Squiwards Gayest Moment

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Squidward in my opinion is gay but this has to be his defining gay moment


KhakiCube : Possibly the best joke in Spongebob, and even maybe in existence.

Ell10t : Has nobody noticed one of the fish has a similar dress style to the main character of the show?

Nicholas Garcia : "Just chill, Nick. Try to imagine your crush's current boyfriend in his underwear." [does so] "OH NO, HE'S HOT!"

James Blake : Talking to your crush like

VortexFX : Back when spongebob was funny

Rocketman6100 : In german he said: Oh no, abs

The DS Guy : 85% of speech related stress can be alleviated if the speaker imagines the audience in their underwear.

TheNomade5 : The delivery of that line could not have been more perfect!

TheAwesomeHyperon : Stupid Sexy Squilliam!

Simone Pardee : This is why this show was banned in Ukraine...

Doctor Awesomeness : Daphne: Don't worry, Daphne. Just imagine Fred in his underwear. (Imagining Fred in his underwear) Daphne: Jeepers! He's hot!

crazitaco : Stupid sexy Squilliem >: /

Rylan Dawe : How did you know what he looked like in is underwear, hmm Squidy?

Emily Valencia : I wonder what people who haven't seen this show think this show's about after seeing this.

Evan Tambolang : OH NO!!!HE'S HOT!!!

Lissa Saturn : Me speaking to my crush.

Wilmajean Vaughan : i hope squidward brought that ibuprofen

YellowBigCircle : OH NO HE'S HOT!!

Ran Ng : Squidward used to be hot when spongebob ram his face and body in to a door. Β In the end, he couldn't handle the fame and reverted back to old hypocritical squidward.Β 

Nabbit's Youtube : Shulk in a nutshell

JV Windy : I wonder what it was like to read the script for the first time...

Devastator941 : Why is it gay if a man acknowledges another man's attractiveness, yet a woman is not called a lesbian if she acknowledges another woman's beauty?

what : (Ok don't be intimidated try to imagine him without his mask) *Imagines Kakashi maskless* (OH NO HES HOT)

Love Spongebob Or Else : 0:04 that annotation that says "enter your text here" nice

The Juicing of the Cactus : Hiccup from _How To Train Your Dragon 2_.

Alexis Plummer : I never found this gay really

rekcere : Shulk...

Fitzy : Squilliums got a good six pack for a very rich fancy musician , wait he's rich...... He must use that money for PED's !!!!!!

The Murderers Folley : I ship Squiliam wait a second

Generic stickman : So my leg guy is dressed as spongebob and the other guy is dressed as bart

ACTUAL NOISE IT MADE : Every Girls reaction to when their crush walks up to them.

Cirrus Sky : MRW

bigdog 68 : ha gaaaayyy

Trollolomaniac Alert : Spongebob's gayest moment: almost every episode

Angelicknight 3623 : Huh sure is Zarbon in here.

shAwnny : lol pause at 0:03 and look at the brown fiush has the clothes of spongebob

ben roddison : Squidward: Squidward try to imagine him in his underwear *cuts to Squilliam in underwear* Squidward: OH NO HE'S HOT! why though?

Franola : The description πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

Aeyen The Lobster : but squilliam dosent were underwear

Kien D. Nguyen : MRW I see Taric rework

Yandere Cat Valentine : Frisk: Don't worry Frisk, Just imagine Mettaton in a different form, Frisk: OH NO HE'S HOT! I know that not funny......

hope w : 90% of the comments on every spongebob video: BaCk iN tHe DaY wHeN sPoNgeBoB wAs gOoD

Katlyn Dobransky : Had me dead when I was younger. Still gets me now

Oscar Rivera : Haters will say it's photoshopped

Pieterson Animations : *OH NO, HE'S HOT!*

NijiMarii : It's okay, Monita! Try to imagine Yakko Warner in his underwear! *imagines* ....OH NO, HE'S HOT!!!!!!!!!

adi miv : He didn't even wear any pant so how squidward gonna imagine it one πŸ˜‚

WWEPH5926 : I had to re-think my life after this.... soul searching and what not

Young_MCM03 : *Mr steal yo girl is talking to your crush Me: Try to imagine him in is underwear *Turns hot Me: Oh no he's hot!!!