Reddit Sucks-Here's Why
Reddit Sucks Heres Why

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A profanity-laden companion piece to my recent blog post:


GinoDdog : I hate the fact that most of the top post are mediocre at best

Don Fernando : Reddit are a gang of Pussies.....they should've been swallowed in Conception

Rainy Island : Redditors are just a certain type of people, I guess. Generally left wing politically correct people who go there to hear themselves talk. Anyone who disagrees with their certified reddit opinions gets downvoted so that no one can see their comments. The karma system is the reason I stopped going there, and in my opinion is the main reason why the site is crap and full of crappy people.

eww mewtwo : Reddit is either anti liberal or anti conservatism, you can't be in the grey area, and both political sides on there are 95% elitists.

TokyoRealEstateMan 渋谷 : everything I do just gets crashed by everyone there.  full of snobs and do nothings

Neon : Never got the point of that site. The toxicity of the community is even worse than minecraft players

10 000 subscribers with 69 videos challenge !!! : And it's not just the subreddit mods, overall reddit moderators and admins are very bad and the reasons for getting permanently banned from reddit are ridiculous. (Asking others to upvote your content.) (Posting off-topic comments or submissions.) <- these get you perm banned

liberty2011able : You're so right. That site is cancer. I just permanently deactivated my Reddit account last week because it was no longer helpful for me. I've been having personal problems and I just stopped trying to get support or answers that I weren't really looking for. My advice for anyone is to stop doing something that isn't helpful.

Thom Wilson : Reddit is essentially 4chan with a condom.

The Real Eugenia : I hate reddit too.

Spirit : You had me laughing when you said that there was 50 john cena posts being upvoted on reddit

Myva : Every post I make now either it gets banned or shut down and I only talk about Japanese content or Language learning. Based off my experiences, and I give advice on and useful tips that I've achieved with. For some reason people are calling me names on stuff I'm trying to help people with. I really don't get it so yes. I agree with you screw Reddit, moderators are playing god and abusing their power with a closed mind.

bryan scurry : yea i tried posting there got stopped dead in my tracks lol

Michael Biebl : first off, the interface is as like straight out of 1997. the UI is a major pain in the ass to edit or write an article and make it appealling for anyones almost have to get into coding at this point. then the mods are just out of their minds (and i was in what i thought sophisticated science subreddits). you dont even get a message when your post gets deleted by one of those mod nutjobs for a legit article. and if you manage to publish something that doesnt get deleted, there is still an audience that is made up of wannabe trolls and give you shit about stuff...and then you realize they didnt even read your article! but those dicks downvote your stuff and all the other brainfarts jump on the bandwagon. reddit is a good idea. but mods should be taken out of this. it should be selfmanageble by the audience and have a modern interface so everybody can use reddit, not just 24/7 keyboard warriors in their moms basement.

TheLNashProject : If you post something trolls just come to your channel to leave a thumbs down. Like why tho ?

BenjaminGessel : I bet quora is better than reddit, regarding these kinds of websites...

Izaiah Florés : I made a joke about SJWs and got banned.

721mehrad : I can sympathize man

Irfan Shamsuddin : Yes. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

Michael Coughlan : I agree. "Keyboard Dictators" indeed! I'm having a tough go with one of those types now. I carefully read all the outlined reddiquette for the particular subreddit in which I posted quality, valuable content for that specific audience, and I was banned for spamming because it came from my Youtube channel. Wow.

HappyConsoleGamer : I never go to reddit at all, but that sounds crazy!

Aurora Nightingale : I just gave up reddit today. F**k reddit nothing but trolls, jerks and a**holes!!! Update: Sorry I was a bit emotional there I get bullied a lot on reddit. I wanted to explain why I gave up reddit, whenever I post something the people on there always have something to say that's negative and my questions are harmless. At times I would get sexually harass so in the beginning of my last post I politely asked for a mature or real answer because last time someone just put "fist yourself" as an answer. And not to be sexually harassed and guess what? least two people said I was too defensive and that I won't make it in the working world, my attitude sucks and that I felt entitled for requesting a mature answer. I wasn't trying to do or sound like that at all! But its whatever I won't let it get to me too much next time I'll just simply research it or ask a college professor at my university.

Wurdenski : You have to fine the good subreddits honestly. I like Reddit but some of the communities are toxic.

The WatchMan : I hate the refresh function of Reddit

TheSlayer1634 : Hey late comment but I got banned for posting a comment where a guy was trying to scam others. Realized I had not put a picture with it to show his account and I got a message saying I need proof then I deleted the comment it was up for at the most 5 min then a mod banned me for 5 days, he was stalking the page I got a message that said I was witch hunting the guy who was SCAMMING other people I corrected my error he still banned me said he frankly didn't care about me posting it the guy was the biggest coward who got a little bit of power and was being a tool banning everyone that messed up the slightest bit I brought up the point he banned me for for something that wasn't on the subbreddit rules the guy didn't know what witch hunting even meant he then muted me from contacting any other mod on the page for 3 days I've about had it with Reddit.

Prince Fabulous : I've been a regular user on Reddit since about two years ago, and I've since about half a year ago noticed that the website, as a whole, is pure cancer. I'm considering cancelling my subscription, but I admit that the laylout of the website is pretty addicting.

Scififan9000 :P : I was banned from r/asktransgender for posting my thoughts on biokinesis. It was within the first half hour that I joined, and I even got upvotes for it! Ugh, I do not understand that site. Now I'm sad and depressed. I was just trying to help other transgender people and connect with them. What the hell?? :(

Adino1 : Reddit is a cancer where the mediocre and below average plebs rule.

Jonah14er : "Unfortunately, your post was automatically removed because you do not exceed our karma threshold"

cosard : The problem with Reddit is that it's heaven for keyboard warriors keyboard warrior (plural keyboard warriors) (informal, derogatory) A person who behaves aggressively and/or in an inflammatory manner in online text-based discussion media, but at the same time does not behave similarly in real life, potentially due to cowardice, introversion or shyness.

Lyndon Lucier : if its not the mods its the mod bots! they take down all my post and always say its best suited somewhere else! pisses me off

Laserowy Kuba : You: sun is bright, water is wet Reddit: do you have scientific study to support this claim?

animica : Exactly I'm looking for alternative

Kurapica07 : Reddit sucks because they let random nobodies run subreddits and abuse their powers...My reddit account got banned today for no apparent reason. And the worst part it was on my birthday too...

Eric Powell : Reddit is complete garbage. I just deleted my account and will never return. The bad far outweighs the good.

Matsimus : Totally agree man

Anon : Reddit is the cancer of the internet

moony : i hate it so much when someone does anything at all and these people go all "r/thatrhingyoujustdid"

Fadi : Thinking outside the box is banned there..

Thomas Griffin : Mods delete posts when reading it doesnt make them feel good so they find a rule it breaks. The hive mind only likes posts and comments that make them feel good and are incapable of independent thinking.

garestan : you should have mentioned r/politicalhumor somewhere. the worst part of reddit.

Survivor Prepper : 4Chan is where it's at! 👍😃

Kirby5413 : It's 2019 and both my sentiments and experience are the EXACT same! Reddit has become a toxic hellhole full of narcissists and keyboard warriors who form echo-chambers per each subreddit. The only sub that I find remotely useful has been and will remain r/fantasywriters because I'm a writer myself... Other than that, the website can rot for all I care.

WoW Guidery : Just deleted my reddit account. I feel free

Paul Seaman : agreed!!! 100%

Comrade Chernobyl : You accidentally do something and then boom r/LoStRedDitOrs And then some fatass web goes hehehehehehe get reddited

Derek Winslow : Well you do make a few valid points, but I still love reddit.

Vesa Roivainen : it's lovely to irritate the people that live on the box...

The Gaming Kitchen : It's toxic lol