supra mayro 64 trailer

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YTSunny : These E3 leaks have gone too far.

McFlexmatish : I remember being soo hyped because of this, I'm glad the game didn't disappoint :')

Mr Planet Pluto : I played thfis on my N63 ewhen i wass kid yay fun

Cwizzo : Didn't know Nintendo was working on Odyssey 2, it looks amazing

Planet Chucky : the peak of human evolution.

Faded Pixels : The bassline at 0:24 gave me chills

TheYoloMan : *4 years later: still waiting for this*

dummy : "A rushed game is bad forever, a delayed game will make it better" - Shigru Myamto

- : Honestly, this has better graphics than PS1.

Adam Crossing : Taken down by Nintendo for leaked gameplay footage

Dat Guy : Day one purchase

An Le Khac Quang : The graphics are better than Odyssey The gameplay is better than Odyssey EVEN THE TRAILER IS BETTER THAN ODYSSEY When is this releasing on switch?

JayTheGamer : The next mainline 3D Mario game: Supra Mayro 64. This game is a 4K remaster of the dearly beloved Super Mario 64. It features stunning graphics that the Xbox One X can't even handle. It has many playable characters like: Mayro, Loogie, Wayro, Wawoogie, Tood, and Yosh. They must save Princeees Petch from Boozer and collect the Pooer Stors. It launches on Nintendo Switch: November 2, 2020.

Fadeider : 0:00 0:17 play it at 1.25 speed

Minifridge : can’t wait for sobic on the senga gemisis

I Don't Like Drowning : ive been waiting for more than 3 years. i actually want this. if they won't make it *i will*

The1007Guy YT : i think im having a glitch that you cant like twice (For all those who reply you can only like once, it is just a joke -.-)

David Magann : I love this anime.

shahroz Khan : The way the camera is showing the scene at 0:24 is just oddly funny with that weird music.

WonderCreek : when dose gaym reles?

nessplays okay : The future of 3d gaming 👌👌👌👌👌

Zuzana Miškufová : *Top ten games with the most beautiful graphics*

Andy Ballesteros : It’s Super Mario 64 except we lobotomized everyone involved.

Ahmad_J : oho cnat wtai forr zeldu oorcareena off tmie (Ooh can't wait for Zelda Ocarina of Time)

GothicServer : Just another day in the life of jimmy nutrin.

LumiYT : better than Fortnite

Robert The Loud House and SpongeBob Fan : 0:19 My about section

Descosita : Nice gameplay controls , look at those enemies! mario is lookin good

Matthew : I give it a 10 out of 10. Most memorable game of the year.

FlyingOverTr0ut : I'd like to buy that soundtrack.

OCTAGON BLUE : This game was released on June 34h 2069

Julie Mori : Despacito 2 looks nice

cumquatrct3 : They really remastered the SMB2 ground theme well!

jony items : supra mayro 64 has been canceled

Zelaous Guard : Lets a go

I'm gonna get some attention with this profile pic : *Top 10 most anticipated games of all time*

thebombymaster random chanel Xander Pascal : It Looks Better Than The Original!

Meme Lord : hyped, you know the release date? i'm willing to wait in a long-ass line if it means i get this masterpiece

princes : *mayro* *i am of fsave* *-princes*

InAnotherCastle: Back in the Castle : Me when seeing Super Mario Odyssey: The only thing new about this is the fact that Mario's hat has eyes. Me when seeing this: *SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!*

尺ズ-} }{ {-Ðム : Mario Generations 2 Looks Awesome

bart reynolds brother : 0:19 *mayro i am of fsave -princes*

YT_ BlockyGamerZ : Oh Mario! You drunk 🅱epis *AGAIN* ?

Jokah! : the princes wil nver be of fsave cuz gaem is not release.

Sam banks : Can I buy this

content : is it just me, or is this scary


Дмитро Бабенко : He recorded his voise on toilet xD

Saladmence5900 : Mario Odyssey did suck Can't believe I got it. This is better

Kalko : Best game ever.