Richard Dawkins: We are going to Die...

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Matt Lesner : This is so amazing!

Hector Ibarra : If this is not inspiring, then I don't know what is.

Juan Pablo Bernal : I would argue here that people is not born until they drop any religion and start living their lives with full realization of their uniqueness, until they drop the false hope of eternal afterlife in a heaven or hell that dictates their life and does not allow them to see and really discover the trueness and uniqueness of life... until then, they will not be consiously born, might as well be a plant, a tree, a coral, a tiger: a near perfect piece of biological engenieering, the result of millons of years of evolution, yet not aware of their surroundings and their real place of the universe... think of all these people who have come and gone through this planet without realizing how marvelleous and unique it is becasue they were blindfolded by some kind of belief

thorleyc2 : looks like I've just found a video to play at my funeral

RebelSeb : This is supremely beautiful. This will be my eulogy.

monika hug : Awesome

King : very comforting.

Shaun Graham : His logic is so weird here.  To say 'Most people won't be born.' is almost arguing there are souls out there that won't be entering a body.'  It's like saying 'Most events won't happen.'  But events aren't events UNTIL they happen. People aren't people until they're people. There are no unborn people. Or people that exist before conception.

Sam Doo : There's a dog at 3:50 can you see it!

DINO DAN DRUMS : Amazing video, that first line he said I wrote it down because it touched me deep, deep down, I even cried. Even though I don"t believe in any higher power, Richard has proven that there is always always always always something to be thankful for.

paul whole : dawkins you sir are an arrogant egotistical no nothing in your theories a pleasent surprise awaits you on your death im sure !!! then you will change your mind my friend

williampatrickwoods : Lol Dawkins.... "We are going to die"

Paul McAllister : Where did we come from? Why are we here? What happens when we die? Nowhere, no reason, there's nothing. Those answers don't ring true to me. I love science's search for reality and truth from the ground up, but the living God works by revealing himself from the top down to those who faithfully seek him. If you want something greater, it is out there. God will reveal himself to any of his children in so many ways, until you may be with him in person. I want to be there with my family.

Robert Coyle : Dawkins says this is it. Jesus say's I will give you life and life abundantly. Dawkins says he knows the truth. Jesus says he is the Truth. Dawkins is just a man who thinks he know the truth and is just a man as I. Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons and raised the dead. He teaches to love one another and even our enemies. Everything Dawkins has amazement for came from Jesus.

Elliot Rodger : Dawkins, you have an optimism bias

Jarosław Sobiński : Richard dawkins is a fool who thinks heis wise.

All that is now : The truth relating to conscious life has been revealed, for the first time in mankind's history we can *_Know_* how life works. We all have to live and die so the truth about ti concerns us all. Google *_Truth Contest_* and check out the top entry. Nothing could be more important or worthwhile than checking out the top entry.

Guy Fubis : what is the music in the background ?? its beautiful  

Ryan Tamayose : Seriously, every person calling for his torture and execution are only proving his point.

alotibi - s : Awesome!

Rex Irkalla : Music is too loud, too annoying.

John Bands : Is this idiot saying that living in this world filled with suffering is a blessing? Atheists, if this guy is the best you have then you may want to reconsider this idea that you are intelligent.

Charles Berg : ?

Charles Berg : What is the hymn in the background.

Michael Everest : This is our home.. lets look after it.

ahenathon : This is illogical from the point of view of quantum physics. These people live in another dimensions. Also there are no grounds to believe that our dimension is somehow better in any way that any other so we need to be grateful to live in it. Also he do not believe in soul (right?) but in genes so there are no spiritual, consciousness factor here to consider in the equation either. Also what do not exists in this dimension, do not exists at all so these unborn people, at least they are stillborn or so, are not the part of the equation. This whole statement sounds like atheist who afraid or do not want to believe in god but his thinking is contaminated by god because he has put himself in the oppositions to him. That is why he is kinda god believer as every true atheist is. It is a love through hate. Psychology has many to say about that too.

fadi salahat : everything perfect no mistake ((((((((Allah)))))))) the only one creator . mistake maker (us) human brain misunderstood a lot of things whatever explores

Dhalvir Panesar : what amazing words

Victor Rizkallah : wow

Stitch oOoAlphaomegaxXx : Can anyone tell me what song is this

amora lee : The musiiiicccc??? Pleasssee

sbambic : I mean what better argument for God? The fact the i am alive when i shouldnt be. If someone won the lottery youd say wow congrats. If that same person won it 3 times in a row youd be convinced it was rigged. I think God rigged my cosmic chances. Theres little debate in my statistical mind.

sinkezie : Was he high?

Grega Lipovšček : Ammm, u have your opinion, but........realy?;)))) peace mate, peace.............fear is gone mate, light has won:P ;)))))

Tom Tarn : What song is this????

Charles Henderson : yes! Great response!

Robert Coyle : You know that not everyone that says Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Jesus said that there will be tares in with the wheat and we are to let the tares grow with the wheat and He will separate them on the last day. You have been reading someone else's letters when you only try to understand the Bible by your own fleshly mind. Matter is God's creation, that is our proof. God is a Spirits and who lives outside of our world and He must be approached as so.

Jeff Greenberg : what a bunch of feeble, pointless crap. just my opinion of course...

Arocedric : What? So only believing in something once the burden of proof has been satisfied doesn't make sense? If someone told you that there were pink goblins in Venus, would you believe them without evidence?

Arocedric : If you believe in magical powers of creation, healing and exorcism, then there's really nothing left to discuss. Lots of gods have claimed they created us, and you have no conclusive evidence to disprove their claims (the bible doesn't count). Also, the bible is full of ignorance and silly stories. You know that certain people, including disobedient children and gays, deserve death (Romans) so it's amusing you think that the bible is the 'greatest' love story. Reality will not be kind to you.

Robert Coyle : If you can just speak this world into existence and all matter does your will then healing the sick and casting out demons and feeding the multitudes with a few fish and bread is nothing. Jesus knows you and He says He loves you. The Bible is the greatest love story ever told. If you want to know truth then with an opened mind ask God this. If Jesus is real, open my mind to know him as I read the Gospel of John.

MrBlob678 : no, by saying there is no afterlife shows that he doesn't have any level of intelligence what so ever. trust me i know Christianity is the dumbest thing to ever exist. its fucking stupid and many people cant see that, so is atheism. both make no sense what so ever.

David Legge : Well done Richard! I love the way you are trying so hard to sound humble and wise!

FL Brizzle : Well then lol...

Arocedric : Sorry to break it to you but healing powers, demons and summoning skills don't exist; it's pure fantasy. If you believe in that, you might as well believe in witches and wizards.

Arocedric : You are lost. Turn to the true God, the Lord of Light, R'hllor before it's too late.

ruhtra619 : You know nothing of my opinions and only fools make assumptions. Furthermore, having a sense of direction in and of itself is not necessarily a good thing, it all depends on where you're going. But anyway, yea...I get it. Never believed in Santa or that Jesus was God so I've pondered this big bang business since I was peeing the bed. I don't proselytize like your buddy Hawkins so if you want to know my opinion on things just ask. But I will say hearing a scientist trying to be poetic is painful.

Robert Coyle : Until you are born of the Spirit through Jesus Christ I will never be able to prove it to you. You are of the flesh and spiritually blind. Read the bible and ask God to open you heart to understand his word. All the answers and proof is all around you that points to a Creator. It is written that Jesus Love you. It is not a love that Dawkins can give because he to is Spiritually Dead! Jesus says, seek and you will find, ask and it will be given and know and the door will be opened.

ekimklaw : And Atheists make fun of Christians? This is the goofiest thing I have ever heard. "Most people are never going to die, because most people are never going to be born." Huh? "Unborn ghosts"? You mean spirits? Newton was a Christian, by the way. "Possible people"? Haha! "Paradise"? That's a religious term. Get your own. 1:24-3:00 this story is meaningless and insipid. Christians already know the uniqueness of Earth. It was created that way. There's more junk in the vid, but I'm out of space...

Seongjin Cheong : Real film of God's vision changed into Lie for their Glory. But believe. Sacrifice and Yield one's crown always useful to them. We are safty.