A Highly Entertaining Review on a Lazy Phone Bar

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Helene Cowan : You are a natural Anthony! Had me in stitches! lol

CrazyDivers : hahahaha the 'don't forget pants' sign x'D

Keen Nation : Great vid! Love all of the ways you used the accessory lol

Kittydorkdork's gaming : dude you need more "don't forget pants" signs around your house lol

Carola in Paris : Oh, I like that bendy bar clicky thing :)

yevzor : awsome mate, do you know where i can buy this? never seen it before

Wayne Martin : Another fun to watch video Well done.

Andre T : Ha ha . A funny presentation. Have to get one of these :-)

Susanne Barling : You just sold a bendy bar! Lol.

MrJules : I have one of those, they are pretty useful

Andre T : Ha ha. A funny presentation. need to have one of these. :-)