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Erock : You seem like a nice guy, but come on stay off of peoples property

Chris Vandernaald : wtf dude.. you don't ride on someone's property.. poor or not.

Carlos Perez : in my opinion,you were looking for trouble.

AsC AbL : Dude there is a video in your add

Zany Lightning : Kid: Pop a whellie! John: *does wheelie* Kid (both): ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee

Tanner : I say keep ramping off people’s property and going in their yards.. you’ll learn 😐

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : Lets bmx on top of the white house next!

321CBR : I understand monetizing your videos but damn dude, a commercial every 1 min?

Oh No Mr Krabs : I don't think this guy has ever heard of someone being airlifted to a hospital. Proves his ignorance.

Neurosis : The type of dude to unintentionally cause schizos to think he's "gang-stalking" them.

Thomas Watvedt : All you had to do was ride the damn bike, CJ!

TMNMmaximus Olah : At 5:50 did anyone actually see that Sims 4 game there? Also, WTF WHY ARE YOU GOING INTO PEOPLES BACKYARD LIKE A CREEP.

im tired and bored : I understand why people r freaking out about property and stuff but eventually he's gonna learn his lesson so there's no point in arguing about it and stuff.

Supremeowned69 Hah : What if someone was running over your private property would you like it I bet you wouldnt

Claudiu Badea : 18:08 damn thats my childhood right there...

DareDevil Shenanigans : Cant wait till you get robbed. Gonna be a banger video

Doni Whittier : If he got hit by a car or broke his leg at the end I would thumbs up the video

Tommy : Most bmx ers and skaters ride on private property and do exactly what he is doing.. Let him have fun..it’s better than drugs

Richard Walsh : This dude seems like such a nerd

Caleb Helton : Another “POINT” about disrespecting people property is if someone gets hurt they can legally sue the home owners. Happened to my parents because we had a central ac unit on the curb. He thought it would be cool idea to jump it. Broken collar and and ruptured spleen and they sued our insurance because it was in the yard.

Necramonium : Driving inside people's backyard, good way to get yourself shot in that neighborhood.

Twabbles : People being triggert by a guy riding a bike lmao

KARR5000 : 3:35 holy crap that shepherd is gorgeous wow

Eric Ortman : Guy has a death wish

Blah blah Blah : He is a cool dude but has a childish mind. He does things without thinking

Trojan Hell : Kinda what I do in GTA 5

aldeen1982 : Oh man what youtubers nowadays do to get clicks... thumbnails and nothing happens the whole video... back in the day your videos were really entertaining and had a way better content than this

Sasquatch Models : You're the kind of guy, that when someone kicks the shit out of you, you'll play the victim that never did anything wrong. Even though it's so obvious you just want a reaction. Go do this shit in a rich neighborhood. And see how long it is before the cops arrive.

kendyn sarniak : Now I know that bmx riders are annoying as hell and disrespectful to everybody around them. Chill.

Freshfruitz : Why is everybody getting mad at this dude for riding street? He honesty didn’t do anything that bad. I bet most people who are talking shit have never even skated street.

KHR 202 : New GTA San Andreas looks good

Eagle 179 : You are kind of telling people hey go out side get lost and shanked

TROLL TIME : Most ignorant bmx rider you ever saw.... Not only does he ride on peoples property, he also constantly crosses roads without looking and almost hits people

Jaeveon Brooks : I hope he gets shot in the knee so he cant ride the bike

Kenneth Turner : If you are looking for the gangs maybe you could go exploring at night...?

StiffJaw Jake : Id be careful busting stunts on peoples property bro. Where's the respect in that? Just sayin

Basic Junk : Are u strapped tho

Dovyeon : 19:37 Chantaje :D Why don't the police get rid of gangs? This video made me crave cats

Jimmy Zedder : Dude I would love to watch your video, but 15 ads over a 20 minute video isint worth it

Stinky Lomax : Hmmm... not so impressed. If you're going for legit danger, then do this at night/in a really dangerous place - maybe some Baltimore housing projects? And if it's to show off bmx skills, then go to the park/do some proper stunts! I'm amazed more people didn't tell you to piss off. I bmx too, but I don't ride on people's property, or nearly hit a man carrying his infant.

Michael Ryan : bro dont grind on peoples' porches

Freakazoid : With my luck I'd probably get shot while trying to do this. Especially doing stuff on peoples' doorsteps/porches.

SSGReggi e : You do realize those people struggle with work and Life a new problem everyday cause black men wanna kill each other because they hate life and the jobs their a absolutely trash it's basically Africa but a bit better in some ways

Dexe : i like the sound effects

Dennis Fechner : 1:00 felipe pantone mural on the right!

Jay Ray : It’s not in the hood when you are part of the hood.

vaw power : Seems like a nice place compered to certain parts of London. They didn't even chase or try and stab you can't be that bad.

ToX - : Just an nice comment passing through

E FEKS : Cool keep up your BMX riding

Isaiah Huse : I spelled thumbnail wrong lol