Driving where Autonomous Uber hit Pedestrian at night.

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Satyavan : But this doesn't explain nothing. The problem is not why the driver didn't see the pedestrian, the question is why the self-driving software didn't. Lidars and radars don't need any light at all.

Rich Yates : pretty damning for uber

Jerry Schippa : Furthermore it appears the pedestrian was nearly thru the left lane when she was struck. Assuming she traveled 20 feet at the time of being struck (1' gutter, 11' left lane, 8' into the right lane), she began crossing the road 6 seconds from the time of the crash. In that six seconds, the Uber, which was travelling at 38 mph was 335 feet away from the pedestrian. The pedestrian began crossing the street when the Uber was 335 feet away. Applying the stopping sight distance calculations here, using a 1.5 second emergency perception reaction time, and using 11.2 ft/sec and the emergency rate of 14 ft/sec deceleration rate, we come to a SSD range of 324 to 382 feet. This means a human driver should have been able to see the pedestrian, react, and come to nearly a complete stop if not a complete stop...or make a maneuver, I didn't go through the maneuver calculations. But we didn't see the pedestrian until it was too late? Yes, your human eye didn't, but the autonomous vehicle technology should have which is why I say Uber is guilty in this case. Additionally, you could further the point by saying a computer processing this information would not take 1.5 seconds, but would be virtually instantaneous which would reduce that SSD by 83 feet.

k1dicarus : Just after 0:33 in this video is the spot the accident happend. Same tree and light. Also in the twitter video from the interior view you see that the driver only left the "christmas" lightings.

Michael Wells : What time was this? I can't see a clock in the background. The accident was apparently about 10 pm, so that shouldn't matter. And BTW, the speed limit does change to 45, right as you leave the bridge.

i. Mutt : Thank you for posting this. I thought the Uber video was very misleading, this just confirms my suspicions.

lawrencecgn : The chills are downvoting this. lol.

razorree : is it safe to drive with your phone in your hand ?

Bercik87 : aghrrr, losing focus on THE most important moment in the entire clip >_< It also got my attention, that it was suspiciously dark in that clip, nevertheless - when you cross the street -> LOOK AROUND.

AesirCorporation : 1:16 - idiot walking their bike on the shoulder instead of the sidewalk. SMH.

Callan Christensen : Was this video taken on the same day you pushed it? 9 PM March 21, 2018?

Andrew K : Thank you for trying to demystify this.

gyrfalcon23 : way to stir the pot, dude

j p : Guess the pedestrian deserves no fault for failing to ensure the roadway was clear before crossing illegally? Furthermore, way to post a video about how a tragedy should have been prevented, by risking another tragedy to point out how blurry your focus was, pedestrians on the road, signs, the time, etc. I'm sure your eyes weren't on the road when you made those astute observations. There are two things disturbing about the fact that you turned to the pedestrian as you were passing - 1. Where you focus your eyes is where you generally tend to travel (in this case, toward the pedestrian) 2. Why did you not get over to the other lane to ensure the safety of the person in the shoulder (which is typically the law)?

SwiftHelix : I've seen videos where jaywalkers cause accidents between cars and they walk away free with no blame....unless they stay for the police report but I doubt they do.

Behindthefog : What part of jaywalking illegally did the homeless person not understand. I blame her not uber.

EccentricSM : Alex Jones is that you? How did you post this without Hillary and Soros stopping you! Keep doing the lords work patriot!

Bob Dole : You need a video before it happened. They probably fixed the light problem before the video was released CYA. That way there won't be any lawsuits.

feildmaster : 0:36 is the exact spot the uber would have been (You can tell by the right side dashes)

pkasb90 : It's a good technology and it will definitely bring down accident stats if adopted. The problem is it's just way too expensive.

Deyone Truh Bluh : Were any street lights out on that day that got replaced after the accident?

jan simonides : Good job!