How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay

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Tyler Oakley : My heart breaks while watching this video. If you're reading this and need support, please contact The Trevor Project. They are the leading national organization for crisis & suicide prevention - they are there to talk, 24/7 - confidential and free:

desperate housewives fanpage : when she called him a "son of a bitch" she really just called herself a bitch.......

official.fandom : "I go by the word of God" 1 Timothy 5:8 "But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel." no she fucking doesnt she does not follow God and she will not be welcome into Heaven

Salma Dwidar : 1like = 1slap on his moms face

SureCookies : *says loves god* , *starts attacking him for no reason*

kaileemckenzie : Heartbroken and disgusted by these parents

Shelbie,yanna,canddy lol : all I have to say is that I support him 🌈🌈👬

Clau ford : Thank god I'm an atheist.. Wait. Wut?

Seth Rostker : She deserves to burn in HELL for what she says

Music Lover69 : She swore and said shit. That's a sin

SupDaily06 : Beyond angry about this. Stay strong and stay yourself. Proud of you for posting this.

Lily James : They totally said they believe in the word of God, but they curse, beat, humiliate and disown their own child. I really hope that women is filed for assault.

Jaden 17 : I'm straight but seeing this video makes me so fucking mad. I mean since they're so religious shouldn't God be able to accept you for who you are and your sexual preference shouldn't matter!!

Matias Matt : this is what religion does to some people

Jack Thomas : Don't worry, if they believe in hell, that's where they'll go. C'mon it's 2017, it's a new society and people change. It's not 1950s anymore. Before someone is going to have a rant about this let me just say something. Does it really matter if someone is gay. I'm an atheist but I just want to say God is a *PEACEFUL* person. He should allow anyone to go to heaven.

Rosie Brown : "I trusted you!" "You never trusted me blah blah blah" BITCH. Are you fucking aware of what your son just did? *HE CAME OUT TO YOU*. That takes some damn courage and.... TRUST!!! And by the way, your son IS a son of a bitch!!! I'm glad you mentioned that! Neither of you deserve this beautiful, amazing and unbelievably STRONG young man in your lives. If you believe in hell, that's where you will end up. Have fun.

Rebecca Hewitt : this is actually such a horrible family

c0olking : earning money to pay for food house etc is NOT raising kids!!

Sir Joshy : "By the word of God". Hmm. Pathetic reaction due to religion again.

Nelson : you should see the video that Kid gets kicked out for voting for donald trump

Steven Hair : My son failed swimming lessons at the age of 2 because he could not stop flirting with the hot swimming instructor. He is now 19 and has a girlfriend. I knew when he was 2 that he was straight. I have a friend who has a gay son, and she knew that her son was gay by the time he as four. Your born gay. And the Christian community needs to realize that or the church will die a slow painful death. I was raised to think being gay was a perversion and it was thru my own soul searching that I figured out that being gay is not a choice, and its time to stop treating them like they are perverts.

A Flamboyant Fandom Trashcan : How is loving another human being a sin, but abusing your child and disowning them isn't? I feel so bad for you, man. No person should be treated like that because of how they were born.

sarayoutubelover XOXO : Its not a fucking choice. Damn can't people see that.

Charlie The Cupcake : God loves everyone equally your family is just terrible, stay strong and show your true colors.❤💛💚💙💜💖

DJ Ephiny : Oh yeah...attacking him is REAL christian like....RIGHT

Coyote : Not surprised in the slightest that the mother is a religious southern cunt. Just two more points to check off the bigot-list. If anyone is a disgrace to that family, it's her. And that dad definetely ain't helping. Putting food on a table does not constitute raising, and it sure as hell does not mean that you're granted instant respect. Fuck those people. Good luck out there, man.

RoRose Costello : They are the worst parents I've ever heard! They are so cruel!

Katie Sollars : 3 years later and this still breaks my heart... to anyone reading this who is going through this, talk with the police. The second they put their hands on you, they're done for. How can homosexuality be a sin, but hitting, kicking, and overall abusing their children is perfectly OK? Love how the man in the video was confident and stood up for himself "I am NOT a disgrace!" Good for him. ^ my little rant

Leah Spinelli : "You told me you made that choice!" Bitch, making the choice to come out isn't making the choice to be gay. And making the choice to accept your sexuality and pursue a relationship isn't making the choice to be gay.

videoghost : In this comment section: I'm a REAL Christian and I wouldn't do that. Look up the "No True Scotsman" fallacy, because that is what you're doing. And that is the problem with your religion. I can twist virtually any scripture to mean whatever I want it to mean and justify whatever belief I want to hold, then find a dozen other scriptures that I can use to support my viewpoint. The best way to be good is to be godless.

elysianjpg : What a fucking abuser. That's not how to treat your child. Stay strong.

Aimee Rangel : IF GOD HATES GAYS WHY DID HE CREATE THEM JUST LET PEOPLE LOVE WHO THEY LOVE and is being straight also a choice ?

Buddy Tipton : I was shocked to see that. He should have called the police and had her put in jail then see how her friends and church people that of her

Ashe Funk : fuck the word of god???? like??? what has it done for anyone ever

Mystery Monster : Hatred comes with fear.

Sarocha B : those parents are the most ignorant people it's actually sickening, hope the guy is alright and is in a better place surrounded by better people now that love him for who he is.

Jackal and Pyro Films : i hope he called the cops

Sadie Johnson : My fuckin dad reacted the same way emo brother didnt :))))

Alex Hunt : Guys stop saying christans hate lgbt! we wouldn't be christan if we hated.. plus I'm none binary and my mom works at a church and we are all christan. most supportive mother in the world

Nicholas Falcone : that is awful how could you want to do that to your own son

BuckHollywood : Heartbreaking that parents like this still exist in 2014. Glad the person is staying with supportive friends. Hope he stays far away his "family".

justin bieber : She should rot in hell... Never told about any mom this way. But the parents deserve to rot in hell

TwoToed BackStabber : She deserves to step on a lego every time when she least expects it

Jenna Kaufman : The golden rule treat others the way you want to be treated


Elliott Morgan : "I will not let people believe that I condone what you do... in this neighborhood." This reminds me of when Jesus refused to spend time or speak with those who were considered lesser because he was worried how the Pharisees would view him.... wait, no, I'm remembering that wrong. This video is heartbreaking on soooo many levels. 

The Gothabilly Rises : That's why I'm a Moosist (A LGBT+ friendly religion.)

Jon Bz : These lunatics wouldn't know religion if it hit them in the face with a bible

Billy Pearce : The sooner people realise that God made everyone the way they are ment to be, the better. This is his world and everyone is special and no matter how hard times get, remember, you are loved.

Reba Roy : If anyone uses religion to condone hatred it comes from fear, not religion.