Two Total Strangers Have Saxophone Battle On NYC Subway Train

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Absurdities : No one gonna comment how supportive that guy was that had the shades and the white tee?

Yespacito : ⚠️ *_CHALLENGER APPROACHING_* ⚠️

Cosmic Knight : They’re actually having a heated argument but we can’t under stand them because we don’t speak saxophone 🎷

JesusChristVEVO : Still a better love story than Twilight

ShAnKs BoY : Why can't this happen on my train. All I get is crackhead

kremit the frog : This is how WW3 is gonna happen, the jazziest war yet

Knackieballz : Aren't they ashamed of having public sax ?

lol : *Top 10 People That Can Defeat Thanos*

Olivia M : i feel bad for that man who committed to clapping the entire time

Lion Main : A wild saxophonist has appear. >Battle Instrument Bag Run

Deus Vult : They're communicating beyond human level !

RU AL : Telepathy??? What an outdated communication method Use Saxophones instead!!

Maribel Cruz : Next is two strangers have a triangle battle on a bus

UltimateQmazing : I’d miss my stop just to see how this ended.

Shubham Ghadge : Youtube's recommendation algorithm knows when i'm sad. This is the second time btw

T9 filibahss : And this is the story of how i met your father...

Jino Lim : I love their battle animation, moving side-to-side. At this point, I'm sure they're Pokemon.

Ferguso : This great battle should be writen in historical book

Michael Hrusovsky : I guess you could say this was... THE SOUL TRAIN

Benjamin Robledo : Bet you someone missed their stop because they were distracted by these guys. 😂

Pro Player 1⃣ : _A wild sax player joined the game_

Ben10goodsucc : Would have been amazing if some random dude came on and pulls out another sax

unknown caller : Youtube is drunk again recommending pokemon battle to me.

King Kali : When he gets home: Sax guy: MOM YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED. Mom: what Sax guy: So I was playing Billie jeans on the train.

Kurtsr ! : Underground fights in Canada be like


Astroia Something : This is so amazing. This cleared my skin, watered my crops, cleaned my bedroom, did my schoolwork, made me hot chocolate, and tucked me into bed. My happiness has been boosted. I can't even

Graziela Ribeiro : How takes on someone: - at Brooklyn with rappers = *WRONG* - at a subway with saxophones = *RIGHT*

Zephryn 24 : Me: *wearing headphones* **these dudes walk in** Me Later: *throws headphones*

Angéleob : We can all agree in one thing White people can't dance

Clorox Bleach : Recommend tab did pretty damn good on this one

Any Rodcar : Just realised this video is from 2013 wth

Rez Mak : Holy....! Why didnt youtube give a mature content warning?! This. Is too graphic! Too much bloodshed!

Hame Kharpuri : This is actually how saxaphones mate true fact.

I exist, and so does this sunshine : The dude with the bari just screaming out those low notes omg Also the tenor's improv solos were amazing

Beyond Tubular : *_*Insert picture of 80s Spider-Man pointing at himself*_*

ᴘᴀɴᴅᴏʀᴀ : "I can't dance for s h i t!" Me too though

Rachel A. : Imagine the people trying to sleep or having a migraine lmao

Bruh Bruh : This is the kind of violence i want on trains 👌🏻😩

DR Pizza Games 101 : I will never get tired of this video

J J : This shit is gonna be in the highlights of humanity when our robot overlords take over.

Duck Hunt : Imagine just taking the subway home and you walked into this

Zbigniew Sienkiewicz : 1:25 two seconds of 200% synergy

Vex : *When the opposing jazz mafia pulls up on your turf*

TheLightlySaltedPotato : Music is amazing Like if you agree <3

Pixel : there is no more funky way of fighting

Jian Hau Nicholas Tan : 5:36 there is a jump scare

Music Studios : The door opens and this is what you see, HELL YES, I AM GETTING ON

Charissa Schoon : Legend has is they're still playing their saxophones

Just a Chill Dude : Just in case you needed motivation to move to New York