Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra - Cantaloupe Island (Live)
In case you didnt know Jeff Goldblum has a lounge band

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The new album from Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra - 'The Capitol Studios Sessions' is OUT NOW! Get your copy here: Music video by Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra performing Cantaloupe Island (Live). © 2018 Universal Music Operations Limited


Tracy Bedgood : I've never seen anyone do a scat vocal with only facial expressions before. Nice.

Ron Swanson : everyone came for Goldblum the Jazz is just a bonus

Random Awesome : Everyone's talking about Jeff Goldblum (as they should|), but that Sax player is really something else. That is some intense swing.

TheCountryMouse : Jeff is such a cool cat, daddy-o, hipster doofus kinda' guy. Just love him.

Léo nie : Came for godblum Stay because it's actually really good

Davidkjazz : While Mr. Goldblum does exceed my expectations greatly, the rest of the musicians are what really make this really groovin’ for me at least

strahinjagov : 10/10 Goldblums

MonsieurMerci : Can't wait to see the Bill Murray Orchestra

feroui hamza : he can just sit there and be amazed by other players and i would still enjoy it

Kai Danardono : Jeff Goldblum looks like that proud mom who keeps telling the audience "Yea look at mah bois, they're so good."

hypno : New favorite artist. Audience interaction is on point... I think he spends more time pulling faces at them than actually playing and that's great.

Rick G : Jeff could play Donald Fagen in a biopic with zero effort IMO... Props to the sound guy/s in this gig.

George Povey : The lick (almost) @3:33

Mitchell Wooldridge : Wow, Jeff's piano solo did NOT disappoint!

Steven Stifler : Wow! That jurassic park doctor is talented!

Emilio Ginóbili : that sax player is killing it

92ninersboy : Excellent musicians - the guitarist has a great tone, in the tradition of someone like Kenny Burrell or George Benson. Jeff is playing simply but he's very tasty in his choice of notes and how he coyly lays back on the time (like a pussycat) and then suddenly pounces (like a lion) - I really enjoyed his solo. Sure, he doesn't have monster chops but he has a very focused awareness and, not surprisingly, a strong sense of drama that brings the point home (more like Duke or Monk than Bud or Herbie). This is fine music.

Katrina Fernando : this is foreplay

DeAndre Burns : I don’t know it’s just something about Jeff Goldblum he can do it all! I love his love for life!

trodat07 : When Jeff holds his hands in the air towards the public he is just playing with keys of our hearts.

Rocky Road : Eh personally I felt that cutting to Goldblum every .075 seconds took a little bit away from the others, but it’s still a very talented ensemble. Kudos to all involved.

Quotenwagnerianer : I always thought a guy like this needs to play the piano. And lo and behold there he is...

Vegetable : Jeff loves this so much, I can definitely tell. He appreciates the guitar player and how smoothly he plays and he puts so much emotion into hitting just a few notes. Jeff is the best.

San Eckelhöfer : Mr Goldblum is the man. he's come a long way from being a nauseating fly, then a wisecracking chaos theorist fighting dinos, then more recently this Ragnarok guy, right? and now that! and he does play the piano! quite sensational, indeed. loooooooove Jeff.

David Lape : Jeff Goldblum had evolved into a higher plane of existence and we're just along for the ride.

Dan Leonard : I am 47 years old, have never been interested in jazz.. Goldblum just sent me to Cantaloupe Island, and I'm not coming back for a loooong time. I like it here very much. ty

cowslip999 : Jeff was a jazz pianist long before he became an actor, and it shows. Real talent for it.

Deedat Fatahillah : jeff goldblum has more emotion when playing jazz than he is acting.........weird.

Philippe Renaud : He's always on the search for an Ex Mme-Malcolm

All On My Own Here We Go : nobody talking about how immaculate dem drums sounding sound guy is jesus

michelle daytz : i Miss Jeff Goldblum 3rd street. hope all is well & family. always a pleasure running into him back in the day :) happy hoilday Jeff & family Michelle Daytz

Dom Herbin : Jeff GOLDBLUM La classe !👍🎩 Génial 😎👏

Danny Rodríguez : Jeff is so awesome and this good music!! This Should have millions of views!!

Ethan Harper : I love Jeff Goldblum. The fact that he's a jazz player makes him better.

Appolonia1964 : The Fly CAN play!! 💕

geoff green : Great band- absolutely fantastic sax break, that said, I thought it was a great rendition of a classic, wonderful sound balance, hats off to the sound engineer🙂🤩

Jenova 7 : Jazz Goldblum!!!

Sang SB : The Grandmaster!!!

MatthewJBD : Love Jeff's approving nods at the screams and woots from the audience

Mark Emery : Good... everyone beat me to the punch (line)! Whatever it takes to keep Jazz front and center is okay in my book.

Marilee Odendahl : 2:26 Goldblum exposes his talent at imitating a lizard.  Remarkable.

Thomas Wilson : Goldbloom strikes me as a man who’s really enjoying life.....

Erik : Someone in the crowd: " Yeah fire it up Jeff! "

Mr. Person Humanson : came for the Goldblum, stayed for the Goldblum also Jazz

Kata Sütő : Imádom! Köszönöm! Perfect Thank You!🌷

Jon Wilkinson : I love that Jeff takes 4,307 moments to appreciate his band throughout the song! Love this guy!

Randy Clere : I really enjoyed this whole package... Jeff has great chops and I had such pleasure, seeing him enjoy himself and the cats he was playing with... a generous player!

Luis Silvestre : Awesomely played!! What a fantastic feel!! One of the best "Cantaloupe.."'s I've heard!!

John deneau : Clap* jazz clap* review... 10/10