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Refinery29 : What is your go-to style? Comment below!

Jess Bunty : It's not so easy to get help for mental health issues in Japan. You're either not taken seriously, or you're considered to be "broken" and therefore shunned by society. Japan heavily relies on harmony to function, and if you're not able to comply, you're excluded. So seeing people cause disruption like this, on their own terms, and being able to form communities is major in so many ways. This is a really well put together piece!

Keurlock : The beginning though Girl: This is so cute but,uh, what does it say? Boy: *I want to die* ... Girl: *Oh*

Rosé Ayaka candy : for those saying this is glamorizing mental illnesses no it isn't, this is to make people aware in japan. in japan this is still a very taboo thing here no one really talks about it so please stop. and for those who are saying this is aesthetic and etc please stop and be respectful i understand some people like gore stuff but still this is different even when it comes to gore it helps people with illnesses deal with things. idk if this makes sense maybe i'll fix it .

Some Edgy Thirteen Year Old : Notice how Hanayo, forgive me if spelt it incorrectly, is almost laughing as she speaks about her depression and suicide attempts, some people do speak about their emotions in a joking or in ironic way. It's used as a coping mechanism, some may find it strange but to those who use it, it is a way to keep you happy and not bawl your eyes out.

PECAN Thickness : came here by accident but decided to watch because my daughter is into similar fashion. but I have definitely learned more. I understand her more being this

UnovaTrainerWhite : This is honestly beyond heartbreaking...

Trydodis : This is basically being a Japanese emo with a pinch of cuteness and tbh they pulled it off better.

potatoe builds : Her: what does this say Him: I want to die Her: I want to die Him:yes Her: ;-; oh

FirstTime ISawJupiter : These people are so unsupported by society and have to deal with their mental health issues in their own way. They are really lovely and have such beautiful souls. I hope society in Japan can make a change because is just heartbreaking to see people go away from something preventable as suicide : Is it kinda like *acting* happy but depressed or...?

razgriz magi : I have been studying the Japanese culture a lot, and, I have get to some conclusions. It seems like the Japanese society raise their young people to be mentally weak, to follow orders without complaints, but, then, they find the biggest hammers they can find, and then, they start punching their youngsters' heads as hard as they can. They can't express feelings of loneliness and pain, but they don't have the strength to tolerate them, so they try to kill themselves, to avoid that feelings, and the society's hammer. Japanese society its quite lame, if they can't understand that people have hearts.

Rasan-kun 絶望 : "I want to die" same.

choke1ful : lady:but it says i love you guy:kill you lady:ah ok........ lady:........... TRIGGERED 😳😳

Bold : I need that syringe necklace.

Kitty Kitsune : I'm extremely suicidal and have actually attempted many times, but even through all the emotional trauma I'm going through, I still try to act as happy as I can, even if I seem like I'm being a little kid. Being depressed doesn't mean you have to hate everything. I for one love animals, they're so pure and I love them so much. Finding things that make you happy helps you battle depression. I'm glad that people are finding ways to make themselves happier, even if it doesn't seem "normal" to some people

thenipplerenaissance : i have such mixed feelings about this. on one hand, making things like self harm and depression visible is incredible, especially in places like japan, where those things are looked down upon. but i worry about the conformity that fashion causes. i worry that self harm will become a fashion statement. im not sure, and im obviously not saying its all bad, and as somebody who suffers from these issues, fashion that is relatable and open is wonderful. i just worry. the same thing happened with "emo/scene" where you weren't seen as "really" part of the culture unless you cut urself. i worry about glorifying it.

fallenblueroses//Hannah : hanayo is back in the hospital for attempting suicide :(

Emo Artist : Is it just me or was she really disrespectful?

Merriellen Roselette : This video was recommended to me for such a loooong time. Finally watched it, and understood why it was recommended. It's right up my ally and hits close to home.

Rae Bundrick : Am I the only one who thinks the host looks jadien animations? (Sorry, I've been brainwashed lol)

Divo Galindra : Be kind. Always

T h e t e a I s B o i l i n g : hanayo is back in the hospital for trying to attempt suicide :(

MemeLord 500 : 4:32 here comes a wild logan paul with tripod

Rosé Ayaka candy : for those saying this is glamorizing mental illnesses no it isn't, this is to make people aware in japan. in japan this is still a very taboo thing here no one really talks about it so please stop. and for those who are saying this is aesthetic and etc please stop and be respectful i understand some people like gore stuff but still this is different even when it comes to gore it helps people with illnesses deal with things. idk if this makes sense maybe i'll fix it . (posting this gaga but different) * again not gaga You can say this is cringe and whatever else but this is a really good thing, f you like this and you don't deal with anything then please have respect ok? It would be nice, a lot of us like this because it helps speak on things we feel and etc. SO please be respectful. in japan it is still taboo to talk about certain things trust me i know this look or style might be confusing or you might not like it but please as i said respect it

Magnus Scha : good documentary .. i hope more info and updates😀😀😀

Nina Bean : I never understood the style until this! It gave me perspective like I never realized that there was a dark side until now and it makes me kinda sad. I’m loving these mini documentaries!

Marcelaaaa4 : There, youtube I watched. Are you happy now?

Validate : I wanna be winston

jade-louise dobson : She feels lowkey kinda rude and dismissive about this style and the way they are tackling tough topics society is trying to ignore.

AllTheseHateComments Not really : She looks like an anime character. It’s cute

I Was Here : This is fascinating

Lucy Farrell : *TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️* I personally have tried to commit suicide so many times I can’t remember my last attempt was cutting a vein I thought was an artery around 1 1/2 months ago and obviously failed but hearing all the people in this video that something I love like fashion and makeup can be an emotional release rather than pain and death makes be hopeful for the future for the first time in 12 years (btw I’m 16) is an almost euphoric feeling so just thank you and to anyone considering suicide it’s nothing to be ashamed of and should be released rather than bottled up so find a friend, consulter or family member you trust and let it out or write story’s or poems or draw do makeup even (15+) masturbate or have sex to let it out Do anything harmless you can for yourself to make yourself happy even if you keep failing keep trying never give up it might take days weeks months years even decades but eventually you WILL succeed ❤️🌸🦄🏳️‍🌈

Mobile Nightcore : This is Sayori's type of fashion

Mega-Lucario meets Zoroark : Didn't know that your mental health doesn't mean that much in Japan. They should change that, people need help.

Rosie : I feel like Japanese girls or boys say “I wanna die” as kind of fashion. I don’t understand 病みかわいい...

Nir Dragneel : So basically Japanese emo

Majestic Marisa : I really love this style of clothing i may not have any mental issues myself but i really like the style and how its a way to help some people with mental issues

Veroni Ka : Good mini documentary. Never knew about this.

Hello Dear Elise : It is so saddening to see these poor people feel and act this way that it almost comes out as surreal or... "fake" to me. It's not very common to hear a girl say that she wanted to die and it's so heartbreaking, it feels strange to acknowledge how poorly these people feel about their life. Like that boy using a suicidal form of art to escape his grandparents' abuse and Hanayo laughing with teary eyes when she talks about her depression... I hope they will get better soon enough !

Volin azhra deana : Japan: Mental illness is taboo Indonesia: mental illness = crazy :(

Micheal De Guzman : Great video, but I can’t be the only one who tripped out at 5:35 with the mirror and lack of movement on his end. I’m too high for tricks like that 😂😂😂

The Holy Crusader : if youre depressed leave a comment i would like to see the reason and how you live with it im depressed because im human, and no im not a furry i hate those to. i just hate the fact that i could be dead no conscious or thought but instead im a stressed out depressed teenager on the edge of becoming a adult or a mindless object that works day in day out to get bread on his tale. i dont believe in god because i thin that if he was real we would all e dead. because earth is gods masterpiece and mankind is destroying it slowly so i think he would kill us before we could destroy his magnum opus. i just get depressed knowing that animals kill each other over water, food and survival. but earths most intelligent race is killing each other of because of race, religion and land and i hate it. knowing my voice wont change a thing and im just getting dragged through the dirt of it all until i die thats what makes me depressed. being part of worlds smartest yet dumbest race. i picked up drawing because it makes me god i can do an make whatever i want and i decided to become a manga artist and make a unice manga not like naruto or dragon ball but something im also passionate about boxing hajime no ippo is very inspirational for me and i wanne make a world like that. i also dont hurt myself or try to commit suicide im to prideful for that. i have no feeling for other humans so if i feel like a wreck i normally watch people die on heavy or something. its messed up and i dont have a excuse but i dont know them so i dont care. this comment has gone on long enough, writing this made me feel horrible so im going to my calming site, hope i havent gone to far i already wrote 10 of these but they were to dark.

Shanid 2448 : When I was 12,I use to be inspired by this style and wanted to dress like this,I always tought it was just a innocent way to express ya self and everything but as I grow,my mom started asking me about if Ik some symbols of my clothes,and yeah I say no cause at that time I didn’t know what it was,so she explains me what it means and stuff and I kind of wasn’t that surprise but surprise at the same time and yeah and now,we’ll I still love this people style and the meaning behind of it but yeah I don’t dress no more that type of style...

Dr B : damn ninjas cutting onions...

Jayla Saunders : The pin with “I want to die” on it, if you wore that in America you’d be put in a mental health institute or be counseled or something like that. I honestly don’t understand the fashion but that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t respect it. Like what is the point? No hate, I respect their opinions I just don’t see myself being into that

Often Unsaid : This is cool and hopefully those people who are going through mental illness and depression find their happiness!

x.jess.x : Japan needs to focus on their people and less on creating robots and stuff...

SushiSkyee : “I dont feel kawaii, I feel uncomfortable.” Tbh kawaii is rlly overrated.

John Iglesia : 5:35 how is that possible? 😰