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Chivalry Cyanide Happiness Shorts

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Pyrodragon3993 : That feeling when a girl walks through the halls of an all-boys-school.

Stroodle 06 : This is a pretty good summary of r/nice guys.

Señor Lechuga : Fake af. There are no fedoras nor Hatsune Miku body pillows

Green : Can't believe she went all around the world from coats to coats

LadyClaudine : This turned out better than I thought. I assumed they were gonna start throwin bodies soon.

Trek The happy turtle : Film theory needs to look at this one. See how many coats it would take to get across the atlantic ocean

Jacob Hawkins : I cant believe how much this video resonates r/niceguys

Jackeryz’s Son : Drying Machine Companies: “I see this as a absolute win!”

tom : she was gonna get wet one way or another...

Aley.c.i.a : Hearing the two men say my lady over and over had me dying and reminded me of those Siegel’s from finding Nemo 😂😂😂

Eevee Artist : 1999:In the Future we can walk in water 2019:

Shad Miles : 0:54 that raft says “8008135” anyone with a calculator might find this interesting

Guts Masterson : True chivalry is not about doing something for a reward but to be kind to everyone. Now I hold the door for everyone in a school and wait for an award.

AnnoyinglySalty : They protecc They attacc But most importantly They drop their coats Because baby got baccc

PRchris13 : Shame on you cyanide and happiness Nobody wearing a fedora

Rafhael Animations : Yet I'm saying something in the comments using my new phone (°u°)

Benjamin Gabbay : When the comment section is literally the demographic this is making fun of.

b_D_w_S : Her walking stamina is amazing!

jonathan70329 : well, "Vom anderen Ufer sein", which translates to being from the other shore, is a german metaphor for being homosexual :D

khidash kadatuan : My question is: Where'd the sandwich go?

yukimarusword : Women: chivalry is dead! Men who are nice: excuse me?

IcyTarren : I just watched this and trolly Tom popped up and made my day better

LazyBoi357 : This is horribly inaccurate; None of those men are wearing fedoras!

Abdullah Ansari : The gentlemen at 0:33 sacrificed a plane for M' lady

Spyder Gaming : Technically chivalry is sword fighting

Corporate Gunner : 0:33 Did this jet pilot just crash his plane just so the woman doesn't get wet?

Aimi : Guys: tryna impress the lady Lady: is gay Guys: surprised pikachu face

Worldlove69 : In the entire video I thought the girl would have 4 legs - like a centaur and they would've been revealed in the end of the video. Boy, was I wrong!

Joshua Robles : Cyanide and Happiness' take on r/niceguys haha

Emily : Split the trolley in half and run over the card game.

Charlie Horse : Didn't see a single neckbeard in this OUT-@#$%ING-RAGEOUS

Andrew Rothman : Is that a sea chanty you're humming? Nope... just a sweet m'lady...

Bicc Leche : When u and ur homeboys found out that the only gamer girl in the server is gay (0:49)

LazerShark : No one: INCELS:

_ TheBigPig _ : Basically Alinity walking through twitch headquarters

Ronald McDonald : I half expected to see a person jump out from her dress revealing it was a person and not her butt

Cutie kit cat :3 : When it said my lady it gave me Lenny face

Memeoulos Dankius : Cyanide and happiness releasing videos at 1:02 am

Dood : The concept of “chivalry” is from another time. A time when women had their lives revolve around having a husband, and them having no real way of making decisions. Nowadays it’s just creepy. Be a good person, don’t overreact, take things slow, and if you get nothing in return, so be it. A relationship shouldn’t solely be based on sex, anyways.

Ainsley Stclair : one of the best endings i’ve ever seen

Spit Fireking : Friend zone again 😂

Raya Petrova : wow That's a LOT of neckbeards

AntiScribe : I thought they would end up in the netherlands, but I guess nice guys Finnish last.

Luigi King56 : 0:36 looks like is lucky day he can get off the island finally

Neurotic Sos : The voice of the ponytail guy is really nice

BigK13372 : 0:50 Like the fact that one of the guys is in a fedora. Because OF COURSE one of the nice guys wear a fedora.

Someone : Girl gamer joins the game The chat : 0:24

Emma Polcyn : It's time to play, How Many Nice Guys Missed the Joke!

LEX1S LEW : I turned on the captions on this, and I like them. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)