Two Total Strangers Have Saxophone Battle On NYC Subway Train

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welcome to hell : its like a disney movie where duets just start out of nowhere

Blake Bridges : These two speak a language only saxaphone players understand.

Cash_MNY : Also gives off the same vibe as when the two smartest kids in class get different answers

skeeted : TENOR sax challenges you to a duel! *Accept* or *Accept*

Tangerina Cat : "player two has joined the session"

G. N. H. Pinn : Teacher: Why were you late for class? Him: There was a saxophone player on the subway Teacher: So? Him: well, I couldn’t not play my saxophone too now could I?

Rotisserie Chicken : If anyone asked me to explain America with one video, this is it. This is the video. This is the video I would show them.

IT_ME _DEEDEE_SWAG : “Marvel has one of the most ambitious crossovers in history” Me: (Fixed it for you guys, just didn’t put Infinity War😉)

TheSuperNarwhalrus : This is the most wholesome frickin' thing...

Matthew Patricio : This has to be the weirdest Pokemon battle I have ever seen...

Peridoxペリドクス : They’re actually stand users and use their saxophones to control their stands.

Phantom : Two level 20 bards duke it out so hard they go into the future

papillon : They weren't battling, they were riffing off each other!

*Batata por Ae* : *Oh? You're approaching me ? Instead of running away you're comming right to me* _Edit1: This amount of likes... MUST BE THE WORK OF AN ENEMY STAND_

Clau Terjo : Top 10 most brutal anime fights all time

Crystal S : Plot twist:at a stop a whole section of saxophones come out Edit:omg thanks so much for the likes I’ve only got like 4 before

ThePureskilz : “Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be LEGENDARY!”

Dimensionkeeper2.0 : It’s back in my recommendation Thank you god

DePReSo : I should be studying for my exams Why am I watching this

Johnson Shovel : 1:17 "Player 2 has joined"

Sir Cat : Plot twist: They knew each other and plan this before and act like they meet coincidentally. edit:jeez this was supposed to be a joke but you guys take it seriously

Servant of The Benevolent : Boss: “why were you late to work?” Employee: “crazy wicked saxophone battle on the subway.”

Apple : Sex is great But have you had sax? Only people who've had sax can relate

DhoaCS : That is what we all should be like bunch of random people who have fun together.

Zacharie The Meme : Plot twist: the conductor stops the train and comes out playing another saxophone

StrangerOfficial : Aye, if im waiting at the station and this train pull up and it ain’t the one I normally catch, you best believe I’m getting on the SOUL TRAIN.

rekyerts : Sax guy one Why is the boss music playing

Planet Xtreme : I'd pay money to witness this. A LOT OF MONEY.

Planet Xtreme : Doctor: you have 70 years left to live Me: *right clicks and presses loop*

James Y : Everyone needs a white shirt, sunglasses hype man in their life

Saucy Uso : 1st sax player: OH? You’re approaching me? 2nd sax player: How else am I gonna face you

Riu Fukazawa : As you are stepping into the train, you hear this coming from another carriage and quickly switch

Mark Mangaliman : This puts a big smile on my face. Music brings everyone together!

Sonictheporcipine : 1:16 *Finally a worthy opponent!!* *Our battle will be legendary!!*

Madtroll : This is how real men fight.

Erin Row : Standing on the platform: I''m getting on *THAT* car!

that's hot : The guy who yells DJ Khaled is a legend

Bryan Reed : Naruto vs sasuke Madera vs hashirama Goku vs vegeta Midoria vs bakugo - this video is as close as were gunna get man.

lmf aesthetic : Who the hell disliked this? Like what else were you expecting lol

AdrenalThunder : Boss: "why were you late for work?" Me: "There was a really cool saxophone battle on the subway."

Samuel Bealer : When two unrelated bards run across each other and roll nat. 20s in Performance

Peridoxペリドクス : *Top 10 anime battles.*

Merlin : Two white bois battling for first chair

Kvothe The Bloodless : I had the webm saved of the second clip. Always wondered how it ended. (I named it bard_battle.webm)

Igabobalushi : did they just have sax on the train

GamingBeastYT : Its crazy how I saw this video years ago and here it is in my recommendations

Miguel Jimenez : No one: YouTube recommendations: epic sax battle to death in NYC subway

PhantomLion : Some faith in humanity, has been restored.

toxic quesadilla : *why do i hear boss music?*