How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay

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Cooking with Honey : This hurt my heart..... :(

official.fandom : "I go by the word of God" 1 Timothy 5:8 "But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel." no she fucking doesnt she does not follow God and she will not be welcome into Heaven

TwoToed BackStabber : She deserves to step on a lego every time when she least expects it

hoo hoo : Homophobes: "A child deserves a mother and a father." Homophobes. **disowns their kid when he/she come out as gay so that he/she has neither**

Sky Monkey Project : Peece of SHIET Lemme tellu somthin' Sonnova beetch Damn queer

Kgamer : has someone got the police on these people?

Gravity Cat : trump supporters for sure

Katie Sollars : 3 years later and this still breaks my heart... to anyone reading this who is going through this, talk with the police. The second they put their hands on you, they're done for. How can homosexuality be a sin, but hitting, kicking, and overall abusing their children is perfectly OK? Love how the man in the video was confident and stood up for himself "I am NOT a disgrace!" Good for him. ^ my little rant

Mystery Monster : Hatred comes with fear.

Jon Bz : These lunatics wouldn't know religion if it hit them in the face with a bible

kaileemckenzie : Heartbroken and disgusted by these parents

Buddy Tipton : I was shocked to see that. He should have called the police and had her put in jail then see how her friends and church people that of her

Sir Joshy : "By the word of God". Hmm. Pathetic reaction due to religion again.

Ryan RRR : I hate these people

franky 27 : I hate that family so badly rn i just started crying so badly maybe that is why i dont want to come out cuz im scared of how my parents are going to react

Kaydence : was any one brought by bc caylen

snow4 summer : for all the people who say "Christian this and Christian that" my mom is a Buddhist and beat the shit out of me a few times. the point is shitty people are shitty no matter what they claim to be a part of.

Michael T : Can't you just feel the Christian love?

John Connor : Monsters!

Rainbow slushies : As a Christian girl I am Appalled by these parents! They think its okay to hit this child and they were yelling at him they are being judgmental whitch the bible says not to do! I hope those parents never go to heaven because they don't deserve that kind of privilege! I hope that boy stays strong! ♡♡♡

megthewanted123 : I'm in shock from what I've just seen and it has brought me to tears. The fact that a mother could abuse and disown her own child over his sexuality is absolutely, completely vile. I was brought up in a Christian family that follows the teaching "Treat others how you'd like to be treated." Whilst one part of the Bible says "Man should not lay with man", another part says "Love thy neighbour". The fact that some Christians can preach all day about spreading the love and Jesus' message and then be so horrible and homophobic is ridiculous. I don't care what religion you are. Everyone is equal. We were all made in God's image, therefore we are all the same. We are all human beings on this planet together. We all have skeletons underneath our skin, whatever colour it may be. We are all entitled to find love, whoever it may be. What you choose to do with your body is your decision and the people that created you and raised you should be there for you 100%, even if they don't necessarily approve. So why is it that people prefer to believe a tiny aspect of the Bible that says "Being gay is wrong" rather than looking around them and seeing what people in this world, no matter their sexuality, have accomplished? It's 2014. There are still wars going on in the world, innocent people being killed and children dying from famine and you choose to focus your negativity on something that makes someone else happy? Grow up and start acting like a decent human being, regardless of your religion.

Survey Brook : i cried. oh my god. 😭😭😭😭 baby if you ever need support i am here for you♥️

Saoirse O' Gorman : I feel so sorry for him, the way his mother is treating him is disgusting 😞

john 321 : Well Jesus did say to verbally and physically abuse your kid when they turn out to be gay, oh wait..

- superwholockin07 - : Sounds exactly my Christian mom. People like this exist in 2018, and it's so depressing.

Naz Lala : Just wondering, how many people are here because of Jc?

Salma Dwidar : 1like = 1slap on his moms face

Alex : And this is what will happen when I come out

Grant Vogel : Just absolutely infuriating. This family needs to be repaired. Their whole state of mind is off. She’s a God fearing woman, yet she disowned her own son. This is not at all what Christ would do.

nicholas bailey : No offence but your parents seem very verbally abusive

domo nation : I hope this lady burns in hell

Jenna Kaufman : These parents are awful

Alex Irene : My fist clench up while watching this, I want to punch that mom.

Videogameguy909 : “It’s a choice” and “I’ve known you were this way since you were a baby” do not mix.

sh avigail : I hope you read it I really love you!! You are stronge and loved by lgbt Be you!! I LOVE YOU VERY VERY❤

Robbie Adams : These are Christians? Cursing... Violence... Hitting... hate... More cursing with the F-Bombs... Yes...  I AM SURRRRRRRE Jesus Christ would do that... /s Then "Christians" like this wonder why they are criticized for their MASSIVE hypocrisy when those same "Christians" preach "LOVE" and tolerance... Then turn around and say how Christians are being ATTACKED DAILY for their beliefs. LOL 

RoRose Costello : They are the worst parents I've ever heard! They are so cruel!

Rig Mortem : Is he ok?

Feral DK : Let me tell yeewww sumthin!!

Chloe Cosgrove : honey God said that we should treat everyone equal and not judge. that is what I learned. I support gay rights because I am bisexual and feel sorry for him because this woman is messed up. I am so disappointed in this woman. I am crying and she need God because the devil is inside her and this man. if you need support and stuff follow Tyler Oakley because he is a gift from God and will support you. I can't even stop crying

piepie papaya : Its not a choice. Like being straight isn't a choice. And remember. The bible wasn't written by god. It was written by people saying that's what go was telling them. So remember. Maybe god misenterpreted it and now its ruined so many peoples lives. Support everyone no matter who they are. Parents shouldny say i love you and then go and disown their child for something they cany control. I'm 12 and even i know this

Trinity : These people are horrible. They should be ashamed of themselves. I hope that Daniel filed assault charges against them. They are the worst kind of christians. Bigots, the lot of 'em

Cranberry Soup : This is heartbreaking

Click the fandom : Lgbtq community: 1 Redneck assaulting Christian homophobic parents: 0

Destiny Arnold : You know what,I would've straight up told her that no it wasn't a choice and it isn't for anyone and just because it isn't a choice doesn't mean it's a burden. And even if it was I would've chose it.

brandon612 : are your parents part of the westborow baptist church?

j Cochran show : I bet they're apart of the westboro babtist church exept for the gay guy he was born with a iq above 2.0

Brogle : I honestly only see these types of parents in movies ._.

Lyle Christian : "the word of god" lol oml kmn

elCapitan : I hope someone awful happens to these people. They don't deserve to be living.