When you miss your cruise ship
When you miss your cruise ship

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This lady was late getting back on her cruise ship in Nassau Bahamas. They already pulled up the ramps and were about to leave when she came up to the boat. Instead of leaving her, they were nice enough to throw her a life jacket and a rope ladder.


Manny Fernandez : shes lucky the crew is generous enough to let her use a ladder exclusive for pilots.

Bev Weber : The attendant threw her passport up to the hatch...she didnt spank no body on the Ass! Lol kinda lyrical 😊

Bambeau : How are you gonna pay $700+ for a cruise and be late for it.

Jamie Tomlin : The black lady did not slap her on the a** she threw her shoes inside

emejota310 : Makes fun of woman who missed the boat. Records the whole thing in vertical mode. πŸ₯΄

chris gallon : UK would be like, sorry it's against our regulations. But go to our website where there is a complaints section.

maui mago : As it sails away she realizes it's the wrong one she boarded,πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Lea Winter : How embarrassing! I bet she won't let that happen again!

Endra Ruhendri : What she didn't see for being late is.. The captain strees up..the pilot is waiting..fuel been burning up.. The tug assistant hold for maneuvering..etc etc

Tony Salas : Yeah tried doing that last minute on an airplane see where that gets you

June Long : Whenever we get off a ship, we always get back on an hour before it leaves that way we dont even have to worry about rusing

It's Tabaitha : I hope they charge people at the end of the cruise for being late πŸ˜‚. Imagine seeing a $200 emergency onboard assistance charge on your bill. 😭

Maximus Suriya : Now,an entire world know that u miss the cruise ship!....😱😝

Ana Rebolledo : Didn't smack her

Mel N : She didn't smack her. You're desperate for woman/woman action

Cas J : Damn.... Imagine that pass port falling in the ocean πŸ˜’

PEPE TRUMP : Ever play Uncharted 3, just jump on the ship before it escapes

Bill Bright : Stowaway entrance, low frills. Had to return to dock to pick her up,,, she just wasn’t feeling getting up early that morning. They used to have to climb the anchor chain.

Clint Patac : Wow, you being late makes EVERYBODY late!

Ken West : You can bet there is always someone

Joe MCMXI : The 290 dislikes are the people the didn’t get on HA!!!

Raymond Craig : I bet that's the last time she's late for anything. Then again, maybe not.

Alfonso Vargas : She's probably telling the crew where's the vodka as she's boarding the ship. lol πŸ˜‚

Extremely Salty Player : If I was the captain, I would set sail and wave goodbye to her from the bridge πŸ˜‚

SpiralSpike Mike : I miss my cruise ship so much! She was amazing!

Lorenzo Vezzulli : Lucky...but the name of the ship was....TITANIC!!

GN : β€œYou wanna get onboard? Start climbing!”

Scratchy Scroll7 : Now I know why my mom wakes me up so early when we’re going on a family trip

Little Ging : Ohh waaa. Shes running too late! But luckily she made it to the ship

Adven Agung : From a thousand people.. they waiting for one people...

richard none : there is something about people missing the boat that i love especially if i am on board watching them wave from the dock ha ha ha

Kamrul Ahsan : All she had to do is to follow the damn Cruise ship

warnutztheloser : I got there a min late too crew and ship didnt wait and dissapeared

kim davBG : Well that was very nice of them. Hope she learned from it.

Russ Carr : The lady didn’t spank her she threw her purse on the ship πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

CRS 777 888 : If they give you an hour & a half, do 30 minutes, if they give you 2 hours do 1 hour, so you don't miss the ship lol

Alberto Tarantola : Unfortunately the boat was the Titanic πŸ˜‚

Chloe’s Guide To Life : I was on that ship πŸ˜‚

J. Montrice : If only this could happen at the Airport

Tom Cruise : What?? You got late for school? I got late for my cruise.

Simply Rise : Too much work😩 for the hold-up... a rope should do fineπŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯

Nathan Davies : Cheering? They should be booing

BLUESROCKBBQ AND HOT ROD SHOP. : I wanted to see a flip flop fall

can't touch me : I'm so disappointed why they break the rules she is no good then others

Natsarim MGTOW : HalleluYah ! MGTOW like Yahushua .

N Bale : prolly gettin.sum.dat.y.

Em Magramo : You have caused confusion and delay

Muhammad Rafif F.M. : lmao imagine the shame πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Mariichan333 : Smh these people are advised to be on time and have a 30 min window to comeback to the ship. She was lucky she was allowed back on board.