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SodaSaiyan : you have been riding a long time but are not even aware of your surroundings.

The Fate Of GAMING : He will do tricks around people till they notice, it’s a little annoying

Anthony Pistolese : pretty ignorant driving on peoples property

J Harden : Keep on going in peoples back yards like that u gone get shot

KHR 202 : New GTA San Andreas looks good

8th Hokage Dark Sparrow : 13:00 guy says i’ma kidnap this kid right there

That Guy : 4:55 "There's a helicopter hovering up ahead. I don't know why." *zooms in on hospital*

Ali heyavi : Is it just me or i seeing a sims cd on 5:50

Mike Hunt : Gone sexual?

Rob Doherty : Think I'll record my walk to the shop and back tomorrow, and jump in and out of people's gardens. Are y'all gonna watch?

[MR. MMFG] : They aren’t gang zones until night fix the title nothing happens in mid day

SpiffyGonzales : More like "being an annoying douche on my bike in Compton gang zones"

Checker box : I don’t know why but almost every time he did a trick I had cringed

SirSmokesAlot : recommended video decided to click, I never seen a vid of yours before. I actually dislike you as a human, you give BMX riders bad rep

Tanner : I say keep ramping off people’s property and going in their yards.. you’ll learn 😐

Jesus Gastelum 790 : 8:15 ayyyyyyyy (slowly fades)

Creamy Soap : Y are you trespassing?

Wilmer V. : "pop a wheelie" *pops wheelie* "EEEYYYYYYYYYY" lmao

T_pipe 243 : At 6:40 that guy is a blood

Jay Ray : It’s not in the hood when you are part of the hood.

Madden Fanatic : You have to be completely out of your mind to be what you are doing and how about stop trespassing on other people’s properties

hd150 : I wish youtube existed in 88' and he did this in the same areas.

Ignatius : So many comments about him riding through and doing some stunts on peoples property.

M D : why dont u do this at night?

T Bag : Well, now we know what happened to Leroy's cellar hatch. He can't afford to fix that man...

Podtrash Radio : I get people watch this hoping for something bad to happen. While the BMX is cool he’s disrespecting the neighborhood and scuffing up peoples places like they’re garbage. Some of that stuff might be a homeless mans prized possessions. It’s all relative bro. Be respectful.

adamtf : Jumping on peoples property, vandalizing furniture, causing a disturbance. 5 minutes and I already hate you

N. 2. : i used to do that on my bike... when i was 10

Austin Boyce : First, please stop telling people they can just like explore anywhere, and that's just dangerous because that could lead to people being, kidnapped, raped, robbed, or killed. Second, I care about everyone, but at this point I honestly really hope something bad happens to this guy so he sees you can't mess around like this in gang areas, disrespectful af, riding on private property, trying to sqeeze past cars in small ass spaces, could easily hurt yourself or damage their car. (Plus these places are full of people with lives hard enough as it is.)

Lieutenant Davy : On people crap man chill stop disrespecting

Hitler Fried Chicken : Many, many, many mid roll ads

Mr. Batman : That reminds me of gta5

Justmyopinionlol : I grew up in Compton it´s actually not that bad just don´t carry any cash around. Gangbangers don´t like credit cards cuz they can´t remember pin numbers.

Samuel Gardiner : I love how he totally condones kids riding BMX bikes where they could get shot right at the beginning of the video for a GoPro endorsement.

Thomas Watvedt : All you had to do was ride the damn bike, CJ!

Hacking Ninja : Bikelife

Jimmy Anunki : You just bunny hoped over someones dead homie lol

c3h8O : I rode from Compton to Fullerton on my mountain bike (23+ miles btw) and survived lol. Actually a nice town, just mind your business...and pedal fast!

Gymnast V.S Baller : who else is suprised he didnt get killed?

NBGToxic : 5:50 coulda gotten Sims 4 for free, your loss

Ganjalf the Green : John, stop. This is just cringey. People don’t want any business with you so just move along and stop making a ruckus

FTW MEDIATEAM : please do one at night :D

Jack : Sham next time he'll do stunts in their houses he seems like a nice but don't do stunts on people's property u could have killed that little girl why did u laugh when u nearly killed da girl I don't blame that man 4 ignoring u hope u listen to me SHOW SOME RESPECT

Necramonium : Driving inside people's backyard, good way to get yourself shot in that neighborhood.

Robert C. : The hood is where you sucure. Everything😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Malachi Grandberry : If you hurt a person or something and they have a red bandanna run as qik as you can cuse you will be shot cuse they are bloods

Ball -Life : I really hope you get shot on gang

Felix x : Go into the area and start shouting RACIAL slurs, that's a good way to kys

Adam Braam : 4:00 put some cool music behind that part‼️🔥THX FOR ALL THE LIKES‼️

Nick Hinson : Says "Sick" kid coughs while riding by Lol