Do You Remember Scary Godmother?

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24 Frames Of Nick : Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar Follow me on Twitter @mmnuck Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar Door is ajar

Pumpactionmusket : The kids' eyes honestly makes them more terrifying than the monsters.

Bryce McKenzie : I really liked this movie as a Kid. I remember watching it at school early in the morning.

ezra : please make a video on the grim adventures of billy and mandy

Sloan The Female Otaku : Ok, I was dying at that Bakugo part XD

ReZaHydra : Wait, you have to do the sequel now! It’s amazing! If you don’t, I’ll burn my entire high school musical dvd set. Including 2.

Nathaniel Foga : Do you remember how to breath ,of course I remember Scary Godmother , what kid in the early 2000s didn't 😁

Bryce McKenzie : 4:05 I bet that tickles your funny Bone. Don't you find it Humorous? I like it a Skeleton! Sorry for being such a numb Skull. What, you want a Break from these puns? That'll be a Bad Time...

Ramiro Martinez : "they murder her!" *Ad plays* the biggest cliff hanger

Doughie : Door is *ajar* *Door is ajAR* *DOOR IS AJAR*

IgnitedZucc 25 : So you’re telling me that this movie was almost 6 hours long

butts mcgee : If you say pizza six times, Jennifer Lawrence will come out from your closet to tell you how quirky and relatable she is

Marc Shanahan : Its score on IMDB is 6.9. You see, I always try to find the good in everything...

Zach Hambelton : Fun fact: This was Bakugo's first role as a child actor before making it big as a teenager. Also getting the Bejeezes scared out of you by killer monsters at a young age totally does not affect you in any major emotional way, or kill your childhood causing you to turn into a stereotypical dead-inside bully archetype.

Living Fives : Wow, I remember the CGI looking a lot better as a kid.

Hounoru : As a fellow Floridian, I'm truly disturbed that your investigation went fruitless. It's baffling to think that Scary Godmother, an obvious New Jerseyan, wouldn't be in her hometown ready to spook tourists. And I'm sorry to hear that your copy of Scary Godmother came from a non-existing state, my uncle Tom told me that if you get anything sent from Illinois is a bad omen.

THE COMMON COLD : D Do Doo Door Door i Door is Door is a Door is a j Door is a ja Door is a jar Door is a ja Door is a j Door is a Door is Door i Door Doo Do D

Quinton Reviews : ye

just a name : they showed this every halloween and _i loved it every time_

Mich Jean : Wait did you actually go to New Jersey just to make a Ted 2 joke?

the sarcastic one : You got the coolest job. Also "door is ajar" Love that kid

Pumpactionmusket : I would love to see Nick's take on 'Zathura'. "Get me a juice box biaatch!"

unsatisfiedtoaster : I legitimately thought this was a fever dream I had as a kid

cova : Your videos fill me with so much joy. *You* fill me with so much joy. Your hilariously dry, ironic sense of humor yet your true love for finding genuine beauty in everything from childhood is splendid and something I don’t see so prevalent in a lot of Youtuber movie critics. Keep on my dude, keep on.

Lockdown13TRD : My October tradition.

The Zuccinator : Fantastic Visuals I give it a 10/10

Andrew Swanson Films : for once i DONT remember that? wtf is this lol

David Brown : How much you wanna bet that this special will probably get a remake or a live action adaptation in the future?

__Josh : This movie looks worse every year

1 : No but I think DOOR IS A JAR. EDIT: TBH he looks more Mirio than Bakugo.

Collin Smith : I don’t know if I enjoy these videos more when I’ve seen the original film, or when I haven’t.

Calvin : That split second of Megalovania was beautiful and you should feel very proud for it.

Jordan Harrell : For Christmas do Elf, Polar Express, And Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

Lindsey Kreamer : Holy shit I repressed my memory of this movie and you just dug it right back up


SquidbirD : Yo this was hilarious

hibiscuit-rose : i lost my shit whenever this movie came on cartoon network as kid and this video was hilarious, do the sequels lol

ReZaHydra : Hey, it’s 2007 CartoonNetwork Halloweens again! Yay!

LostNTime : No matter the quality of this movie, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time ranking in the 10’s for me. This movie is part of my childhood and I will always love it for just being itself

Phoenix Fire : I actually believed you for a hot minute when you said that it was 354 minutes long. Then my big brain reminded me "Wait a minute!", so I waited.

Mars The Sloth : *DOOR is a JAR*

Komi-San Must be protected : DEKU!

Ben Dover : Don't forget about the second one

BuggyKing25 : 4:05 god dammit

America that's my name don't wear it out : Hey you should review "The Corpse Bride" I love your reviews by the way

Zigfee : Next do ‘Do You Remember Merry Christmas Drake And Josh?’

Lynnerry : I was just talking about this movie with my sister. I thought I was the only one who remembered it.

InfinityNation100 : this was a funny video

Some Person : I literally just watched the movie on YouTube lol

Neo Scary Godmother : Entertaining video my fellow spooky friend!