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Refinery29 : What is your go-to style? Comment below!

Jess Bunty : It's not so easy to get help for mental health issues in Japan. You're either not taken seriously, or you're considered to be "broken" and therefore shunned by society. Japan heavily relies on harmony to function, and if you're not able to comply, you're excluded. So seeing people cause disruption like this, on their own terms, and being able to form communities is major in so many ways. This is a really well put together piece!

thenipplerenaissance : i have such mixed feelings about this. on one hand, making things like self harm and depression visible is incredible, especially in places like japan, where those things are looked down upon. but i worry about the conformity that fashion causes. i worry that self harm will become a fashion statement. im not sure, and im obviously not saying its all bad, and as somebody who suffers from these issues, fashion that is relatable and open is wonderful. i just worry. the same thing happened with "emo/scene" where you weren't seen as "really" part of the culture unless you cut urself. i worry about glorifying it.

Panic! at the. idk : Aw her husband takes her to cat cafes so she "doesnt fall back into melancholy" :( thats true love

Tierra : 0:10 “this is so cute, what does this say?” “i want to die” ... “oh”

derpy pilot17 : Who else is depressed but act like your the happiest person just so people don't ask Edit: I can relate to most of the replies I'm getting

UnovaTrainerWhite : This is honestly beyond heartbreaking...

Clementine : i really want that syringe necklace.

sarahbojangles1 : I just learned there exists a professor who's expertise is kawaii culture... what is life?

littlegreen puzzle : When I first saw this video I thought they were mocking suicide and mental illnesses, but when I started watching it they talked about the way they as in the country viewed those subjects and it is just so mind blowing that where the u.s. and other places and people are progressing in accepting and talking about all of these new things,that used to be seen as horrible and wrong. They're just starting, the difference just hit me right away.

Kristin Renegade : You know this style has actually been around just as long as Lolita has. They say it’s “new” because they’re not open because of people like the ones in this comment section. The people in this series aren’t glorifying mental illness. This is their way to express it and cope with it just like you would through painting or writing a song yet no one says anything about that kind of art form 🙄So many of these comments are filled with hypocrisy it’s insane.

Vanilla Country : This reminds me a lot of Doki Doki Literature Club, a cute, sweet looking visual novel with four girls you can date, you can write poems and its super cute but then all that goes dark and depressing, involving suicide, self-harm, abuse, and a lot of terrifying glitches and scares throughout the game and deeply unsettling fourth wall breaks that freak you out. t starts off normal until one of the characters becomes self-aware that she's in a game and becomes obsessed with the player since that's the only real thing. She becomes jealous of the other girls because she doesn't have a route in the game to date you. She brings them to the brink of depression and deletes the other characters and completely ruins the game and messes everything up. At last, it's only you and her and she can finally have you to herself. She can finally have her small window into reality and she hopes to get out of that twisted reality and out of the sick game that's fallen apart. Cleary that never happens., the game is broken, she feels no remorse for killing her friends. The game ends with a song, she sings about how she'll never experience the real world or true love. The game is no longer playable after that. DDLC reminds me a lot of this type of style. Cute and sweet, yet very dark.

2manyphandoms : So kind of like pastel grunge

chattenmetchad : The editing in this video is truly unique!

Bianca : Okay this is gonna be a fucking essay but i found this incredibly interesting and sad and now i wanna discuss it. Using fashion as a coping mechanism to mental illnesses is completely fine. If wearing cute clothes or cute makeup makes you feel good about yourself, then absolutely do it. Better yet if you find a community that likes the same things – making friends along the way is always a good thing. I myself like to wear a certain style of clothing because it really helps with my anxiety and to learn how to slowly accept my body. BUT when that message comes with wearing stuff with “i want to die” written all over it, making a comic of a character whose only premise is cutting herself or even using those ropes as decoration – which honestly left me pissed – is just downright offensive and clearly romanticising those illnesses. You’re not raising awareness in the right way, you’re not creating a community that says “it’s fine to feel this way, but you need to get some help” – you’re just creating a community that screams “mental illnesses are cool”, you’re making actually sick people surround themselves with more sickness and making a brand out of it. To me that really shows through the girl talking about her suicide. She mentions the clothes as a coping mechanism, that’s fine. But she’s not getting proper help; what keeps her going is her fanbase (when she says something along the lines of “i need to keep trying for my fans”), but she’s not truly happy nor healthy. She needs actual professional help to get through this. Now imagine dozens of people feeling like that and creating a community based around that “yame kawaii” premise. Honestly that’s not raising any awareness, that’s just a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. As someone that deals with depression/anxiety, I personally don’t see how that can really help people in need of professional help.

Divo Galindra : Be kind. Always

여름Mochi : Want does this say? *i want to die* Oh.

guiding star : Ooh that is so similar to whats happening in Korea... Not being able to comply, theyd blame everything on u for 'not trying hard enough'.... And even if one comes to break down from too much stress, it wont be easy for him to get any practical help, since all the medical records related to mental illness would take away every single chance of him to get a job... No job no money no food no life....Its quite miserable really..

Banana Lah : Animals really are very therapeutic for people with depression.I hope the people in this video are all able to find their own ways of coping with stress and depression and hopefully get out of it one day.Also thanks for such an informative video!

Luna Rose21 : 7:06 Cats are the cure for everything ❤️

razgriz magi : I have been studying the Japanese culture a lot, and, I have get to some conclusions. It seems like the Japanese society raise their young people to be mentally weak, to follow orders without complaints, but, then, they find the biggest hammers they can find, and then, they start punching their youngsters' heads as hard as they can. They can't express feelings of loneliness and pain, but they don't have the strength to tolerate them, so they try to kill themselves, to avoid that feelings, and the society's hammer. Japanese society its quite lame, if they can't understand that people have hearts.

Mia Meow : what if the high suicide rate is the pressure to be pleasant all the time? I noticed some of these girls' voices sound fake and they act frail and dainty, I doubt every last one girl is like this. They look so vacant in their expressions, even when smiling. US culture seems headed that way too with the fakeness. I was told all the time to smile as if it were a command and it made me mad. I thought, if they wanted me to smile they should smile at me 1st and I would likely return it.

Tannei Sarker : 9:28 MY LIFE WONT BE COMPLETE UTILL MY JOB TITLE IS "kawaii Expert"!!!!

Camila González : I have mental illnes, and I find this actually a cute and not so negative point of view of the mental illnes like depression for example. I can find an escapism in this style, and help me to don't feel like I'm a mistake by having these problems. (sorry is my English is bad, I'm hispanic ;u;)

Steven Quartz Universe : 5:34 WHAT?! look at his hands that are not moving and then in the mirror

ninabean : I never understood the style until this! It gave me perspective like I never realized that there was a dark side until now and it makes me kinda sad. I’m loving these mini documentaries!

Lilac Samurai : I have mixed feelings on this... The style is so cute but the people who dress like this, in the documentary, are suffering a lot... :( I'm glad that they can finds little things like fashion, art or animals that will make them feel better~🌸🍃✨

LangBellsChannel : 5:37 His reflection is moving while he is still.

Jr. : I know this is a sad video, but I kinda wish I could live in Japan to do this. I want to be cute and outgoing while at the same time I am suicidal. But I just wanted to point out her voice is *beyond* adorable at 3:29-3:33

MacabreMom : It reminds me a lot of goth culture in that it is using these dark or macabre themes as a means of subversion against the societal pressure to be pleasant, happy, and smiling all the time.

Micheal De Guzman : Great video, but I can’t be the only one who tripped out at 5:35 with the mirror and lack of movement on his end. I’m too high for tricks like that 😂😂😂

Melenie Ngep : I was About to commit suicide until I watched this.I felt Different.Ik I wasn’t Supposed to watch This But I did.My Mom Would Say Bad Things about me but My Dad was on my Side.Im planning to sleepover at his house!

Meipon : It's sad to see japan just see it as a weakness instead of trying to help people, have been there myself but never saw it as a weakness I instead now look back and see what I went through thinking "hey i made through all that, there's still some way but have come on top of hardest with saying i need help", while all that happened i found out i'm autistic so people can get a better understanding in me but it was in the time i found happiness in cute things to try heal some part of it.

woo gnar : It’s good to see how people are making certain moves from within to change their society for the better. I understand what they’re doing. I’m a person who has been diagnosed with mental disorders, and I’ve been through some hard times. There is absolutely nothing fun or glamorous about these things. I don’t get the feeling that this fashion movement is glorifying suicide and mental illness; the founders are ultimately creating an open dialogue about something that’s supposed to be ignored and hidden. Communication is a step towards healing. Hopefully, getting help and getting treatment will become socially acceptable in Japan soon. ❤️

stinko : Did the maker of the video not ever hear about punk culture or emo or goth shit in America because there's a lot of suicidal themes as well as incredibly gory details on shirts and band albums. Mixing that with pink isn't gonna make it any scarier or darker than it already is

Often Unsaid : This is cool and hopefully those people who are going through mental illness and depression find their happiness!

papa elf : Petition to start a mental health program in Japan, please. Y'all worry me.

Tom Tom : I LOVE YOU I KILL YOU the human condition...

Happy Newyear : thx 4 video japanese ppl r very nice i hope suicides stop 4 kids xoxoxo :-) :-)

Kawaii Potato Weeb : I friggin love Menhera Chan

I Was Here : This is fascinating

cat boi : I love Menhera-chan!

Rasan-kun 絶望 : "I want to die" same.

Peach Quartz : Its like Pastel goths in american subculture but added cuteness and a darker set contributed by the darker parts of their culture that their country tries to hide

桜の季節w : HUGE KUUA FAN HERE!! qwq I've been following her on instagram since 2015 and bumped into her in Japan in the summer of 2016, honestly, I am in love with this style. Kuua is such a unique, cute little precious child with a super sweet personality.To me, it's a way of expressing yourself and I tend to like cute/gory/dark stuff a lot. I think this documentary portraits it as something a lot darker than it really is??

Nir Dragneel : So basically Japanese emo

YEET Privvv : Honestly the the small girls voice is so cute hOlY shit

kariss was here : My cousin was like this is like killing stalking killing stalking is not cute at all

Destynation Q : I encourage all of the courageous men and women of Japan and in Asia in general to keep fighting the good fight. Please, to aid them on their mission, pray a rosary or a Divine Mercy for their intentions. You do not need to have a chaplet to pray, count on your fingers, you'll find the prayers online. God have mercy on the weak. Amen.

Rosé Ayaka candy : for those saying this is glamorizing mental illnesses no it isn't, this is to make people aware in japan. in japan this is still a very taboo thing here no one really talks about it so please stop. and for those who are saying this is aesthetic and etc please stop and be respectful i understand some people like gore stuff but still this is different even when it comes to gore it helps people with illnesses deal with things. idk if this makes sense maybe i'll fix it .