Richard Dawkins: We are going to Die...

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ExilePaul : Don't you just love how theists take such zealous glee in telling atheists they're going to burn in hell and suffer torture for all eternity. Then have the temerity to lecture the world on morality.

Hector Ibarra : If this is not inspiring, then I don't know what is.

Matt Lesner : This is so amazing!

Juan Pablo Bernal : I would argue here that people is not born until they drop any religion and start living their lives with full realization of their uniqueness, until they drop the false hope of eternal afterlife in a heaven or hell that dictates their life and does not allow them to see and really discover the trueness and uniqueness of life... until then, they will not be consiously born, might as well be a plant, a tree, a coral, a tiger: a near perfect piece of biological engenieering, the result of millons of years of evolution, yet not aware of their surroundings and their real place of the universe... think of all these people who have come and gone through this planet without realizing how marvelleous and unique it is becasue they were blindfolded by some kind of belief

RebelSeb : This is supremely beautiful. This will be my eulogy.

monika hug : Awesome

Sam Doo : There's a dog at 3:50 can you see it!

Shaun Graham : His logic is so weird here.  To say 'Most people won't be born.' is almost arguing there are souls out there that won't be entering a body.'  It's like saying 'Most events won't happen.'  But events aren't events UNTIL they happen. People aren't people until they're people. There are no unborn people. Or people that exist before conception.

King : very comforting.

DINO DAN DRUMS : Amazing video, that first line he said I wrote it down because it touched me deep, deep down, I even cried. Even though I don"t believe in any higher power, Richard has proven that there is always always always always something to be thankful for.

Michael Everest : This is our home.. lets look after it.

paul whole : dawkins you sir are an arrogant egotistical no nothing in your theories a pleasent surprise awaits you on your death im sure !!! then you will change your mind my friend

williampatrickwoods : Lol Dawkins.... "We are going to die"

Paul McAllister : Where did we come from? Why are we here? What happens when we die? Nowhere, no reason, there's nothing. Those answers don't ring true to me. I love science's search for reality and truth from the ground up, but the living God works by revealing himself from the top down to those who faithfully seek him. If you want something greater, it is out there. God will reveal himself to any of his children in so many ways, until you may be with him in person. I want to be there with my family.

Robert Coyle : Dawkins says this is it. Jesus say's I will give you life and life abundantly. Dawkins says he knows the truth. Jesus says he is the Truth. Dawkins is just a man who thinks he know the truth and is just a man as I. Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons and raised the dead. He teaches to love one another and even our enemies. Everything Dawkins has amazement for came from Jesus.

Elliot Rodger : Dawkins, you have an optimism bias

Jarosław Sobiński : Richard dawkins is a fool who thinks heis wise.

Guy Fubis : what is the music in the background ?? its beautiful  

Ryan Tamayose : Seriously, every person calling for his torture and execution are only proving his point.

Ryan Tamayose : Wow, the comments are nothing but mouth-frothing, rabid hatred. Do you people truly despise the man so passionately for asking basic questions that you must jerk it to the idea of him burning forever? You people are downright sick in the head.

alotibi - s : Awesome!

Rex Irkalla : Music is too loud, too annoying.

The Spectator : You know, I've thought about this for a long time. The old question, what is our purpose in life? I think I've finally figured it out. We are all alive, today, to understand our universe. Our sole purpose as intelligent life forms is to help the universe understand itself, to understand why it is the way it is and why it is here. If there are no other intelligent life forms out there then its up to us, and we must live on.

Just_Bri : lol at babyhood

Andyroo2319 : You forgot to mention that if I reject god, I'm going to burn in hell for eternity. Not exactly something to shove aside..

CxHxRxIxSxTxIxAxN : I'm a dudette and thank you! Live hard and prosper!

CxHxRxIxSxTxIxAxN : If you live a full, happy life and do something that leaves a positive, lasting impact in the world, THAT is how you continue to live on. Shakespeare has been dead for hundreds of years yet his works are some of the most famous in the world. Artists, actors, writers, scientists, musicians all live on through what they leave behind, so what they did isn't "meaningless" and they are never forgotten. Fear of death and of the unknown is what keeps people thinking that there's a life after this one.

CxHxRxIxSxTxIxAxN : I can honestly say that ever since realizing that there is no god, or satan, no heaven, no hell, no afterlife, etc and that my eyes and the eyes of my loveds ones WILL in fact close forever. . . .I have never appreciated being alive more than I do now ^_^ Every breath that I take, every heartbeat, every hug and kiss, every time rain hits my face, everytime my feet dance to my favorite songs, everytime I laugh or cry. . .all this won't last forever. It's either now or never. THIS IS IT!! :-)

CxHxRxIxSxTxIxAxN : Feel sorry for me if you wish, but trust me I do NOT feel sorry for myself. But I definitely have pity on people who will spend majority of their lives trying to find ways of "cheating death".

CxHxRxIxSxTxIxAxN : If that's how you want to spend the remainder of your time on earth, fine. But again, you're scared of death and the unknown. You sound pretty selfish thinking that you're entitled to consciously live on forever. The universe doesn't owe you any explanation, so either accept the things you cannot change and make the best of it, or continue to live in your delusion.

ruhtra619 : You know nothing of my opinions and only fools make assumptions. Furthermore, having a sense of direction in and of itself is not necessarily a good thing, it all depends on where you're going. But anyway, yea...I get it. Never believed in Santa or that Jesus was God so I've pondered this big bang business since I was peeing the bed. I don't proselytize like your buddy Hawkins so if you want to know my opinion on things just ask. But I will say hearing a scientist trying to be poetic is painful.

Loveoftheoutdoors : I feel sorry for them too. But living this life while knowing there is more waiting after just makes this one that much more fun to live. I have no fear of dying. I don't worry about "what if" at all. It's liberating. If it works for you then I guess that's what matters most. I just found your post a little saddening, that's all.

Loveoftheoutdoors : But I agree your eyes will close forever. It seems they already have.

Loveoftheoutdoors : I feel sorry for you.

theposhenglishguy : song?

Charles Henderson : yes! Great response!

FL Brizzle : Well then lol...

WaveHello : Meanwhile some cactus-alien is saying "We're so lucky to live on a planet with nurturing acid deserts and lush lakes of boiling silicon, and with exactly two suns.."

supertacticalbacon : On wiki type /Richard_Dawkins#Evolutionary_biology I'll give you this so you can educate yourself. I'm not going to further argue with you if you have virtually no understanding of the people you criticize. Also, if you actually are an engineer, your style of writing does not do justice to someone who is well educated.

supertacticalbacon : Dawkins is one of the greatest biologists of our generation.

iMattCi89 : Technically, the Bible doesn't speak of eternal hell. It was an invention that came decades after Jesus.

iMattCi89 : I didn't say there wasn't going to be hell though. It's just not here yet, coming only when the wicked dead are raised. And it's Revelation, without 's'. Daniel 12:2 speaks of them being forever held in contempt/abhorrence, not forever burning. Malachi 4:1 - the wicked will be burned up like stubble, not burning forever. The wages of sin is death, not eternal burning.

goldmonkey77 : You are sincere, but also hallucinating.

Jack Gamble : 2Chains? If you are referring to the hip-hop artist, it's spelled 2 Chainz. You seem to be of the opinion to have no opinions. This makes you a fool with no sense of direction. Grow up & embrace the astronomical odds of you coming into existence. Using the Big Bang as a reference point, travel forward 14 billion years to your existence, & ponder for a few moments on events that took place for you to exist. Then exit these thoughts & move forward with substance. You just did...didn't you :)

Dhalvir Panesar : what amazing words

MisterCommentCritic : Yes and no. Hell, as we usually imagine it, was made up later and some use Dante's Inferno as reference. But Hell is most certainly mentioned in the bible, many times in the new Testament. Just read Revelations, messed up stuff. Revelations 20:12 to 20:15, there's no way around it, it's in the bible. As for it being eternal, read Daniel 12:2.

aulus6 : music too loud

Charles Berg : What is the hymn in the background.

Woreyel : I've never told you how I want to spend the remainder of my time on earth so please don't respond to me as though I have. Do *not* pass the judgment saying that I'm scared of death you have no idea. Why would wanting to consciously life forever be selfish thing? You're so full of unargued philosophical bias and arbitrary garbage I doubt I could ever convince you of your intellectually dishonest agenda. Proverbs 23:9

Woreyel : And when you die, it'll be as if all those "special" moments never ever happened. All those "special" people, never ever existed. If this is it.. go for it, for when you die, everything you did will be meaningless and forgotten.