If Countries Were People By Artist Anastasia Bulgakova

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I Am Bread : I can already smell the Hetalia fans without reading the comments

Seino Parks : Germany, Russia, Iran, Israel and France were amazing! She’s super talented, wished she did one from Africa or a Chinese one though💗😍

Jason Liao : 90% of comments: where is my country? 10% of comments: Hetalia

Queen B : I want to see turkey

Aleksandra Pawelec : That moment when you're waiting for your country whole video, but it isn't there Greetings from Poland :'( Oh wow guys I didn't expect 99 likes *^* Thank you

YANEZE : Now I wanna see them fight

Nicole Butler : Neat artwork, but Hetalia nailed the stereotypical personalities better. Instead of angering your audience, get them to laugh at themselves. Why? Because *eating cheese burger* I'm *slurp* the hero!

Sean Selback : Should have done China as well as some country in Africa and South America.

Matthew Sadlier : Encore!! Can you do China, Italy, Egypt, Sweden, Australia, and both North and South Korea?

nisi bonum : I know america has fucked up before but to make our charactor of our nation have no regard for morals? Every nation has done horrable things in their history even canada and especially Russia.

haunted_spritz : Ne ne papa

乙卂ㄒ丂ㄩҜ丨几ㄖ : Puts Iran and sees "arab". Lmao, this is so bad.

MomoAcaiGina : *NE NE PAPA*

Unknown Name : USA is a manipulative and deceiving person who actually has one goal, to be the #1 of the world and she won't let anyone get in her way. She just uses other countries to achieve her goal.

TY_7 : It’s the way the artist sees that country, like yea most of them have done a lot of bad things but I mean no need to go crazy about it in the comments. Why not just actually admire the personalities, weapons and basically the country/character?

Celestial Dragon : Of course Canada is a hockey player. I'm not in the least bit surprised

Simone Pardee : Don't we already have something like this? Put some respec on Hetalia name!

Im A Commenter : Nee nee papa Wain wo choudai Nee nee mama Nee nee mama... MARUKAITE CHIKYUU BOKU HETALIA!!!!

Fillios Odonoju : I'm Mexican and I'm not convinced about your art representation. I agree with the drug lord point, as the matter of fact here is the land of the most powerful entheogenic substance of the planet which is the mescaline found in the peyote cactus. I would prefer to see something more mystical like a shaman using this visionary drugs to connect with the spiritual realm (día de muertos). And just for the record, we do not have territory disputes with the USA, they just stole the half of our land from us and that's it.

Rylan Doyle : I love the sibling-like rivalry thay was put between USA and England with France intervening. It is kind of like England is the best friend with secret feelings and France is the one that steals USA away from him. It really shoes the artist put alot of thought into it and I love it!!!

BLACK WINGS : If she ever makes a game I’ll make sure I’ll be the first ever to buy it even if it’s 100 freaking dollars... (Edit: on PS4:D) This artist is insanely talented.

Robot Gore : Germany and Canada were my favorites! Japan looked really nice too

Instagram:- Arpit_kale_ : Where is India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

Josiah Duff : I find it weird how Iran is known as the king of the sands, there’s almost nothing negative there. But then Israel for some reason is just... “A little girl”? HAH! That’s funny dude. It’s not like Iran is where the majority of terrorism sprouted from.

FLASHBoMB : Ahm hm excuse me is Israel even a country?

Alex Bispham : Where's Scotland, because I'm Scottish and I'm sure a lot of people would like to see a Scottish character too.

Paola valera : i looooved this but as a mexican i hated the steryotypical drug dealing thing i mean our country and culture are beautiful but were no all gangs rapes and drugs thats just gossip anyways i looooved this and mexico is gorgeus

Kunal Gupta : Seriously no China and not even India

Nemesis Astraea : Mexico looks like a Batman villian.

Farbod Asadi : Good job on my country Iran, but it isn't accurate at all. No one ever covered their face like that and still doesn't, and there are no sands. That's strictly Saudi Arabia. I'm guessing the artist either listened to the news too often or is a big Prince of Persia fan, both of which are inaccurate. I still appreciate the effort by them though, that's some talent.

Oliwia S : Poland!!!!

naritecs : Someone clearly haven't watched hetalia. (Great art btw)

Hawt Dawg : Hetalia but it's not retarded

TheGamingGoat243 Youtube : New season of Fortnite looks amazing

Vector Freeze5 : Regardless on how you portray them, you're an artist. It's how you see them, and I say they're all charming.

Andy MacNab : Once again somebody who does not understand the make up of the United Kingdom. England would be nothing on the world map without Scots, Welsh and Irish. The flag in the image is the flag of the United Kingdom, England is white with a red cross only. The last battle England had on its own was in 1640. Every war since it’s has been in Union with Scotland, then Wales.

Robert Reynolds : USA THO 😍

Boldi Kisfaludy : Hungary?

nh infected : Germany looking powerful. Actually, we are currently nothing. We have neither strong military nor any abstract weapons.

King Gecko : aw I wanted some African countries and Australia to be in there...

Lucius Faust : It's me or Iran has a Stand ? JoJo references everywhere !

Gumball Darwin : Frances weapon should be a white flag, and actually what people in Russia look like.

Gino Budino : Where is italy ??????

Zachary James YONG : Wait... Why do I hear Tracer, Widowmaker, Lucio and... the Overwatch theme?

broken core : Isn't the US like a navel and air powered type of thing like has a small but deadly aircrafts like wasps and have a pack of alligators or crocs carrying a wasp nest or something hay can you make that true?

Jaydon Antoine : USA seemed sugar coated

YOU have An IQ OF 0 : Shouldve put russia with a gas mask , loudspeaker and ak47

enjoyment time : Hey buddie were was INDIA 🙁

Ashtyn Valley : 1. I feel that Mexico should have been (no offence Mexicans) poorer and should have worn simpler clothing. 2. I think that Israel should have been a little kinder and not as rough. 3. England should have been more gentleman type (without tea), maybe wearing a slightly armoured classy suit. 4. Yes, Germany did start WWII, but they are really kind under the surface. I feel like Germany should have been a tough man with a few scars on his face and sort of faded armour. 5. America’s representation was perfect.

RANDOM PIE NINJA : Im from Canada, so true tho i am so like that lmfao😜