If Countries Were People By Artist Anastasia Bulgakova

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YANEZE : Now I wanna see them fight

Woody AJ : I actually really liked what you did with england not enforcing the bs stereotypes and actually getting your history right. Looked cool af too

Michiko Lamperouge-Michaelis : Comments 15%: Damn, (insert country here) is hot! 10%: Where is (country name)?!?!? 75%: Hetalians, where you at?

RYZOFT - Roblox & More! : "England" Proceeds to represent 4 other countries what are you on? Tell me what is "english" about that "England" character.

RYZOFT - Roblox & More! : "England" Proceeds to have a British flag and a British Bulldog. You certainly didn't give the British stereotype but you yourself are the typical american stereo.

I Am Bread : I can already smell the Hetalia fans without reading the comments

retroxlove : The new season of Hetalia looks great!

End_My_Buffering : You forgot wakanda

Antimatter_ Playz : Germany is badass

Junkrat Main : I'm german and i approve the german part

K-hime : I came to see how Cuba would look like but then I remembered <> . Now im kinda sad

the punisher : Is this an overwatch dlc

Irene Diane : Pls can u do Pakistan


Obakasan Yade : In my mind = *hetalia* *hetalia* *hetalia* *hetalia* DAMN IT!

MistyEyedDragon : Of course Canada is a hockey player. I'm not in the least bit surprised

Junkrat Main : wait so u use overwatch songs on this video about countries?

LittleWeirdo : damn France is badass !!

OldSoul34 1 : Sees France....LESTAT!!!!!???? I see what you did there. All those french vampires. Hehehehe

Ethan Brotton : wheres Australia??

BLACK WINGS : If she ever makes a game I’ll make sure I’ll be the first ever to buy it even if it’s 100 freaking dollars... (Edit: on PS4:D) This artist is insanely talented.

kimochi.warui : this seriously doesnt need an 8 minute video

iRubadubscrubz : I don’t like this... there are parts where you got your history wrong and used stereotypes with Canada even though you said you wouldn’t. Canada does actually get into other people’s battles a lot and if you did your research you would know that. If I remember correctly we were fighting both world wars years before the US. Also Britain did not send the US to the free world. They sent their own forces and the French sent theirs. Eventually the English won and then a few British colonies broke off and THEN became the US. Also Britain didn’t become empty handed they still had a majority of North America.

aramere3650 : Israel is portrayed really accurately. I feel that it tries its best to deal with the problems it has but the world always looks at it with unjustified scorn. It's always on the defensive, but also loves to help whoever it can. It's hard to be an example of positivity when all your neighbors and most of the rest of the world want to see you gone because you have a majority Jewish population .

Geonex 25 : Viva Mexico!

Lucius Faust : It's me or Iran has a Stand ? JoJo references everywhere !

Wolf_ Proxy : japan and France tho 👌🔥

Domino Rakentaja : Not really a surprise Finland wasn't there

Emma Ayala : Some of the lyrics is from Overwatch

PiggyBird : I hoped till the end that there will be germany ... and then i was proud to say that im a badass robot with a gun c:

Philosoraptor Mongoloidensis : Russia looks hot…


Always Just You Xis : Poland?? They re the best of the best! Monte cassino, squadron 303 in england, Tobruk... They did imposible!

GeorgiZplay : A fight between Germany and Russia would be very intense i guess xD

Edgar Edgar : *Just wanted to see a Portuguese king and his mustache in the high sea discovering the world...* 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹 Maybe next time. I sure hope so, I would very much like to see my lovely country as a person.

Alex Bispham : Where's Scotland, because I'm Scottish and I'm sure a lot of people would like to see a Scottish character too.

Nazeth Craft : Great video, but where is Ukraine? 💛💙

John Dally : As an American I feel some what attacked XD..... like the rest of the countries are pure and awesome and America is just an asshole character that doesn't care about anyone...

adamsrealm : Canada is wrong. It doesn’t look SJW enough.

TheKawaiiPsycho666 [WITHERQUEEN119] : My faves are Japan, France, Israel and England

You know whatever : *Choose your fighter!*

Raquel Bendo : Came to see what Philippines would like.. 😕..

xPROTOTYPE2017x : USA, JAPAN, and Russia

Wez : England looking tight. 👌 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Romi Fernandesz : Who Israel? That is not country 😓

LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED : Comments: 90 percent: Hetalia" 10 percent: where is *insert country here*?"

WillowMitchell : Israel was pretty cool

סער אמזלג : i'm from Israel, "Israel girl" made me laugh and salty

Garota Gananciosa : Why the fuck does anyone watch these bizarre "_____ as a person" videos!? (no really, I'm confused by the whole damn concept of turning an inanimate object into an OC)

andre luiz : This should be an anime