Do You Remember Scary Godmother?

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Comments from Youtube

Pumpactionmusket : The kids' eyes honestly makes them more terrifying than the monsters.

Living Fives : Wow, I remember the CGI looking a lot better as a kid.

IgnitedZucc 25 : So you’re telling me that this movie was almost 6 hours long

unsatisfiedtoaster : I legitimately thought this was a fever dream I had as a kid

Ramiro Martinez : "they murder her!" *Ad plays* the biggest cliff hanger

Sloan The Female Otaku : Ok, I was dying at that Bakugo part XD

Doughie : Door is *ajar* *Door is ajAR* *DOOR IS AJAR*

BlunderKick : Wait...354 minuets is 5.9 hours

Nico Nico Niii : D Do Doo Door Door i Door is Door is a Door is a j Door is a ja Door is a jar Door is a ja Door is a j Door is a Door is Door i Door Doo Do D

Hailey Orona : This movie was lit when i was 7

ReZaHydra : Wait, you have to do the sequel now! It’s amazing! If you don’t, I’ll burn my entire high school musical dvd set. Including 2.

Phoenix Fire : I actually believed you for a hot minute when you said that it was 354 minutes long. Then my big brain reminded me "Wait a minute!", so I waited.

LostNTime : No matter the quality of this movie, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time ranking in the 10’s for me. This movie is part of my childhood and I will always love it for just being itself

Mich Jean : Wait did you actually go to New Jersey just to make a Ted 2 joke?

__Josh : This movie looks worse every year

hibiscuit-rose : i lost my shit whenever this movie came on cartoon network as kid and this video was hilarious, do the sequels lol

cova : Your videos fill me with so much joy. *You* fill me with so much joy. Your hilariously dry, ironic sense of humor yet your true love for finding genuine beauty in everything from childhood is splendid and something I don’t see so prevalent in a lot of Youtuber movie critics. Keep on my dude, keep on.


SquidbirD : Yo this was hilarious

Spencer S : Did he say the movie was 354 min?

HAZë_BLAZë : Fantastic Visuals I give it a 10/10

Collin Smith : I don’t know if I enjoy these videos more when I’ve seen the original film, or when I haven’t.

Goobergirlie : wait this movie was real and not just a figment of my childhood imagination?

Prana : I just realized that skully is literally gay lmao, skeleton in the closet aye i see you.

Quinton Reviews : ye

ReZaHydra : Hey, it’s 2007 CartoonNetwork Halloweens again! Yay!

Blazesoul : Ok but do y'all remember Spookly the Square pumpkin?

yee haw : who tf names their door ajar

Starlight Dust : Skeleton out of the closet. Beautiful.

Bryce McKenzie : I really liked this movie as a Kid. I remember watching it at school early in the morning.

African_Child _Labour_Worker : Do you remember Code:Lyoko make this happen

Nicholas Goodin (Student) : ding dong Ding Dong DING DONG DING DONG I laughed too hard at this

Josh Park : since when was this a 6 hour movie? i watched all that?

Sauge Smith : The skeleton was definitely in the closet

Wait it's Tuesday God : As a Floridan you are 100% correct about everything you say.

Logan Blackfire : I loved scary godmother plus the background kinda looks like borderlands

Nicolas Zamudio Londoño : Skip to 4:05 to see the best part of the vid

myasia : 1. Not his sister 2. The wolf ordered too many pizzas. Almost causing her to sell her soul to pay for them. So they (all the party people there) still holding him responsible. His hunger craving almost cost godmother her soul and they also had to shake bugaboo down for change.

Marc Shanahan : Its score on IMDB is 6.9. You see, I always try to find the good in everything...


- namjune : can confirm: i live in new jersey. i'm scary godmother.

Whydoilikepancakes : This is literally my FAVORITE Halloween speacial ever

Spencer S : Hannah is the devil boy's cousin, not sister

ZBH : Fun fact: This was Bakugo's first role as a child actor before making it big as a teenager. Also getting the Bejeezes scared out of you by killer monsters at a young age totally does not affect you in any major emotional way, or kill your childhood causing you to turn into a stereotypical dead-inside bully archetype.

Benjamin Murphy (Student) : *Doing the second movie is inevitable now* Also this was a very good video

BMoney8600 : I'm from Illinois AKA the fictional state to Floridians

Kawaii Donut : I somehow managed as a hyper 7 year old to watch the whole movie in one sitting

katelyn victorino : lmfao i had a crush on the vampire son when i was younger :P

otakutaco tic : 7:28 I don't feel so good (I'm definitely the first one to make this joke)