Two Total Strangers Have Saxophone Battle On NYC Subway Train

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Skipper Rosner : Nothing captures the feeling of living in NYC on a Saturday night more than this video.

LoliOnii-chan Senpai : *Top 10 Anime Battle*

Zixea : Rare video of my last two brain cells communicating.

Imposter 69 : *man slowly walks while playing sax* Announcer: _A new challenger is approaching_

Squirtlett : I like to think that the second guy just carries around a saxophone waiting for someone to battle

Ronza - : And they say white people have no culture

Aria.Marun : you know someone probably missed their stop because they wanted to see this unfold. Edit: Holy shit why did people like this

Krillin's Cripplin' Depression : Imagine one sax player on the train who left their saxophone at home. *LMAOOOO*

Ploopybear : they’re having sax They're jazzing all over each other.

Victor Matautia : Boss: Why were you late, Dave? Dave: There was a saxophone battle in the subway and I missed my stop. Boss: Promoted!

gadman85 : Am I the only one that's super impressed they managed to land the high five afterwards without it being really awkward?

Tenzing Lama : Imagine being there while deaf

Han St : *my last two brain cells at 4am when I’m trying to sleep*

Angelique Maye : (I like my men and women just like I like to listen to a saxophone: deep, sensual and hella fun) If only wars could have been fought like this the world would have been a better place

Papa Pickill : I still get goosebumps from how they knew to conplinent each other's notes. No one tried to vetter the other. They simply were performing the art they spent their life practicing until one of them couldn't breathe anymore

Zacharie TheFaggot : Plot twist: the conductor stops the train and comes out playing another saxophone

this is not a name : If only battles were truly fought like this

deltaray3 : This must have been pretty therapeutic for those people after having to deal with the disasters of Hurricane Sandy just months before.

Marken Gamer : i have never seen such teamwork, trust, brotherhood, and friendship between two strangers

Fraxin Kydra : This should actually be a song, movie or scene.

kenie t : This is probably one of the coolest things I've seen in my suggestions my face is hurting from smiling

Check My Playlist : *we need these characters in Smash*

Robbie Zboril : The guy in the white shirt is trying to be relevant To be honest, that's what I would do

Marco Datri : The song starting at around 3:35 Is called chamaleon, unfortunately i don't have the name for the first one.

Nobody Important : *And thus the universe was born...*

Fura Faolox : Is stuff like this common in New York? If so, I'm moving there.

Vanilla Country : _lets see what dwells in the depths on my recommended_ hey, not bad.

SmoothyBooty : White-tee guy was so supportive he deserves a reward

Amnoaxe : Imagine someone waiting for a train... The doors open... And all they see is that

Doofus : Imagine actually leaving *_T H E S O U L T R A I N._*

R Y : id get on that subway even if it was headed in the wrong direction

Metroid Muncher : Wasnt a battle. They complimented eachother very well. Passing the lead back and fourth. Super enjoyable and wouldve been better if the douchbag in shades woulda just sat his ass down and just enjoyed. (Some sayin he was hypin... thats un needed. The attention was already on them he was just tryna get a bit of it. Which is fine. But no nedd to get all up in the space)

they did surgery on a grape : When two bards go head to head in dnd

M ę m ë ł ī č î õ û ś K : These guys need to reunite for a part 2

Poetic Haze : How many people missed their stop??? And how many people got on and forgot where they were going????

Pusheen the cat : This is what the internet needs right now, pure love story

Віталій Савченко : It's shame there was no drummer in the train...

sky delos santos : Are they having sax

Fun Fiend : Wild saxophoner mating call gets answered; only in Train-geo!

lemolime : This is so pure. This legit gave me faith in humanity again.

Obama Llama : This was the day a new language was formed.

MasteKiller Games : How arguments are settled in the future

helloplanetpack : I’m the bald dude in the shades

SpectreLegion : I like how they how they just link up playing 2 different things

joshua rudnik : Who is gonna pass out first

the dramatic life of daniel : The next day they met on the same train and funked it out on another battle of saxophones This right here is the smackdown of saxophones reporting to you live

Another 5000 subs without videos person : Watching this for the 8th time and still brings a smile to my face

Psycho Andreas : imagine a third guy pulling out a drum set

HANS ZE FLAMMENWERFER : *When 2 Hunting Horn Mains team up*

Chotenque : This is the kind of fights I want to see break out more often