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Wat : All you had to do was ride the damn bike, CJ!

JDM Viking : this nigga almost jumped into a blood holding his kid, jfc

LT. DAVOSE : On people crap man chill stop disrespecting

KHR 202 : New GTA San Andreas looks good

Trigger fingers Turn 2 twitter fingers -Drake : White people are so scary 😂😂😂😂💯

CrazyOmighty Beatbox : I would be scared shitless if i heard a loud thump of a bike on my porch

Noah Lach : Ghetto or not, ridging around in someone's backyard and ramping off their cellar door is pretty disrespectful.

Trigger fingers Turn 2 twitter fingers -Drake : This video is a prime example of white people thinking they own everything 🤦🏽‍♂️💯

chknman : Sees helicopter land on Hospital roof. "Don't know what's goin' on there".

Rises East : You're the reason why no one likes bicyclists and skaters and I'm an avid bicyclist. You don't care for other people's safety or yours or their property or public property. Nothing cool about what you're doing.

T Bag : Well, now we know what happened to Leroy's cellar hatch. He can't afford to fix that man...

Cupcaek : You randomly came up in my newsfeed. I’m just saying, you probably don’t care what you look like, but if I saw some random guy in an alley putting his bike on a table..... I would think you’re on some good shit....

K Lyane : Are you going to explore the rooms in their houses too?

Passive Income Dude : Awesome bro! Hope my channel grows to that size!

MaNa Storm : This guy is asking to get stabbed

Infinite XXX : Bro you’re all over people’s shit... you need to chill

Onix Junes : The world is your oyster means you gotta work hard not just walk around aimlessly

The Pyroclastic Flow : Wow! They built the city from gta V!

Versace - Medusahead : U seem nice, but pls stay out of people‘s property.

DopethronePunkUK : I'm an old school bmx'er and i find it strange you have no brakes on your bike, i always had just the back brake.

MyStiCxHacKzZ : The little kids at 8:15 "ayyyyyeeeeeee"

Syed Ahmed : do it at night!


Jay Ape : i was hoping youd get shot or punched :(

LEGEND FIGHTS : This guy is weird getting into peoples houses

TheJammydodgerjj : Are guys dumb or ignorant or both? It's literally for views the "controversial" stuff he does is for a reaction good or bad, the guy is a genius look at the views!!! For what? Riding a bike. lol

Rick Malone : Well the Ghetto looks pretty nice

Brandon Keenan : Yo I can’t be stopped bro I’m too fest

Joel Nava : Lmao those kids 😂 “Pop a wheelie!” “AYYYYYYYYYYYY”

johnny_schwifty.soundcloud : 12:53 "sick..." kid gives a sickly cough 😂

JYG : So you almost knock over a man with his toddler in his arms then proceed to carry on doing the same trick at the same blind corner. You deserve a beating.

Ola Lawal : Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the Lord and depart from evil. Proverbs 3:5-7

Its Renkii : “Well, they seem to be having a casual about kidnapping.”

B355Y : I don't care if youre in the "hood" or Not, you ride over peoples property, you deserve everything that's coming to you

orkcol : I immediately want to go riding. But I'm overweight, and have no bike.

Amouxaden : 5:49 lmao that random copy of The Sims 4

BellicIV : Watch out, thats Rolling Heights territory. Ballas County!

Jose Godina : lol....u ridin the hell out that bike amigo.......its kinda like playin a video game and i wuz controling.....pretty koo vid bro.. 👍👍🍻

Tony Gudgrape : Ppl crying over him on private property lol... those renting tenants don’t care... plus it’s an apartment complex

percocet : 5:53 sims 4

Adam Kue : Old ass dude trying to bmx at some elementary school playground lmao 😂

Jimmy O Sullivan : This guy is one disrespectful tool. Gonna get broke up someday..

Rogue and Sexy AI : Awesome cat at 9:42

Derin Elmas : You call them hood?Dude you should see the favelas in brazil or some street of my country,Turkey.

Necramonium : Driving inside people's backyard, good way to get yourself shot in that neighborhood.

Nick S : I rode a bike, when I was fucking 6.

ahmad khalil : Are you not tird

Cxs3 : What exactly are you trying to prove? I don’t get it.

Piggy is coolz : Good job bro u seem like a good guy

Casa Telephone : Disliking because there was no gun pulled out and not gone sexual either