Two Total Strangers Have Saxophone Battle On NYC Subway Train

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A man needs lasagna : Saxophonist mating ritual behaviors (2013, colorized)

Another 5000 subs without videos person : Shhh.. they're communicating

Jessica Hassock : Okayyy this is probably one of the most sickest battles I've ever seen!🔥🔥🔥

SteveSaysBye : "Why the hell were you late for work?" "Well, yah see, I was on the subway, but then these two guys had saxophones..."

zoey : my last two brain cells at 3 am

Absurdities : No one gonna comment how supportive that guy was that had the shades and the white tee?

AppleJack Arts : One saxophone player: *Everyone* Oh, cool some nice music. Two saxophone players: *Everyone* OH SHIT!

King of Coolness : I wonder how many people missed their stop just to watch this.

soldofpol : This is how we settle wars from now on. Each country sends their best sax players to have a sax off. Switzerland judges.

Kat C. : A standard territorial face off between two saxo-males

Pro Player 1⃣ : _A wild sax player joined the game_

Legionic : Sax starts Everyone claps Second one comes in Subway on fire

Just Two Happy Boys : What if they’re secretly having a conversation and dissing everyone on the train in sax

Mr diddle : Actually ridiculous how in sync they can get at points

deadfr0g : Lyrics: Doot doot doot Doot dootdoot doot Doot

Deus Vult : They're communicating beyond human level !

Camden Langford : Imagine how much shit would go down if a Third guy joined in.

Sofia Ibarra : NYC is a fictional place and this is the compelling evidence

Clayton Skinner : Why can't the world be more of stuff like this.... less stabbing, shooting etc... just have a great time

꧁Mythical Night꧂ : imagine the one person trying to sleep

T9 filibahss : And this is the story of how i met your father...

KpEMuKoBcu : Everybody was late for work that day.

Tyler Counelis : That moment when there's a seamless transition between "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson and "Chameleon" by Herbie Hancock and then another between "Chameleon" and "I Like to Move It" from Madagascar

Walter Nelson : *A well adjusted person:* "Anime isn't real." *Me:*

chasebh89 : Nice, normally on the subway you get stabbed. Good break from the usual monotony

J J : This shit is gonna be in the highlights of humanity when our robot overlords take over.

Ryan Carmichael : Watch closely as the two band nerds communicate to each other in the secret language of music. Few understand, and fewer still can comprehend the intricacies of its complexity. Simply Extraordinary!

black_ _rose : *Her: I like guys who can play instruments.* *Them:*

Jay Heartfelt : "I cant dance for shit" WHAT A MOOD

You expected a username but it was I, : Plot twist: they are actually saxophonists that came from other universes. They destroy galaxies just by battling, the whole video was cut just before they killed all the people in that train. But the guy on the white shirt and shades survived, he told me this before he died. I feel sorry for him and the people killed in this event .

Pixel : there is no more funky way of fighting

Nicole D. : As a baritone saxophone (the big one the first guy was playing) player I find this especially funny because he can play that monster STANDING on a MOVING TRAIN.

OCTAGON BLUE : they’re having sax

Witte Artistry : This is honestly one of the greatest things I have ever seen 😍🎶

Coda Mission : You can tell exactly which people are New Yorkers. "Sigh....everyday with this shit"

Fit4EPICness : I like the part where he plays a saxophone

Legionic : It's mating season, let them be. they're just having sax

Juhstopaskinme Hwatmynameis : This is how conflicts between nations should be resolved.

Orang_the_legend : The people boarding are just like “alright johnny lets just take another train, I don’t like the environment here”

Zhyphr : And here i am expecting some awkward handshake at the end *DISSAPOINTED*

Killadwarf23 : Best shit I've seen this year so far

MsLexi : I feel disappointed as a saxophonist that Ive never had this beautiful experience

P a d o r u : When you and your friend are the last one standing.

Joe Marriott : Why need a nuclear deterrent when we have a weapon of this magnitude

Custard : My favorite part is how they dont even talk to each other at the end they both just walk off like nothing has happened

Bahauddin Zulhaimi : can a wild saxophonist win the battle? or the saxophonist that control the territory? find out on next episode on dragonball z

The Bandit : Epic Sax Battles of Histooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Damari Hanson : 4:19 the sirens sounded at the perfect time. That's amazing.

OhmBhatt : That “dj dude” made me lose it😂

Magnolia Wallflower : The woodwind section is SHOOK