How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay

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Matias Matt : this is what religion does to some people

Alex Irene : My fist clench up while watching this, I want to punch that mom.

Nyle Naomi : This is what my parents would do

Esme The Artist : The violence and ignorance in the mother... it makes me sick to my stomach. So glad he’s safe now. What is wrong with these people it saddens me to see this


Jean King : This is so sad to watch how could a family do that to their own kid. Life sucks for those like that young kid

Lexy Lopez : This broke my heart. They called him the disgrace? If he is, I can't imagine what to call those "parents", being homo is not at all a choice. You can't just pick the gender of the person you like. The mom is seriously horrible to do this to her son. To think that this still happens everyday is depressing. People like his parents are what is wrong with this messed up world we live in.

Call Me Gaffer : Fucking redneck uneducated fuckwit parents. Christians? If Jesus condones that treatment on people then he can stick it! However, I know that's not the case. These are just misguided fools.

Morgan Becker : this kills me you're supposed to support and love your child

dewey70 : So glad you're out of there and now safe. You keep your head up and be you.

Nirvana Fan : This is heartbreaking... How old was this guy? Hearing her say 20 years implies he's an adult. If I were in this guy's position, I would never want to see their faces again...

jacob buggy : When people say burn in hell with Satan Atheist. Is Satan your made up friend bye bitch

MyExDrinkMyNut : lol I'm not homophobic but being gay is a choice. JUST SAYIN

Nagashima Kenjiro : i moved to a different country because of abusive parents and now i live with my grandmother. a few weeks ago i cam out to her. she is adventist so she did NOT accept me and was threatening me if i dont chnage i will go back to my parents. now i will be going through psycology and multiple hormonial tests.... i wish she would just accept me........ and also im only 13...

Cain Plant : bro, just choose to be straight

Heruka 666 : Suicide

Warren Stratton : gay is not ok

meme daddy : your 'mom' is a bitch.

Katie Sollars : 3 years later and this still breaks my heart... to anyone reading this who is going through this, talk with the police. The second they put their hands on you, they're done for. How can homosexuality be a sin, but hitting, kicking, and overall abusing their children is perfectly OK? Love how the man in the video was confident and stood up for himself "I am NOT a disgrace!" Good for him. ^ my little rant

Stella Bleus : *B I T C H*

Ryan W. Featherston : Hey homophobes. Just because I support LGBT rights doesn't mean I'm gay myself

Racheal Winchester : I am boiling.I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions even though they are severely WRONG! I myself am not gay or bi, but I am a victim of severe abuse and this video gave me PTSD when the kids mother started attacking him. If the kid or adult now is reading this comment (victim) I want you to know that millions of people have their heart held out to you, mine included. This is a horrible thing that still happens, probably even as I'm writing this comment today. I am sorry. There are no words anybody can say to fix what happened, but there is hope.Hope for a change. I hope you have left that horrid family of yours and found yourself a loving partner. I don't know you, but I love are a brave and strong individual. Truly. Something really has to change. Being gay should not be frowned opon or seen as un holy. Wow... I think I handled that okay seeing as I am a 15 year old teenager who has more love in her heart for any victim than she does herself. If anyone has read this far, congrats! Spread this. I would speak more of my opinion but I think I've said enough.

Marx Aur : YOu don't have to agree with his lifestyle, but you gotta love him, he's your son.

J Tatom : This breaks my fucking heart when i watch this, i hope everything gets better for this person, hope he found some friends and got away from that horrible person, he doesnt need that horrible stuff in his life and i hope he will be om and if he sees this please talk to me cause would want to be your friend and help in any way possible Sadly i cant text rm but you could dm me on instgram im.not.who.you_ think so if you ever need someone im here for you

Susan S : I wonder what happened to this young man. Hopefully he was able to move past this and find himself in a better place.

Jaken FromStatefarm : If I was gay and told my parents who are very religious I was gay they wouldn't just say "Well that's the way you were meant to be when you were born" and would still accept that me

Nicholas Zora : Lmao she shitted on him

Khamari Campbell : These people are so mean but he could think about the words his mom said she's not going to support him and she wants him out so in the future she wants to see him or wants money bitch no want the family to get together bitch no she needs help because she got into and accident bitch no

Matt King : That is a very bad mother telling her son to move out is bad, and you can't be born gay, and these are rednecks?

Lian Horvat : Those bible thumpers need to fuck off. He is better off without them.

JUE Larsfeld : fake

The Covers I Do : I wonder where she thinks she's going when she dies? Certainly not heaven. If there is a God, I'm sure that he was not at all pleased with her actions.

Michaela Chin : I'm so sorry

WatermelOOn SANDÍA : What I'm wondering is how there are more likes than dislikes in this bigoted video

Mara Worthington : Bby,I would take you in a split second. I feel so bad for you pls keep your head high!

mckenzie caves : "I'm going by the board of god" If god didn't accept someone being gay then why would he create you?

Alyssa Sharp : Christian's are dumbass's

Nukem Animations : WTF...SHE KICKED HIM im scared to tell my mom...

Keanna Lee : This is so heartbreaking 😭 stay strong! We are all with you on this one x

Hunter Winn : These parents are cool

Oli Cansdale : Makes me glad they would be locked up in my country.

Damian Keijzer : i hope if that famelie is gonne read this because ther full off shit lords this is not how you talk to your child it wil only make him mad and i got to say you guys are really shitty parrents if i say so my self you guys should be ashamed

Olivia Bartel : I'm speechless.......... all I want to say is that love wins🏳️‍🌈

Taylor Roberts : I don't like it when he said your a disgrace

Lady Nightmare : what happens later?

Elisha Cook : I'm a strong Christian, and I'm going to clear up that matter. Biblically, being homosexual is a sin, but, we as believers are taught not to condemn. If I have a friend who's gay, I'm going to let them know, "Hey, I'm going to minister to you, bc and we're going to work towards your Deliverance." So if you let me tell you about God and about how homosexuality is wrong, (in a peaceful, non condemning way), then I'm here for you all the way. I believe that why a lot of Christians are frowned on by the LGBT community is because most Christians condemn then. But I believe that real followers of Christ know we need to minister and not condemn. Jesus didn't condemn people, he ministered to them, because he knew they wouldn't receive any benefits of a Deliverance or a miracle from condemnation, but from ministry and love!

noah oates : I am a born again Christian who was saved by Jesus Christ last year around the month of June, 2016 and Jesus delivered me from atheism, suicide, homosexuality and transgender feelings. I want you to know that these parents are not true Christians and they did not show the love of Christ to their son! Even though they disagree, does not give them the right to treat him like that! Jesus would love Him and accept him! homosexuality is a sin, but Jesus never would have treated him the way his parents did to him in this video! Jesus loves you so much that He bled and DIED FOR YOUR SINS on the cross and He was buried and He resurrected from the dead on the third day! There is historical evidence that proves the resurrection! Jesus wants you to seek a true relationship with Him and get to know Him by reading the word of God! Seek Jesus! DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY FALSE CHRISTIANS LIKE THESE PARENTS!!! THESE PARENTS SHOULD HAVE SHOWN LOVE AND KINDNESS TO THEIR SON!!! IT IS THE LOVE OF GOD THAT LEADS A PERSON TO REPENTANCE!!! JESUS LOVES ALL PEOPLE, HE LOVES GAY AND TRANSGENDER PEOPLE!! HE JUST DOESN'T LIKE THE SIN!! JESUS WOULD NEVER HAVE TREATED THIS GUY LIKE HIS PARENTS DID!! JESUS WOULD HAVE GIVEN HIM A HUG AND SAY THAT HE IS HERE FOR HIM NO MATTER WHAT AND WILL HELP HIM GET THROUGH THIS!!! THESE PARENTS MAKE CHRISTIANITY LOOK BAD!!! GOD BLESS!!! JESUS LOVES YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Taran Kelley : Goddam fucking religious people are horrible, that's your fucking kid.