clothes Four eyes

MiuMus : * Talks about cosmetics in games but doesn't talk about tf2 * * Visibly confused *

Crazelord91 : Anyone else secretly want Jake to do a full commentary on The Devil Wears Prada?

Holden Soderstrom : have you herd of this game called, TF2?

Krisp : What's the song that starts at 1:02

Mr Lonely : Why didn’t you even talk about tf2, that’s all the game is

Dominicus Savio : Cough cough tf2

Clickbait37 : I love dooms (2016) customization system.

TheSexelentMedic : Team Fortress 2.

Veton Rečica : You don't need clothes to be a *HOT BOY*

4mq : How dare you mention clothing and loot boxes in video games and not mention TF2?

_Odium_ : Why does Jake sound like he’s recording the whole video with one breath

Franklin Turtle : Ending song name?

CAT DURGS : Mario Odyssey is a triple A game that improved a lot from other games and has no microtransactions/loot boxes... Maybe that tweet is just ill informed. I think they do loot boxes solely because it keeps people playing and it makes them more money, even if the budgets are relatively the same.