Prince butt out jeans

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In Living Color Skit from season 3


ccc : dont EVER!!!WATCH THIS WHILE YOUR HIGH...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉

Christina Baldivino : this is so funny. he really captured princes moves.

Maryam Abdus : Vocals are on point though! Lmfao!

Honey Bee86 : This is exactly why I love YouTube.... I can think of some random ass, funny as hell, memory about some show I use to LOVE, that hasn't been on TV in decades....and there will most likely be a video of it!

Michael White : RIP Prince

ERGSEG : “.......Or was that Morris?”

LookerStenographer : 1:15 That's a pretty smooth note.

Tisha : This is some funny shit.  I love Jamie and Prince!

Ladonna Williams : Jamie Foxx did good by playing Prince hell I could say this him and Prince should work together rip to Prince Nelson Roger

EJ Johnson : hysterical!

Retrop Sivart : Jamie was on point with everything!!! 😂

MayorOfMoetown : remember this, hehhehehehehehh

rocio contreras : speechless 😂

Tony Knight : Lmao!

Jai Judo : LMFAO

Rikkert Kanaal : hooheeeeee chohoo XD hahahahaha

Kaseem Spells : Funny as hell, go jamie

Uncle GG : 😂🤣😭

Anna Kcmb : LMBO!!