Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home Thunderstorm

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V - Pony : Holy shit..when Claudio tossed that double neck up behind his head and shredded into that solo the same way that lightning bolt ripped across the sky...that may be the most metal thing I've ever seen! O_O

Lloyd Lyon Jr : if we didn't know any better, you would think it was staged...awesome combo!!!!!coheed & cambria rocks!!!!!

Steven Ralph : 4:16 oh my!

Bobby Mozafari : Easily the most metal shit I've seen since Metalocalypse.

James Wunderlich : The show was crazy with the lightening! Glad it stopped raining. Such a great show!

Thomas Owens : Thor approves!

Andrea Adams : This has to be one of the most metal things ever!!!

Jonas Jarlsby : Claudio might actually be God. ....I mean the behind the head solo started just as the lightning shot sideways across the sky the same way his guitar was pointed

RED HOOD 01 : Holy shit!!!!!

Dakota Haliscky : just absolutely epic!

Trevor Old : Must have been an awesome experience

hoobastank82 : gave me chills

MikeLovesTacosXD : This is cool as hell.

sbinreal mcironcock : Oh my god that was so metal I wanna cry

Joshalots : I wish people would shut up