Chivalry - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts
Chivalry Cyanide amp Happiness Shorts

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Back Trial by Trolley on Kickstarter NOW! ► Cyanide & Happiness has a Patreon! Become an Ultra Mega Pal today ► Join us to get behind the scenes video and bonus content ► Subscribe to Explosm! ► #comedy #cyanide&happiness #chivalry M'lady approaches!!! Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005! Credits: Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick Directed By: Mike Salcedo Screenplay By: Kris Wilson Story By: Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Joel Watson, Dave McElfatrick, Mike Salcedo, Connor Murphy Voice Actors: Fancy Gentleman 1: Bill Jones Fancy Gentleman 2: Geoff Galt Fancy Gentleman 3: Mike Salcedo Animation Director: Bill Jones Animation: Alex Anderson Kenney, Bill Jones Character Design: Jerald Lewis Background Art: Denise Magdale Animatic: Geoff Galt Editor: Taylor Ransom Sound Editor/Mixer: Ben Governale Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale Music: Steve Lehmann Produced By: Adam Nusrallah Production Manager: Explosm - Autumn Soeder


Pyrodragon3993 : That feeling when a girl walks through the halls of an all-boys-school.

Danhara : So by looking at the map, it looked like the starting point was Delaware, and the island she "walked" to was the Vila do corvo island (roughly), which is 3779.19km. She then walks around Spain to what I believe is Diarritz in France, unfortunately the earth was curved so I set my distance measuring website to another place in France at which she was initially walking towards... a place called brest... I took 2/3 of that distance, used a right angle triangle and trig to get the distance to roughly 2525.92km. So the journey is approx. 6315.11km, the average walking speed is around 5km/h, so it would take around 1263.022 hours or 52.63 days of none stop walking. So a coat is approx. 0.71m The parachute is 5m The towel is 1.5m And the life jackets were approx. 0.56m Taking away the the parachute from Delaware to Vila and dividing the coats the grand total is... 5322818 coats (had to add 2 at the beginning and 20 for the pile) And the number of life jackets minus the towel is.... 4510569 life jackets... I can sleep now, right? Nope, it... gets... *better* The cost of a reasonable raincoat is around £25 So 25 x 5322818 = £133,070,450 AND GUESS WHAT LIFE JACKETS COST TWICE AS MUCH SO 50 x 4510569 = £225,528,450 SO THE COST OF EVERYTHING IS ROUGHLY, APPROXIMATELY, PROBABLY, (hopefully) IS £358,598,900 THERE IM DONE I SPENT A WHOLE 2 AND HALF HOURS ON THIS THIS KEPT ME UP AT NIGHT. IM DONE IM SLEEPING AND SOMEONE BETTER BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS

AntiScribe : I thought they would end up in the netherlands, but I guess nice guys Finnish last.

Plush Matins : Oh no! We are running out of coats! Dont worry! I'll get my *ladder*

tom : she was gonna get wet one way or another...

weathley core : "gentlemen, stand down... chivalry is dead ...I should know....I killed it" -tf2 spy Also, when the boat guys say "M'lady", it reminds me of the seagulls in finding Nemo 🤣

Trek The happy turtle : Film theory needs to look at this one. See how many coats it would take to get across the atlantic ocean

Señor Lechuga : Fake af. There are no fedoras nor Hatsune Miku body pillows

Stroodle 06 : This is a pretty good summary of r/nice guys.

b_D_w_S : Her walking stamina is amazing!

LadyClaudine : This turned out better than I thought. I assumed they were gonna start throwin bodies soon.

Jackeryz’s Son : Drying Machine Companies: “I see this as a absolute win!”

Unknown Unknown : wait. SHE WALKED ALL THAT WAY TO KISS HER GIRLFRIEND?! HOLY MAPLE I WOULD HAVE GIVEN UP AT THE 2 MILE MARK! Also that one guy. “This is gay” Yes it is. And I love it.

Aley.c.i.a : Hearing the two men say my lady over and over had me dying and reminded me of those Siegel’s from finding Nemo 😂😂😂

LazyBoi357 : This is horribly inaccurate; None of those men are wearing fedoras!

Jacob Hawkins : I cant believe how much this video resonates r/niceguys

PRchris13 : Shame on you cyanide and happiness Nobody wearing a fedora

Fluffyudders : Are we just going to ignore how she casually walked across the ocean in a day without breaking a sweat?

shakir johnson : What if they just ran out of coats in the middle of the atlantic

jscheetz03 : It would have taken her approximately 64 days to walk that distance.

Joshua Robles : Cyanide and Happiness' take on r/niceguys haha

GOD : r/justneakbeardthings in the natshell. Most of it is m'lady

Jason Peng : Lol this video encapsulates nice guys in a nutshell

Bicc Leche : When u and ur homeboys found out that the only gamer girl in the server is gay (0:49)

Vortical Wizard : I haven't laughed that hard in ages thanks so much LMAO

Jonathan Phoenix : *throws coat down so you can cross the pudde to the like button* m'ladies and lads

jonathan70329 : well, "Vom anderen Ufer sein", which translates to being from the other shore, is a german metaphor for being homosexual :D

Abdullah Ansari : The gentlemen at 0:33 sacrificed a plane for M' lady

Worldlove69 : In the entire video I thought the girl would have 4 legs - like a centaur and they would've been revealed in the end of the video. Boy, was I wrong!

Ronald McDonald : I half expected to see a person jump out from her dress revealing it was a person and not her butt

Andrew Rothman : Is that a sea chanty you're humming? Nope... just a sweet m'lady...

Benjamin Gabbay : When the comment section is literally the demographic this is making fun of.

AnnoyinglySalty : They protecc They attacc But most importantly They drop their coats Because baby got baccc

Memeoulos Dankius : Cyanide and happiness releasing videos at 1:02 am

Tiper Loc : I've watched few of those trolley episodes and I want to murder the driver. Things he says and his voice are too damn annoying.

Baron Von Bon Bon : Thats when you remember its 2019 and this shit is everywhere

Guts Masterson : True chivalry is not about doing something for a reward but to be kind to everyone. Now I hold the door for everyone in a school and wait for an award.

UniverseGamer 1.9 : A once wise man said........ M’lady

FPT .G : 0:13 ma lady? Flamingo youtuber Lol best meme

Emily : Split the trolley in half and run over the card game.

ツツSaffy : 1:01 *Tommy, I told you, no more ketchup for breakfast!!!*

TheSaltKing 4272 : And not even a thank you?! *RIOT*

Mate397 : I was half expecting her to be eaten by a shark or something.

2lazy :T : Was she just expecting to be able to walk across the ocean or does that happen often

ISpyLexi : I had no clue what was going on to begin with but the ending cleared it up pretty quickly 😂

Aimi : Guys: tryna impress the lady Lady: is gay Guys: surprised pikachu face

Dusan Mandic : Totally unrealistic. No woman would ever walk that far for ANYTHING

Ankit : They just needed 2 coats. . . Whenever she stepped on a new coat , they could take the previous coat from behind her and put it in front of her.

StxrryNxght : Is no one going to talk about how my girl just walked to Europe?