Animal Sounds on Guitar (part 2)

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Thunder Dash : The crying dog sounds so real...

[[Insert Name]] : I'd use the whale on a song anyday

ANAKHA KUNJUMON : Whale was amazing 🐳

MrPreva : You probably have a special guitar that speaks the languages of animals and birds

Ai N : The whale sound is so beautiful 😍

Abdullah Naeem : Awesome man collaborate with sebastian😍

La Rosa De José : The Whale sounded sooo cool

RatedGeezus - :

RatedGeezus - :


el junior 1385 : I like when you do the Cat Sound

Lot of Laught : Can you tell me how you did the whale sound?

jay K : the whale sound is so real... and a little bit scary

EPIX ! : whale is lil bit creepy😅

redmaurice73 : You are fantastic. Big!!

Fabio Cagnaccio : This video is so funny, I love it.

el junior 1385 : for the next video if you have cats try confuse them with the guitar and wah pedal i think is will very funny

Aman Gill : crying dog part was hilarious😂

Domenico Semeraro : vabbè...tutto ebbe inizio con l’elefante

George Brown : Hey, George from LADbible here. We love this video, could we please post onto our page? We will fully credit you, thanks!