How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay

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Sarocha B : those parents are the most ignorant people it's actually sickening, hope the guy is alright and is in a better place surrounded by better people now that love him for who he is.

Videogameguy909 : “It’s a choice” and “I’ve known you were this way since you were a baby” do not mix.

Jenna Kaufman : The golden rule treat others the way you want to be treated

Allie Mastay : It’s. Not. A. Choice.

Jon Bz : These lunatics wouldn't know religion if it hit them in the face with a bible

BuckHollywood : Heartbreaking that parents like this still exist in 2014. Glad the person is staying with supportive friends. Hope he stays far away his "family".

kcmn00 : Well Jesus did say to verbally and physically abuse your kid when they turn out to be gay, oh wait..

Brynn Brown : They abused him and DISOWNED him, all because he's gay. I fell so sorry for him😔😓

Buddy Tipton : I was shocked to see that. He should have called the police and had her put in jail then see how her friends and church people that of her

Michael T : Can't you just feel the Christian love?

Steven Hair : My son failed swimming lessons at the age of 2 because he could not stop flirting with the hot swimming instructor. He is now 19 and has a girlfriend. I knew when he was 2 that he was straight. I have a friend who has a gay son, and she knew that her son was gay by the time he as four. Your born gay. And the Christian community needs to realize that or the church will die a slow painful death. I was raised to think being gay was a perversion and it was thru my own soul searching that I figured out that being gay is not a choice, and its time to stop treating them like they are perverts.

Sky Monkey Project : Peece of SHIET Lemme tellu somthin' Sonnova beetch Damn queer

Reba Roy : If anyone uses religion to condone hatred it comes from fear, not religion.

Saoirse O' Gorman : I feel so sorry for him, the way his mother is treating him is disgusting 😞

nicholas bailey : No offence but your parents seem very verbally abusive

SupDaily06 : Beyond angry about this. Stay strong and stay yourself. Proud of you for posting this.

Majka Majsik : this would 100% be my family

John Connor : Monsters!

- superwholockin07 - : Sounds exactly my Christian mom. People like this exist in 2018, and it's so depressing.

Chloe Cosgrove : honey God said that we should treat everyone equal and not judge. that is what I learned. I support gay rights because I am bisexual and feel sorry for him because this woman is messed up. I am so disappointed in this woman. I am crying and she need God because the devil is inside her and this man. if you need support and stuff follow Tyler Oakley because he is a gift from God and will support you. I can't even stop crying

Taryn Southern : I'm constantly appalled with the level of ignorance, small mindedness, and intolerance that still exists in America.. For those of you out there watching who have felt condemned by your friends or family, for being WHO YOU ARE, know that there are people out there who support you, accept you, and love you.

coolfosterdad : >"Follows" the Word of God >Proceeds to pummel own child That woman is not a Christian.

Rachael Lynne : "I have a lot of friends that are gay.." is literally the same as saying "I'm not racist because I have black friends"

kat- artist : I am so sorry to people who have parents like this even if they are not part of lgbt+ community. This is awful. People like this shouldn't be aloud to raise children. This is just awful

Survey Brook : i cried. oh my god. 😭😭😭😭 baby if you ever need support i am here for you♥️

Elliott Morgan : "I will not let people believe that I condone what you do... in this neighborhood." This reminds me of when Jesus refused to spend time or speak with those who were considered lesser because he was worried how the Pharisees would view him.... wait, no, I'm remembering that wrong. This video is heartbreaking on soooo many levels. 

Grant Vogel : Just absolutely infuriating. This family needs to be repaired. Their whole state of mind is off. She’s a God fearing woman, yet she disowned her own son. This is not at all what Christ would do.

sh avigail : I hope you read it I really love you!! You are stronge and loved by lgbt Be you!! I LOVE YOU VERY VERY❤

Jenna Kaufman : These parents are awful

Amy! : I hope this was turned in to the police. I can't believe the parents act as if he's hurting their feelings.

Cooking with Honey : This hurt my heart..... :(

Alex Irene : My fist clench up while watching this, I want to punch that mom.

Alex : And this is what will happen when I come out

Cranberry Soup : This is heartbreaking

sybil salke : bad parents

kaileemckenzie : Heartbroken and disgusted by these parents

Feral DK : Let me tell yeewww sumthin!!

Bobbie Joe Brown : Very strong boy.

Bobbie Joe Brown : because that what Jesus would do right? No. Real Christians do not spit venom at anyone ! we are all God's children regardless of orientation or any other form of discrimination! There is only one unforgivable sin and it is blasphemy. This is horrid but it sheds light on what a lot of members of the LGBT community face. My parents are loving Christians and have a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend. they chose to because they believe that god made me the way that I am

Brian Smith : I'm literally crying. This is breaking my heart

Kgamer : has someone got the police on these people?

Brad : I'm not gay but Gay is Okay :)

Pepper Pee : They put him out because he was gay? That's not right. This video makes me angry.

Kakini Nicol : Make an update video :)

Luke : I totally agree with the word of god and I don’t support the LGBT. But... this is unbelievable how these parents treated this guy...I’m beyond angry.

Tyler Mauga : The table of the lord is for everyone. And when we dont know what to do, lets bring in more chairs to the table. making the table bigger and bigger until everyone has a place. Keep your head up bro. Your parents will come around because my mom did and my family did. and we are VERY conservative but we LIVE on what Jesus taught. Is to love despite of. you keep being yourself the way God made you dude. Matthew 6:33 and John 3:16 is the verses on what you to look up on. YOU ARE A BLESSING! It will get better! GB

elCapitan : I hope something awful happens to these people. They don't deserve to be living.

Rozen Rot : I believe that I am Christian as that is just how I have been brought up and I do believe strongly in God. This however breaks my heart... for a family to be so hostile towards their son for being gay, to call him such horrible names, to attack him and even disown him... this makes me sick with anger!!!! I believe in accepting and loving all people regardless of who they are, what they do or have done, or what they look like just as Jesus did. Who are we as mere humans to judge!? This boy was very brave to confront his family even if he knew it may not have turned out the way he wanted. You are as you are and no matter what God loves all of his children regardless of our choices and mistakes. Whether you believe or not is not my place to judge either, but I know deep in my heart that this is truly wrong and that his family should be ashamed.

Skyler Ricketts : This is the most horrible thing. I hate this so much. This is so cruel, I hope he will get much better support from the people in his life after this, because he deserves it.

Sptth : So , I’m bi, just came out today and my mom said god loves everyone no matter what and he made me perfect, this is just a horrible example of bigotry and what god didn’t want, god makes everyone perfect and exactly how he wants