Squiwards Gayest Moment

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KhakiCube : Possibly the best joke in Spongebob, and even maybe in existence.

Ell10t : Has nobody noticed one of the fish has a similar dress style to the main character of the show?

picklickwick : Oh yeah I forgot this show was actually funny...

Nicholas Garcia : "Just chill, Nick. Try to imagine your crush's current boyfriend in his underwear." [does so] "OH NO, HE'S HOT!"

VortexFX : Back when spongebob was funny

Angelic Storm : How is it gay for a man to simply acknowledge another man's attractiveness? A woman can acknowledge another woman's beauty without being a lesbian, so what makes this different for men? I think it's just that men are much more insecure about stuff like that, because gay women are generally more socially acceptable than gay men. Sheesh... lol

Rocketman6100 : In german he said: Oh no, abs

Simone Pardee : This is why this show was banned in Ukraine...

James Blake : Talking to your crush like

The DS Guy : 85% of speech related stress can be alleviated if the speaker imagines the audience in their underwear.

TheNomade5 : The delivery of that line could not have been more perfect!

Emily Valencia : I wonder what people who haven't seen this show think this show's about after seeing this.

Yandere Cat Valentine : Frisk: Don't worry Frisk, Just imagine Mettaton in a different form, Frisk: OH NO HE'S HOT! I know that not funny......

Doctor Awesomeness : Daphne: Don't worry, Daphne. Just imagine Fred in his underwear. (Imagining Fred in his underwear) Daphne: Jeepers! He's hot!

TheAwesomeHyperon : Stupid Sexy Squilliam!

Rylan Dawe : How did you know what he looked like in is underwear, hmm Squidy?

Evan Tambolang : OH NO!!!HE'S HOT!!!

Nabbit's Youtube : Shulk in a nutshell

crazitaco : Stupid sexy Squilliem >: /

Love Spongebob Or Else : 0:04 that annotation that says "enter your text here" nice

Lissa Saturn : Me speaking to my crush.

Wilmajean Vaughan : i hope squidward brought that ibuprofen

YellowBigCircle : OH NO HE'S HOT!!

JV Windy : I wonder what it was like to read the script for the first time...

Mr. Fedora : Hiccup from _How To Train Your Dragon 2_.

Sailor Vixie : Umm Squidward he wasn't wearing any underwear to begin with.😳

Commie : (Ok don't be intimidated try to imagine him without his mask) *Imagines Kakashi maskless* (OH NO HES HOT)

bigdog 68 : ha gaaaayyy

Fitzy : Squilliums got a good six pack for a very rich fancy musician , wait he's rich...... He must use that money for PED's !!!!!!

Angelicknight 3623 : Huh sure is Zarbon in here.

SocksAnimation : The best moment in spongebob, hands down

ScottaHemi : you don't have to be gay to acknowledge someone looks hot.

rekcere : Shulk...

Cirrus Sky : MRW

Alexis Plummer : I never found this gay really

The Murderers Folley : I ship Squiliam wait a second


shAwnny : lol pause at 0:03 and look at the brown fiush has the clothes of spongebob

ben roddison : Squidward: Squidward try to imagine him in his underwear *cuts to Squilliam in underwear* Squidward: OH NO HE'S HOT! why though?

Trollolomaniac Alert : Spongebob's gayest moment: almost every episode

Nathan Cassar : Does Squidward Tentacles is gay is the most discussed in the media in the past few years ago. Even it has happened in 2012 but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay. At that time he became the massive social networking rumor, the public; especially his fans are shocked. He just came out with his bad rumor which is spread massively, this time is not about his music career but his bad rumor. The rumor is out of standardized of hoax. According to the last reported the singer revealed himself as homosexual, Do you still believe or not? This rumor is really much talked by people even in a person of his fans!

Arthur Robinson : Tom Fischbach's parody of this! Keep it together, Keith. . .

TOM Murphy : Spongebob is the best, I mean child hood capital for all of us right, but can we be honest and all agree that the new episodes are trash😢😢😢

Ice Queen : Squidward: Me Squiliam: Michael Jackson *sees a picture of Michael biting his lip while wearing his red and black suit* OH, NO HE'S HOT! ❤😍😭

Kien D. Nguyen : MRW I see Taric rework

Yotam Avraham : when you meet her ex

The Mahalo Brand : One of the fish is wearing bart simpson's clothes and the other is wearing peter griffin's clothing

Perah Midh : "Just try to pretend Legate Lanius in his underwear" "OH NO HE'S MUSCULAR"

Sailor_Grell : Don't be intimidated Sailor_Grell try to imagine Alfred in his underwear *Imagines Alfred in underwear* *OH NO HE'S HOT!!!*

Generic stickman : So my leg guy is dressed as spongebob and the other guy is dressed as bart