supra mayro 64 trailer

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YTSunny : These E3 leaks have gone too far.

LumiYT : better than Fortnite

TheYoloMan : *4 years later: still waiting for this*

dummy : "A rushed game is bad forever, a delayed game will make it better" - Shigru Myamto

Planet Chucky : the peak of human evolution.

- : Honestly, this has better graphics than PS1.

Andy Ballesteros : It’s Super Mario 64 except we lobotomized everyone involved.

Dat Guy : Day one purchase

An Le Khac Quang : The graphics are better than Odyssey The gameplay is better than Odyssey EVEN THE TRAILER IS BETTER THAN ODYSSEY When is this releasing on switch?

Adam Crossing : Taken down by Nintendo for leaked gameplay footage

Zuzana Miškufová : *Top ten games with the most beautiful graphics*

I Don't Like Drowning : ive been waiting for more than 3 years. i actually want this. if they won't make it *i will*

okuplok : I mean the switch could handle doom and wolfenstein 2 just fine but I don't think it's fit for this beast

Matthew : I give it a 10 out of 10. Most memorable game of the year.

Minifridge : can’t wait for sobic on the senga gemisis

David Magann : I love this anime.

Fadeider : 0:00 0:17 play it at 1.25 speed

nessplays okay : The future of 3d gaming 👌👌👌👌👌

Ahmad_J : oho cnat wtai forr mario oorcareena off tmie

WonderCreek : when dose gaym reles?

LateForWork : 0:08 kansai doriftu

Richie 64 : Remember guys. The longer a game being delayed, means its going to be a masterpiece at the end.

Zelaous Guard : Lets a go

OCTAGON BLUE : This game was released on June 34h 2069

GothicServer : Just another day in the life of jimmy nutrin.


The1007Guy YT : i think im having a glitch that you cant like twice (For all those who reply you can only like once, it is just a joke -.-)

Michael Suhardja : Bad polygons, bad music, boring gameplay, and it's recorded with a camera not the video Seriously it's so bad it's good

Robert The Loud House and SpongeBob Fan : 0:19 My about section

FlyingOverTr0ut : I'd like to buy that soundtrack.

Darkie Animations : Mario Generations 2 Looks Awesome

thebombymaster random chanel Xander Pascal : It Looks Better Than The Original!

Meme Lord : hyped, you know the release date? i'm willing to wait in a long-ass line if it means i get this masterpiece

Jo4co 007ヅ : Best than original

McFlexmatish : I remember being soo hyped because of this, I'm glad the game didn't disappoint :')

cumquatrct3 : They really remastered the SMB2 ground theme well!

InAnotherCastle: Back in the Castle : Me when seeing Super Mario Odyssey: The only thing new about this is the fact that Mario's hat has eyes. Me when seeing this: *SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!*

THE DOG 27 : markiplier crying meme

Completer1624 : Is there a download of this game? It looks interesting :D

princes : *mayro* *i am of fsave* *-princes*

Julie Mori : Despacito 2 looks nice

dezekeer games en streams : nic trayer relli hadsome poelpe

Дмитро Бабенко : He recorded his voise on toilet xD

PufferfishTheOne : *I would die for this masterpiece of a game!*

Azian Gamer : Top 10 Anime Games

airwolf 639 cousin : 10/10 e3

shahroz Khan : The way the camera is showing the scene at 0:24 is just oddly funny with that weird music.

Kalko : Best game ever.

YT_ BlockyGamerZ : Oh Mario! You drunk 🅱epis *AGAIN* ?

Jahin Alam : Niu fom nin10doh swish