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Comments from Youtube

Nauj : I did this in Texas but with a horse

nikemac84 : Duuuuuuude, you're literally riding in people's gardens!!

Matt Sink : Hmm, wonder why a helicopter would be hovering over a hospital...ummmm...I got nothing...🤔😏

Matt Higgins : Favorite 10 seconds of the video 8:09 - 8:19: "Is that a BMX? Pop a wheelie! Yaaaaaaaaay!"

Erock : You seem like a nice guy, but come on stay off of peoples property

D-Trikz : 20 minutes of being a public nuisance.

Tommy Busch : I hate when I do tricks in front of someone it makes me feel like a tool looking for attention

name pending : The kids in the back "AYYYEEE"

Chris Guzman : “yOu’Re RiDiNg oN sOmEbOdY’s pRoPeRtY” he’s riding through open apartment complexes, not somebody’s damn farm. how are you gonna not expect to be going through someone’s property when you’re exploring a city. come on y’all.

StiffJaw Jake : Id be careful busting stunts on peoples property bro. Where's the respect in that? Just sayin

Chris Hultman : Nice riding. Very disrespectful of other people's property and safety though. If you had crashed into that guy's kid I think your riding days would be over. Also please don't squeeze so closely next to moving vehicles, it's very unnerving to the drivers and extremely dangerous for you. Have fun, and be careful!

Jason Jimmerson : Oh look A secret passway... no that's someone's backyard..this dude is just ignorant.

Anthony N : "This is a good spot, lemme grind on the bed of this dude's truck. Sweet." "Haha, lemme cut off this dude right here. Ayye, haha, oh man." "Lemme jump over this homeless dude real quick. Oh shit, bumped his head a bit. Sorry bro, haha"

icarus_on_fire : Hmmm... not so impressed. If you're going for legit danger, then do this at night/in a really dangerous place - maybe some Baltimore housing projects? And if it's to show off bmx skills, then go to the park/do some proper stunts! I'm amazed more people didn't tell you to piss off. I bmx too, but I don't ride on people's property, or nearly hit a man carrying his infant.

No Body : Are you going to explore the rooms in their houses too?

Eric Ortman : Guy has a death wish

Benedikt Hirt : You should put more Advertising on it

Jrosie's Gaming Center : 10:00 NOOOOOO RICKY

Diamond Carwash : Have yourself an adventure through long beach during the night see what happy people you encounter

Necramonium : Driving inside people's backyard, good way to get yourself shot in that neighborhood.

Awesome Sauce : Seen how many ads this mofo has. Nah nah nah not even starting

StoWeek : welp u came for 13:00

Lil Khrizzy : 6:41 damnn that dude got the red flag in LA

Marco Marco : So no one noticed guy with red flag in left bac pocket with baby🤔🤔🤔

Luisk : You have a punchable face, be careful out there.

emascarri1 : 2:30 Toyota Prius. In a "gang zone". Gangs trying to save the world.

Divinium : 6:35 you can hear his heart start to beat fast

howarrrd. : did anyone see red bandana in guys with baby pokcet

ACP : Everyone is right about you, complete disregard for someones property, careless riding near people and cars. Back in my day's of riding a BMX freestyle bike i did the very opposite of how you ride and still enjoyed every minute of my freedom on a bike.

Rock Lee : Explore or trespass? Jesus

Brian Conran : Fun video, but complete disregard for other people and moving vehicles

HARVEY MAXUELL : Thanks John u haved inspired me of getting back to bmx and keep up the good work

akil moore : Riding BMX in the HOOD (GONE WRONG) (GUN PULLED) (GOT ROBBED)

Ethan Thompson : Where do u get your BMX Bikes?

Mike Hardenbrook : Pretty creative bro. It's cool to see what other cities look like. In a unbiased format. I'm from Des Moines Iowa so not much to see here

Kazuya Yuza : "Oh cool, win a bike" - sees this video is uploaded in 2017. Cries.

kendyn sarniak : Now I know that bmx riders are annoying as hell and disrespectful to everybody around them. Chill.

DubTech Tv : I used to love riding street.. You should definitely stay off people's property though. If you keep doing it eventually someone is going to kick you arse.

Thomas Watvedt : All you had to do was ride the damn bike, CJ!

violett562 : I LOVE how before you click the video it has a red arrow pointing "like look a black guy"💞

JMA Renja : People call us skaters bad. Smh

austin griffin : Jesus man...I get it’s fun to ride and explore shit but respect people’s property and personal space.

BaixaModz : You can ear its heartbeat... Intense

Omar bday : dude don't tell kids it's okay to go into sketchy Alleyways and narrow pathways and damn near private properties in Compton anywhere for that matter especially the hood. Always know where you at and watch out for danger. It's some sick people out here.

Luis Villanueva : 5 min into the video “Idk what’s going on there” building : st Mary medical center . 🤦🏻‍♂️smfh

Alexander Cheung : You kinda make us bmx looks worse tbh

Benjamin King : Must donate more watch minutes for Hixfam

Sub2PewDiePie : 3:29 how to tame your dog

Clorox Bleach Tv : I watched a full 20 min of bike riding idk what I'm doing with my life