Reddit Sucks-Here's Why

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baldbookgeek : i'm sick of reddit, the people are so toxic and the mods are most are on a power trip

Spirit : You had me laughing when you said that there was 50 john cena posts being upvoted on reddit

GinoDdog : I hate the fact that most of the top post are mediocre at best

HappyConsoleGamer : I never go to reddit at all, but that sounds crazy!

Don Fernando : Reddit are a gang of Pussies.....they should've been swallowed in Conception

liberty2011able : You're so right. That site is cancer. I just permanently deactivated my Reddit account last week because it was no longer helpful for me. I've been having personal problems and I just stopped trying to get support or answers that I weren't really looking for. My advice for anyone is to stop doing something that isn't helpful.

Wurdenski : You have to fine the good subreddits honestly. I like Reddit but some of the communities are toxic.

TokyoRealEstateMan 渋谷 : everything I do just gets crashed by everyone there.  full of snobs and do nothings

Myva : Every post I make now either it gets banned or shut down and I only talk about Japanese content or Language learning. Based off my experiences, and I give advice on and useful tips that I've achieved with. For some reason people are calling me names on stuff I'm trying to help people with. I really don't get it so yes. I agree with you screw Reddit, moderators are playing god and abusing their power with a closed mind.

Michael Biebl : first off, the interface is as like straight out of 1997. the UI is a major pain in the ass to edit or write an article and make it appealling for anyones almost have to get into coding at this point. then the mods are just out of their minds (and i was in what i thought sophisticated science subreddits). you dont even get a message when your post gets deleted by one of those mod nutjobs for a legit article. and if you manage to publish something that doesnt get deleted, there is still an audience that is made up of wannabe trolls and give you shit about stuff...and then you realize they didnt even read your article! but those dicks downvote your stuff and all the other brainfarts jump on the bandwagon. reddit is a good idea. but mods should be taken out of this. it should be selfmanageble by the audience and have a modern interface so everybody can use reddit, not just 24/7 keyboard warriors in their moms basement.

10 000 subscribers with 69 videos challenge !!! : And it's not just the subreddit mods, overall reddit moderators and admins are very bad and the reasons for getting permanently banned from reddit are ridiculous. (Asking others to upvote your content.) (Posting off-topic comments or submissions.) <- these get you perm banned

Izaiah Florés : I made a joke about SJWs and got banned.

Yamaha Life : It's because your opinion wouldn't agree with their agenda. You can't disagree with Reddit users lol. I bet it was because your post triggered the mod because it was an opposing opinion and was well done etc so he wanted to get rid of it.

bryan scurry : yea i tried posting there got stopped dead in my tracks lol

TheLNashProject : If you post something trolls just come to your channel to leave a thumbs down. Like why tho ?

721mehrad : I can sympathize man

Axess2084 : Reddit has become the "garbage bin of the internet" because of some key things. Btw, that quote isn't mine - it is something I read from a post describing how Reddit has turned into full suckage. What has brought Reddit down in quality is that it has been taken over by the SJW Millennial Crowd. Now, not all millennials are like that. That's not what I'm saying. But, a lot of them are. They grew up under the watchful eye of helicopter parents and school systems that told them that they are in control of their own lives no matter what age they are and that they are on equal footing as any adult when it comes to rights, etc. I blame several sects of society for this failure in raising kids: the feminists, the SJWs, and the court/jail industry that profits off of the fallout. So, you basically have all of these entitled 20-somethings running around and taking over things and pretty much doing whatever they want because it's all about them. Reddit is one of the places where this happens. Prisons and Jails are chock full of 20-somethings now. They outnumber all the other age groups of prisoners. That's big money for the prison industry! When the dreaded "Fappening" happened, suddenly SJWs and Feminists seized upon the opportunity to put a stranglehold on what is acceptable (to THEM) on the internet. Reddit and many other sites took a lot of flak at that point for remaining neutral and open when the situation began to take shape. That is, until the morality police got a-hold of them. Suddenly, nearly all the decent people who were running Reddit - and actually believed in free speech - either left or got removed. Now, you have what is left: a bunch of appeasers and enablers who are there basically to maintain the closest Political Correctness that they can in subreddits that aren't sex-based and the like. It's even happening on YouTube now where they are cracking down on any even slightly controversial videos and either demonitizing them or outright deleting them. Sooner or later, hopefully all of this will blow up in their faces. But, don't hold your breath waiting for it.

Neon : Never got the point of that site. The toxicity of the community is even worse than minecraft players

Michael Coughlan : I agree. "Keyboard Dictators" indeed! I'm having a tough go with one of those types now. I carefully read all the outlined reddiquette for the particular subreddit in which I posted quality, valuable content for that specific audience, and I was banned for spamming because it came from my Youtube channel. Wow.

whodoesntlikesurfing : Reddit is full of nerds who think they are cool, especially in the fake subreddits dealing with fighting and the AMAs. (Many of the AMAs are actually fake). Most of the posts in the fighting/partying subreddits are fake asf. But it's no wonder, since most Reddit users are nerdy fraternity college students.

cosard : The problem with Reddit is that it's heaven for keyboard warriors keyboard warrior (plural keyboard warriors) (informal, derogatory) A person who behaves aggressively and/or in an inflammatory manner in online text-based discussion media, but at the same time does not behave similarly in real life, potentially due to cowardice, introversion or shyness.

The WatchMan : I hate the refresh function of Reddit

TheSlayer1634 : Hey late comment but I got banned for posting a comment where a guy was trying to scam others. Realized I had not put a picture with it to show his account and I got a message saying I need proof then I deleted the comment it was up for at the most 5 min then a mod banned me for 5 days, he was stalking the page I got a message that said I was witch hunting the guy who was SCAMMING other people I corrected my error he still banned me said he frankly didn't care about me posting it the guy was the biggest coward who got a little bit of power and was being a tool banning everyone that messed up the slightest bit I brought up the point he banned me for for something that wasn't on the subbreddit rules the guy didn't know what witch hunting even meant he then muted me from contacting any other mod on the page for 3 days I've about had it with Reddit.

GARESTAN : you should have mentioned r/politicalhumor somewhere. the worst part of reddit.

The Gaming Kitchen : It's toxic lol

Fadi : Thinking outside the box is banned there..

Jonah14er : "Unfortunately, your post was automatically removed because you do not exceed our karma threshold"

Scififan9000 :P : I was banned from r/asktransgender for posting my thoughts on biokinesis. It was within the first half hour that I joined, and I even got upvotes for it! Ugh, I do not understand that site. Now I'm sad and depressed. I was just trying to help other transgender people and connect with them. What the hell?? :(

Vesa Roivainen : it's for .......'s

Jamjamtherodent : I’m literally banned from everything on there everyone there is so sensitive

BenjaminGessel : I bet quora is better than reddit, regarding these kinds of websites...

BenjaminGessel : Ok, so now that we're on the subject of websites, social media or otherwise, that are "bigger" websites, which of these is actually worthwhile to y'all? Here's my take: Facebook: No. WhatsApp: Not sure, haven't tried it QQ: Not sure, haven't tried it WeChat: Not sure, haven't tried it QZone: Not sure, haven't tried it Tumblr: Looks like MySpace... Eh. Instagram: Sounds like Twitter. Ugh... Twitter: No. Google +: No. Skype: No. Viber: Not sure, haven't tried it Line: Not sure, haven't tried it Snapchat: Not sure, haven't tried it Pinterest: Tried it, quickly lost interest... Eh, might try it again sometime... LinkedIn: People seem to be using this more than I do-people that are more church-oriented/religious, conservative, professional, or very businesslike. I don't have the time or energy/interest right now to do more with it... Telegram: Not sure, haven't tried it Reddit: Just trying it for the first time today... Foursquare: Not sure, haven't tried it Tagged: Not sure, haven't tried it Badoo: Not sure, haven't tried it Myspace: HAH!!! StumbleUpon: Looks intriguing, not sure, haven't tried it The Dots: Not sure, haven't tried it Not sure, haven't tried it Delicious: Not sure, haven't tried it Snapfish: I don't take a lot of pictures... ReverbNation: Not sure, haven't tried it Flixster: Not sure, haven't tried it Care2: Not sure, haven't tried it CafeMom: I'm not a mom... Ravelry: Not interested... Nextdoor: Looks interesting, not sure, haven't tried it Wayn: Not sure, haven't tried it Cellufun: Not sure, haven't tried it YouTube: Amazing. Vine: I've seen a few videos here. Its ok... Classmates: I have an aversion to this website, and I think it has something to do with money, annoying emails, or something else entirely... MyHeritage: Not sure, haven't tried it Xanga: Not sure, haven't tried it LiveJournal: Not sure, haven't tried it Funny or Die: Pretty cool, I use it on occasion Gaia Online: I dunno, I'm not THAT into Anime... We Heart It: I absolutely DETEST the name... Buzznet: Not sure, haven't tried it DeviantArt: I'm always coming back to this website, here and there... Flickr: Not sure, haven't tried it MeetMe: Not sure, haven't tried it Meetup: Not sure, haven't tried it Tout: Not sure, haven't tried it Yelp: I use Yelp here and there. Its ok... Quora: I could use this app/website more... Leave me your thoughts and comments-I'm sure you will...

British Boxer : reddit is run by red neck racist who like renegade police defame innocent peoples reputation about anything to silence their opinions, they take voting your reputation allot like tiny-town germany, which is run by BND, the german CIA who thinks the state should raise your children.. they will ban you just for your opinion reddit is a nazi like forum pretending to be normal but actually trying to mindframe social standards into accepting bias racist views and anyone having a say on this is a opinion that get them banned. there was one guy who jumped into a discussion that embarrassed and exposed this racist OP, the OP then tried trolling his own thread to bury the facts presented to him in a very nice way someone would of and could of easely said hey....did not know that..and thanks..but this d1ckhead had to reply to this guy saying things like he looked at all his previous threads and how he hates the football team DALLAS COWBOYS and has a few down he is the only fucken guy out of 700 million NFL fans that hate this team and he goes on using this to attack his character instead of taking his errors and moving on with his life, i could not believe what happened after this, he got this poor guy banned from the reddit site and posted a comment about it too. , so i asked told him that there are millions of people who dislike other football or opposition teams in even other sports and his response was that the guy did not show respect for him because he was more upvotes and posted thousands of times spending at least 2 hours a day on reddit from what i calculated and complimented him on...i mean 33000 posts? really,; normal lol ? that is one sick puppy dog!!!

Department of Motor Vehicles : what funny is the youtube comment section complaining about reddit, doesnt anyone notice the irony here.

Thom Wilson : Reddit is essentially 4chan with a condom.

Prince Fabulous : I've been a regular user on Reddit since about two years ago, and I've since about half a year ago noticed that the website, as a whole, is pure cancer. I'm considering cancelling my subscription, but I admit that the laylout of the website is pretty addicting.

eww mewtwo : Reddit is either anti liberal or anti conservatism, you can't be in the grey area, and both political sides on there are 95% elitists.

Dank Dank : The majority of Reddit users are middle ages virgins that wear fedoras and reply "r/woosh" to everyone. Yes I understand what it means it's just that it makes me cringe

Jindrich Petr Kantor : You dont know how internet works.

The Real Eugenia : I never went to reddit and i hate it cuz i saw the interface and its like in the year 2005, they didnt even changed it.

Smell Good : Reddit is an overly-censored PC hivemind that is filled with kids whose "experience" is all based on shit they read on the internet. These kids act like experts on shit they have never done

Matsimus : Totally agree man

Ello Yep : I simply answered someone's question about how to fix an RDRO horse glitch and was told I wasnt allowed to do so bc I havent sufficient "karma". I literally just answered a question.. Reddit and it Modetators are cancer.

RuffFusion4 [DJ Dampz] : I'm actually glad I've left reddit it's much worst than Facebook as its full of trolls and haters that got nothing better to do than hate on other people to be honest, 70% of the people who post on reddit are just can't be bothered to do anything with themselves other than hate on people.

Frank Bowman : I must be naive, but I was genuinely shocked at the open racism the first time that I visited Reddit.

Vesa Roivainen : it's lovely to irritate the people that live on the box...

John C : On reddit you can't afford to have opinions different from the majority. It's really sad.

British Boxer : lets start our own alternative reddit where you can say whatever you account per machine ip as well and no censorship

That will : UPVOTE

Arezki Oudachène : I was desactivating my account while listening to you ! This site is aweful !