If Countries Were People By Artist Anastasia Bulgakova

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YANEZE : Now I wanna see them fight

Murfie : Omg I hope Philippines is in here! Oh wait..no it's not.

animu hell : When I saw the title I instantly thought 'hetalia' Anyone else?

Lina Chan : Hetalia

Maple Bean : "If countries were people" *cough cough*hetalia*cough cough*

Recon Asphalt : Germany 🇩🇪 all the way

EnderiDrag0n : *Cough Cough Hetalia Cough* .... imma go back into my weeb corner for now

FlametheSeraph : I can hear the hetalians screaming

Frantastic : Brace for Hetalia impact

IAmBread : I can already smell the Hetalia fans without reading the comments

Creepylifeofme : Ever heard of this little big great thing called Hetalia?

Juliana Bernardo : Just me shipping England and France?

Tiffany Ebner : We have Hetalia we don’t need this... Anime creators beat it to y’all

Lisa K Jones : *Hetalians laugh in backround*

Celestial Dragon : Of course Canada is a hockey player. I'm not in the least bit surprised

KIttyCathy : Yeah umm have you ever heard of hetalia umm Google it

Angelica Maria Ramirez Alvarez : Where's Colombia, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Poland, Argentina, China, Africa, Korea, Chile... i would like to see them too ...

kun kun : *Other countries look very badass with cool armours and additional features* *Canada however is just: Hockey*

Mai Green : Germany, Japan and Russia are Awesome !!

Andy MacNab : Once again somebody who does not understand the make up of the United Kingdom. England would be nothing on the world map without Scots, Welsh and Irish. The flag in the image is the flag of the United Kingdom, England is white with a red cross only. The last battle England had on its own was in 1640. Every war since it’s has been in Union with Scotland, then Wales.

Angélica Barrera : Actually there's an anime called Hetalia that actually humanizes countries

Elizabeth Something : If countries were peop--Hetalia

psycho Kat : I saw the title if countries were people I thought of hetalia

Lxst Sxul Ghxst : This reminds me of Hetalia for some odd reason 😂😅

The Gaming Liama : Ne ne papa

Arthur Kirkland : "although his feeling are more than just brotherly"... Oh fu-

Lucky Loren : If countries where really people(witch they are technically) We will be the cells

RAPTOR SQUAD ALPHA : Where is: India Pakistan Afghanistan China Dubai

omar0555 : The characters in the video are just a stereotype of those countries and cultures planted by Hollywood and Media in people's minds. look for information from reliable sources and don't pay attention to what they say (Hollywood and Media).

Jason Liao : 90% of comments: where is my country? 10% of comments: Hetalia

Danae Green : Im mad because she didn't do a story about how the USA and England used to be together, but then the USA broke up with England because she wanted to go out and explore and become her own person, and England got SUPER jealous and abusive and thats what started the revolutionary war, and thats how she lost her limbs, but they eventually worked things out and became friends.😊

Kalemine : First I thought Russia will be my favorite, but HOLY SHIT, GERMANY IS A GIANT MECH OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION?! Okay, that’s cool..! :D

Aidan Shuda : OK I can’t. Is no one going to point out the Overwatch music throughout the whole thing, and the various Overwatch references in the character descriptions?

Yaoi Shipper : I just love how my fellow Hetalians torture people in the comment section by dragging them into the fandom... JUST KIDDING! WANT FANFICS?! I HAVE A LOT! But seriously, I can't help but imagine Hetalia characters wearing these outfits. They would look even more gay but FABULOUS!

TanKKitteh : *They forgot something about japan: two scars: hiroshima and nagasaki*

SpankDaddy : Nice but u forgot a whole continent Africa

Et oe c'est Dandinou qui parle : Yes la France 😊

ShookLikeJungkook : Glad England’s character wasn’t stereotypical. The drawing was amazing!

Cylo : I honestly thought that the comment section would be filled with overwatch, but apparently it's just Hetalia or whatever

Ellie's Mechanics : I love how they're all so badass and cool and warriors and then we have.. Canada, dressed like he's chilling at home, no weapons, just sports equipment.

OPALUNI : It's sad but, I'm already shipping the US/UK as a bitter twisted love-hate ship. Friendly, civil, yet deadly. UK is just waiting to get his hands on America. France is the ever evolving wild card. Canada's just ignored and looked at as a puppy/ simpleton. (I like Canada) Mexico and the US send hate mail and the occasional death threat that hides their pent up sexual frustration. They each wander with a blind eye in each others territory, ignoring back hand deals, illegal labor, and drug trades.

The Crimson Fucker : Love the characters my favorites are Russia, germany,and france i hope there are more characters made like these

Eaglemna : Dual Wielding Sniper rifles. Hahahahahahah! I’m not even mad, that’s hilarious.

Tangchi Prathomo : USA should be a guy... a brash one with cowboy hat on his head. Smoking cigar and he thinks himself is awesome while others think he is just a jerk

LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED : Comments: 90 percent: Hetalia" 10 percent: where is *insert country here*?"

Tragic Transformer Electra : I like the USA's hair because it looks like fire.

facool :3 : Long live to the mothe... *sees Usa* ¡¡God bless America!!

Alex 10 : Do the Brazil pls i as a Brazilian would love to see it and sorry for the bad english

Gacha Master523 : Wheres the Philippines... Can u make them please??😳😳😳

Sliegl : Man the new Hetalia season looks great