How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay

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kaileemckenzie : Heartbroken and disgusted by these parents

kat- artist : I am so sorry to people who have parents like this even if they are not part of lgbt+ community. This is awful. People like this shouldn't be aloud to raise children. This is just awful

Matthew Villarreal : Have they been arrested? That is assault and child neglect.

Aye yeet : "I love you and support you" *PROCEEDS TO TRY AND BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF SON*

Rachael : "I have a lot of friends that are gay, so I'm not homophobic." is literally the same as saying "I have black friends, so I'm not racist."

Sarocha : those parents are the most ignorant people it's actually sickening, hope the guy is alright and is in a better place surrounded by better people now that love him for who he is.

coolfosterdad : >"Follows" the Word of God >Proceeds to pummel own child That woman is not a Christian.

nicholas bailey : No offence but your parents seem very verbally abusive

If this channel hits 100,000 I’ll default dance : I'm not gay but Gay is Okay :)

HayDog53 : These parents deserve to be in jail. And when they go to hell, they’re gonna suffer.

SupDaily06 : Beyond angry about this. Stay strong and stay yourself. Proud of you for posting this.

Brian Smith : I'm literally crying. This is breaking my heart

Exodus N : “I believe in the word of god!” Wait, I don’t remember the word of god telling people to yell at and disown their kid.

Cherry Cheese : being gay isn't a sin but recording vertically sure is

Omega, Your Foxbug Gamer and Artist : Parents like this are unbelievable. "I completely support you." Seriously? You end up hitting and yelling at him. This isn't right. If I were his friend, my mother would've accepted him in as quick as a flash of lightning. You got to be kidding me. As a bisexual child, I completely understand..

Steven Hair : My son failed swimming lessons at the age of 2 because he could not stop flirting with the hot swimming instructor. He is now 19 and has a girlfriend. I knew when he was 2 that he was straight. I have a friend who has a gay son, and she knew that her son was gay by the time he as four. Your born gay. And the Christian community needs to realize that or the church will die a slow painful death. I was raised to think being gay was a perversion and it was thru my own soul searching that I figured out that being gay is not a choice, and its time to stop treating them like they are perverts.

Kakini Nicol : Make an update video :)

i heart anime : bad parents

* AnimalHeadSpirit * : Trump's people.

Skelly MacAullen : And this is why I still haven't come out to my parents. My heart goes out to this person and I hope to god he filed assault charges. This is absolutely disgusting. I hope his parents are ashamed for how they treated him.

BuckHollywood : Heartbreaking that parents like this still exist in 2014. Glad the person is staying with supportive friends. Hope he stays far away his "family".

savannah j : That southern family has got to be some of the most ignorant people on this planet😑so sorry for him❤

sh avigail : I hope you read it I really love you!! You are stronge and loved by lgbt Be you!! I LOVE YOU VERY VERY❤

Brenda Moreno : Some people just shouldn’t be parents...

amethystisbae Wattpad and Instagram : I’m so terrified this is what’s gonna happen to me when I come out to my parents, they are the most homophobic people you could ever meet and both extreme Christians. I mean my dad paints cars and he literally airbrushed Jesus on the car and made it purple. Everyone calls it the Jesus car. He makes t-shirts for it and goes to bible studies and jumps from church to church, studies the Bible and he’s so deep into Christianity. I am too but... I’m lesbian and I want to come out to them but I fear this would be how they react.... I strongly believe they would react like this...

Cooking with Honey : This hurt my heart..... :(

Jared Ezell : I know this video is 4 years old now basically, but I hope this person who was attacked and threatened by their family is okay. Just a little bit scared about what happened afterwards, their living condition, their relationship with their family, etc.

Abigail Paige : How did she go from saying he’s been gay since he was little to he chose to be gay????? Everything she says contradicts herself

Cinnamon cookies : Homophobe so out of shape probably all that deep fried democracy

Rozen Rot : I believe that I am Christian as that is just how I have been brought up and I do believe strongly in God. This however breaks my heart... for a family to be so hostile towards their son for being gay, to call him such horrible names, to attack him and even disown him... this makes me sick with anger!!!! I believe in accepting and loving all people regardless of who they are, what they do or have done, or what they look like just as Jesus did. Who are we as mere humans to judge!? This boy was very brave to confront his family even if he knew it may not have turned out the way he wanted. You are as you are and no matter what God loves all of his children regardless of our choices and mistakes. Whether you believe or not is not my place to judge either, but I know deep in my heart that this is truly wrong and that his family should be ashamed.

Elliott Morgan : "I will not let people believe that I condone what you do... in this neighborhood." This reminds me of when Jesus refused to spend time or speak with those who were considered lesser because he was worried how the Pharisees would view him.... wait, no, I'm remembering that wrong. This video is heartbreaking on soooo many levels. 

Madeline Nazari : that is not the word of God. God accepts us all straight gay or anything else <3 my love i hope your parents have come around

Moo Moo : To be honest, science facts goes over the word of God.

jaiden fletcher : On behalf of all Christian people. we apologize for the amount of hate demonstrated by two of our members. we sincerely hope that this does not change your view on Christianity or religion. sincerely embarrassed Christian.

Off Brand Bleach : This breaks my heart😭😭😭 do what makes yoy happy.

Taryn Southern : I'm constantly appalled with the level of ignorance, small mindedness, and intolerance that still exists in America.. For those of you out there watching who have felt condemned by your friends or family, for being WHO YOU ARE, know that there are people out there who support you, accept you, and love you.

Shannon Conaty : His family I going to hell not him🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Eugene Wilson : furthermore, im glad my dad is dead. he used to beat me all the time. then she said your dad worked like a dog to put a roof over your head. like i actually give a rats ass

nicholas bailey : I support you very much

elCapitan : I hope something awful happens to these people. They don't deserve to be living.

Cotton Kyandi : That's so wrong!!! DON'T hit someone just because they're gay!! There's nothing wrong with it, gay people and all other LGBT+ people like me deserve all the same rights as straight people, and I fully support your friend!!

Trevor L. : I feel so bad for him to have to deal with those hateful parents. I am a religious man, and I am not gay, but I do believe that being gay is perfectly fine. They are human just like the rest of us. They are not disgraces to the world. Those parents should be ashamed for what they did. We are in a new world these days. The abuse and neglect those parents showed have no room in this world. It should be filled with love for everyone no matter if someone is gay or not. I understand religious people have their own beliefs and I do respect their opinions. But if they are going to take it to that extent shown in this video, that is not okay. It is 2018, there is no room for hate anymore.

Jerry Smith : Thank God Daniel is shed of those losers. Doesn’t matter if they’re from Georgia, California, or Wyoming, those “God fearing” bigots don’t deserve the son they had in Daniel. The way they treated him means that they had better damned sure fear God!!!

LatinoPrince469 : the word of God also says not to use foul language

TheLonelyGoomba : Not sure what's worse. The video, or the comments.

Kiều B : I don't support these parents 100% at all at least he's doing better now and got featured in a gay pride parade and lives with his boyfriend now and donated to a LGBT homeless shelter

elijahp : This is still one of the most heartbreaking videos I’ve ever seen as a heterosexual man. There’s almost nothing that makes my heartache as much as this devastating video.

Giselle Morales : This hurts my heart...💔 Because sadly I know the feeling...

Romanchan 1414 : The Mother and father are narcissists and cannot accept a difference in their child that normal parents accept, this should not be a big problem, unless if the parents are hill billys. You have every right to be who you are.

Kgamer : has someone got the police on these people?