Do it, you little sissy!

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Ravenwood : "Ha ha ha ha I can't feel my legs."

Sinister Shrink : This girl will be a badass when she's older

polak551 : Imagine the double flip if he woudlve kick with 100% power

Fnidner : new creative ways to hurt your children

redpilled kell : she laughs...that's the best part

Niox Reflection : My dad does this without padding

thejaraf : Omaewa mo shindeiru

walkin dude : good life lesson right there. don't tell a man to hit you unless you are sure you want to be hit.

Michael Zacarias Benjamin Glass : The best. Moments with Dad, like this, are remembered forever.

SlayeCohen : Press 6 for maximum enjoyment

Nikko : that girl is going to be such a badass. she instantly prepared for the fall. what a champ.

Fatih Ersoy : the last words of a girl "ha ha ha "

Orene : You can hear her hesitation and regret in the yes after he said, “you sure?” XD

SexyBlacK : Feminist in nutshell

Conman : Mom probably doesn't like this video as much as the rest of us.

DSU Beats : Imagine if he kicked like in a actual match 🤣🤣

Fleivor : somebody make a omae wa mou shindeiru version of this

Sergioapj Channel : Imagine if he kicked while being on maximum overdrive

Pimpnswivel : Who else hit replay 5 times?

I’m not that smart, but : She will remember this forever, cool ass dad

Oozeyyy : Any 9fags here from that post?

Sergey Semendyaev : I can watch this forever)

Eternity : This little girl rocks =)

Wolf Marine : oof

lamsorz : falcon kick

Veith Servius : Well then.

flops031 : That's wholesome

Ryan de Bruin : Nobody gonna say anything about his obvious bulge?

Knik B : Pretty crazy. He knocks her helmet right off

Alcer The Demon : True equality

Justin Y’s Son : *once a thot always a thot*


Ethan Pitzaferro : That dudes laugh 🤨

YuriEmo yasss : This was in my

Christopher Navarro : Friday night sissy fights

alex : great way to tear your lcl, mcl, acl, etc. not smart.

Tyson Dudley : Any fellow reddit travelers?