Do You Remember Scary Godmother?

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24 Frames Of Nick : Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar Follow me on Twitter @mmnuck Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar

Pumpactionmusket : The kids' eyes honestly makes them more terrifying than the monsters.

ReZaHydra : Wait, you have to do the sequel now! It’s amazing! If you don’t, I’ll burn my entire high school musical dvd set. Including 2.

Sloan The Female Otaku : Ok, I was dying at that Bakugo part XD

Bryce McKenzie : 4:05 I bet that tickles your funny Bone. Don't you find it Humorous? I like it a Skeleton! Sorry for being such a numb Skull. What, you want a Break from these puns? That'll be a Bad Time...

Quinton Reviews : ye

Bryce McKenzie : I really liked this movie as a Kid. I remember watching it at school early in the morning.

Ramiro Martinez : "they murder her!" *Ad plays* the biggest cliff hanger

IgnitedZucc 25 : So you’re telling me that this movie was almost 6 hours long

Doughie : Door is *ajar* *Door is ajAR* *DOOR IS AJAR*

Living Fives : Wow, I remember the CGI looking a lot better as a kid.

ezra : please make a video on the grim adventures of billy and mandy

unsatisfiedtoaster : I legitimately thought this was a fever dream I had as a kid

Marc Shanahan : Its score on IMDB is 6.9. You see, I always try to find the good in everything...

butts mcgee : If you say pizza six times, Jennifer Lawrence will come out from your closet to tell you how quirky and relatable she is

THE COMMON COLD : D Do Doo Door Door i Door is Door is a Door is a j Door is a ja Door is a jar Door is a ja Door is a j Door is a Door is Door i Door Doo Do D

Pumpactionmusket : I would love to see Nick's take on 'Zathura'. "Get me a juice box biaatch!"

just a name : they showed this every halloween and _i loved it every time_

ReZaHydra : Hey, it’s 2007 CartoonNetwork Halloweens again! Yay!

cova : Your videos fill me with so much joy. *You* fill me with so much joy. Your hilariously dry, ironic sense of humor yet your true love for finding genuine beauty in everything from childhood is splendid and something I don’t see so prevalent in a lot of Youtuber movie critics. Keep on my dude, keep on.

Mich Jean : Wait did you actually go to New Jersey just to make a Ted 2 joke?

BlunderKick : Wait...354 minuets is 5.9 hours

__Josh : This movie looks worse every year

Hailey Orona : This movie was lit when i was 7

HAZë_BLAZë : Fantastic Visuals I give it a 10/10


Calvin : That split second of Megalovania was beautiful and you should feel very proud for it.

LostNTime : No matter the quality of this movie, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time ranking in the 10’s for me. This movie is part of my childhood and I will always love it for just being itself

Collin Smith : I don’t know if I enjoy these videos more when I’ve seen the original film, or when I haven’t.

Nathaniel Foga : Do you remember how to breath ,of course I remember Scary Godmother , what kid in the early 2000s didn't 😁

Jordan Harrell : For Christmas do Elf, Polar Express, And Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

SquidbirD : Yo this was hilarious

hibiscuit-rose : i lost my shit whenever this movie came on cartoon network as kid and this video was hilarious, do the sequels lol

Spencer S : Did he say the movie was 354 min?

Phoenix Fire : I actually believed you for a hot minute when you said that it was 354 minutes long. Then my big brain reminded me "Wait a minute!", so I waited.

Zigfee : Next do ‘Do You Remember Merry Christmas Drake And Josh?’

Goobergirlie : wait this movie was real and not just a figment of my childhood imagination?

African_Child _Labour_Worker : Do you remember Code:Lyoko make this happen

InfinityNation100 : this was a funny video

Neo Scary Godmother : Entertaining video my fellow spooky friend!

Starlight Dust : Skeleton out of the closet. Beautiful.

Spencer S : Hannah is the devil boy's cousin, not sister


Nicolas Zamudio Londoño : Skip to 4:05 to see the best part of the vid

Whydoilikepancakes : This is literally my FAVORITE Halloween speacial ever

- namjune : can confirm: i live in new jersey. i'm scary godmother.

Sauge Smith : The skeleton was definitely in the closet

Past Present future : Don't lie we all watch this during the Halloween season.

Benjamin Murphy (Student) : *Doing the second movie is inevitable now* Also this was a very good video

Slatescape : PLEASE can you do the avatar the last Airbender ending a show part 3, I've been waiting for a month!!