supra mayro 64 trailer
Trailer for the official Super Mario 64 sequel 2020

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hhelp pesh's kingome?


Kacper Walus : -Mom, can we have Mario? -No, we have Mario at home *Mario at home:*

PEPE TRUMP : I don't think the PS4 can handle these graphics, maybe PS5 can run it at 10fps

MrTrainer1200 : Producer: what’s our budget for this next mario game? Nintendo: yes

7two05 : 0:44 when u come at first place in kahoot

LuminumYT ツ : better than Fortnite

ᖇO. : Youtube recommendations finally did their job right for once.

Ismael Aguilar : 0:56 Mario and Sonic exist in the same world I see ...

Kuush kihng VEVO : Surreal entertainment's grandfather who worked with Shigeru Miyamoto

Non French Sylvain : My computer can barely handle the video graphics, let alone the full game

Nick Big : Top 10 games that are harder than dark souls

An animating idiot : Where do I buy _where do I buy this game_ _WHERE DO I BUY THIS MASTERPIECE_

It'z Robloxian : mario 64 but with 0 budget *N I C E*

Grape Juice : Hey some company called Nintendo stole your idea and made it into a game!

Jokah! : the princes wil nver be of fsave cuz gaem is not release.

Entrenador Rojo : Mayro I am of fsave ~princes

Pikasome 25 : The new Mario game looks AMAZING 10/10 Better than Fortrash

Deso Kawa : I love how Youtube pinned the "Super Mario 64" from the YT game library to this trailer. Now it's definitely LEGIT !

TundraLad : *i must consult with the elder gods.*

lelforumingalt kool kid : mkae luggy masson plsae

Pedro Quendo : 0:24 Look, it's a poor guitar version of the Super Mario Bros 2 theme :U (put the video on 2x is recomended)

pythonProgrammer : 0:55 Oh my gosh! Leaked footage of the sonic movie from 2014. Amazing.

Yeetin Spacore : i think i'm gonna make this game myself because i don't think it will ever release

HD memes : 0:05 Is nobody gonna talk about how nintendo stole the idea of the lost kingdom for odyssey

TheYoloMan : *4 years later: still waiting for this*

Dr. FunCannon : *top 10 games with a budget greater than 1,000,000,000,000,000€*

DooH0iGWR :3 : Is only gonna release after half-life 3

Nicolas Zeballos C : 2017: Cuphead 2018: Fortnite 2019: Mayro 64

Axton Pino : This lowkey actually looked fun before it was scrapped.

Setriex : and they say video games aren't art.

MAFRIESE : Thank you YouTube recommendations. I didn’t know how much I needed this

M00rtin : free time is a dangerous thing

Jay MLBB : It is better than minecroot and fortnut

Brody S. Luckymann : What did I even expect coming in here...

Raul Rios : These graphics are so realistic

ZacheryDubRotton : - Hey grandson, I got you Super Mario 64!! -Thanks, Grandpa!! *Game that your grandpa gave you* *:*

NoodleMan : its 2901 and no reless *cri*

Xane Cosmo127 : It requires GTX 2080 to play

Jupiter Fox! : Without supra, I wouldn't be a master driver

Pusheen : 0:44 wahoo

sadbox 11 : Wow the mario 64 remastered looks good!!

VCTgames official : woah unreal engine 6 looks amazing

GaylordSteambag _ : Not gonna lie, if this was released the same year as Super Mario 64, it would be historical.

Cwpd0 : LOL YOUTUBE ACTUALLY THOUGHT THIS IS MARIO 64 (in the description game thingy)

AdamCrossing : Taken down by Nintendo for leaked gameplay footage

Gonzalo Ceballos : To anyone who says that when it will release This was cancelled(according to some wiki)

Sgt. Pepper : anybody got tabs for the bassline?

Check My Playlist : It's been 4 years, where's the game!?

Lucas b : wut happeng to mayro develope :|

Lilstr42069 : Really looking forward to it! Keep up the good work!