The Dark Side Of Harajuku Style You Haven't Seen Yet | Style Out There | Refinery29

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Refinery29 : What is your go-to style? Comment below!

Often Unsaid : This is cool and hopefully those people who are going through mental illness and depression find their happiness!

군밤 : I love your contents, Connie! <3

biclexual : Connie really looks like Freddie's sister from Skins UK season 3/4

Ken Kaneki : I'll take as many of those badges as I can

Tsetsi : i loved Hirajuku girls in Japan

Gladys Seara : OMG! This is such a great video and such an interesting topic!

ninabean : I never understood the style until this! It gave me perspective like I never realized that there was a dark side until now and it makes me kinda sad. I’m loving these mini documentaries!

Divo Galindra : Be kind. Always

Hoggar Krababbel : "I've wanted to die since I can remember, so..." Yeah, that's also how I introduce myself to new people.

Nir Dragneel : So basically Japanese emo

I Was Here : This is fascinating

NyobiFox : I'm not crying, just flushing my eyes out so I can find the subscribe button!!

boiii it's Abbey : “This is so cute, what does it say?” “I want to die” Me: I’ll take 10

Marco Franciosi : Bring them some strong marijuana, it will fix.

Kudiow RT : “I still feel like I want to end my life.” Me too, me too. Once going into depression, it’s hard to get out of it.

Andrea F : wow, this was so insightful. thanks for sharing this topic!

Sharkyo : 9:24 she look so good in this dress !

margarita rico : *translation* anime emo

KP !!! : As much as I respect the people in this video and love their message, I can’t help but wonder if “yami kawaii” also has an element of fetishizing mental illness and/or death, which helps make it more appealing to people besides the simple correspondence

Trinity Darling : these people are so beautiful and unique, I'm glad they find ways to cope with their situations 🙏🏾💖

neumillennium : Awww this is a topic that NEEDS to be talked about. We lose so many people to it when it isn't discussed.

Elf Machine : Wtf is there to understand? People think it is cool, period. I don't see any reason to over think this shit, just listen to the store keeper.

visty : I love the intro

J A : Asain countries are behind when it comes to social issues

ATLien 1985 : Of all the people involved, how is the “specialist “ a white guy??

super geeky : As someone who has mental illness and has suicidal issues I can completely see how important it is what they are doing. I know it probably seems sick and twisted to some. And it is. It's supposed to. It's the only way to force their society too look at what they are trying not to. I hope they keep doing what they are doing and that they are ok! <3

rikiti : aw... did that poor boy mistake a star of david for a pentagram? awh dear, oh dear...

Richa Boppuri : "what does this say" "i want to die" "oh" my exact reaction tbfh

Mauricio Garcia : I feel that people that dress like this sometimes makes a character to act as and don’t really act like themselves. Even the voice sound way to high and childish to be their natural voices. I don’t know, is just my perspective 🙆🏻‍♂️

Brokenette : The topic is very interesting and it shows that something that you love or do can help you cope with how you feel. It won’t always help but it can help you cope. I’ve been through a whole roller coaster of thoughts like these and it makes sense for something that expresses a darker side of something can help because that darkness or sadness can be put aside at times so that you can have just a little bit of happiness.

Phoebe Batchelor : As someone who is forced to suffer from mental illness I can totally understand this subculture of style and I myself is now being drawn to it so I can understand why it is such a big thing

Lillinor 30 : If I was in Japan I’d be all about that love everything about that style👌👌👌

lilangelique99 : I'm not sure I like or agree that if you're talking about being sad though art or your emotions regarding suicide that it automatically is glamorizing it. Yeah the feelings are twisted, but that doesn't make them not real. It can be helpful to relate to someone about the darkness, as long as you acknowledge that is dangerous behavior and actively work to make yourself better.

Meksparrow : Great video Connie Wong. Although in your voice over you were uncomfortable in wearing the clothes and clearly expressed your views, I liked how your interactions with the people in the video remained non judgmental and you laughed and smiled.

Martin Mendiola : Pop team epic @ 2:11 😂

overquoted : Having hung out with a bunch of goth/emo types in my teens and early 20s, this seems pretty similar. Less emphasis on cute, but it's still co-opting mental illness like depression and self-harm behaviors into the fashion.

The Otaku : I’ve found my style

Theattractivespork z : There’s a not-so-fine line between acknowledging mental illness as a problem and romanticizing mental illness, and these people seem to have catapulted themselves over it.

Blue Squirtle : This is what you get when you mix emo and cupcakes.

Jess Bunty : It's not so easy to get help for mental health issues in Japan. You're either not taken seriously, or you're considered to be "broken" and therefore shunned by society. Japan heavily relies on harmony to function, and if you're not able to comply, you're excluded. So seeing people cause disruption like this, on their own terms, and being able to form communities is major in so many ways. This is a really well put together piece!

JeBron Lames : Who else thought about lil peep

Focus : what's the song at 0:14 ?

Dustin Meritt : It's empowering because its making it more acceptable to talk about issue. Like emo/punk/goth styles do.

JONES : They all seem so desperate to be seen, but all the makeup, costuming, and accessories only seems to further hide them.

Leandra McNair : It reminds me of those happy bunny cartoons from the early 2000s

wordgrrl71 : Hard hitting intellectual journalism. It's just a fashion style, modeled largely after characters in pop culture, in this case, manga and anime. I can't even with this channel.

Lucas Brazil : It is sad to see a developed society as the Japanese with these big suicidal numbers. I love japanese culture.

Ayyylmaoo : Suicide has become a trend in japan unfortunately in many cases it’s no longer about being depressed or having a traumatic experience it’s just about how I can do it and gain popularity or just “eh everybody is doing it so why not” 😑

Jin Park : This is neither cool nor fashionable. I see that some of them were mentally abused and were lured into this wrong concept of aesthetic. But mental illness should be regarded seriously and shouldn’t be assimilated to cuteness. Negative things are negative. There's no need for them to be represented positively. Plus, this only encourages teens to regard self-harm and suicidal thoughts as trendy, which is absolutely wrong. I understand how dressing cute is therapeutic to the woman at the end. There’s nothing wrong with her, but I don’t understand the first two people. Although they say they are trying to change the image of mental illness (which is unnecessary), I feel like they are just into disturbing things. To me, this looks as immature as those 'edgy' phrases from tumblr like 'Cute but psycho' and 'I'm so bipolar' written in pastel pink.