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Erock : You seem like a nice guy, but come on stay off of peoples property

Lee- MusicLover : the only thing "sketchy" in this video is YOU... nearly running people over, going on private property, thinking it's entertaining to jump on furniture and stuff that looks like someone was working on it and repainting it, getting in the middle of the road, etc. you need to learn some common decency... and that includes not tagging something "in the hood" just so you can get some clicks. grow up man

Chris V : wtf dude.. you don't ride on someone's property.. poor or not.

swoods08 : Let’s run over someone’s plants.... let’s grind on their property... let’s antagonize this dog..... I was hoping someone would open their door and take you out.

Brayden Murray : There are 10 ads that play throughout this 20 minute video, don't you think that its a bit excessive?

Thomas Watvedt : All you had to do was ride the damn bike, CJ!

Basicology Major : The guy is literally strolling through house/apartment complexes that is part of private property. Within 20 seconds of the video, he literally rides up somebody's basement door. They're owned, sold or rented out places that are on gated areas for lord's sake. He's literally rail grinding on things RIGHT next to people, making people nervous along with them seeing he's recording it. It's just plain rude and disrespectful, and what, he can do it because it's in the sketchier part of town? Riding behind and right up against cars, making drivers nervous. It's all disrespectful on purpose to try to get a reaction out of people for Youtube. He'll eventually get himself shot if people catch him doing it.

Vivi N : i don't agree with people saying "you seem like a nice guy, but [...]" or "you seem like a cool dude, but [...]". here is what i think: you don't seem nice or cool, annoying these people and invading their property. please stop being disrespectful.

Krishan Kumar : Only thing I want from this video is this douche getting knocked out cold

TheTvdroid : The scariest thing that happened was someone told you to be careful not to hit a car.

DareDevil Shenanigans : Cant wait till you get robbed. Gonna be a banger video

WeedowMaker : I was watching a video called "Most Brutal Chimpanzee Society Ever Discovered" and this was in the recommended next to the video. I think YouTube is racist.

Michael : Don't worry everyone, hopefully the constant pounding of this dudes balls against his bike seat means he will be shooting blanks.

Dynamo Jack : douchebag and you know it too

aragorn : And u wonder y bmx and skateboarders get a bad rep

Necramonium : Driving inside people's backyard, good way to get yourself shot in that neighborhood.

Ayy Lmao : Compton looks like paradise compared to Mexico where I live, looks somewhat peaceful there, I can't even walk a block without a crazy junkie asking me for money, it's either that or some crazy guy screaming or the damn cholos walking around. At least it looks somewhat well kept there, the houses here are set above tires and sand and cardboard 😂😂😂 compton looks like a residential neighborhood man

Joe Ireland : When you're​ from Melbourne Australia and get baited into some American bs Clickbait you often find yourself on channels like this one.

Mercurial : The type of dude to unintentionally cause schizos to think he's "gang-stalking" them.

Sessy Allen : I understand why people r freaking out about property and stuff but eventually he's gonna learn his lesson so there's no point in arguing about it and stuff.

Tanner : I say keep ramping off people’s property and going in their yards.. you’ll learn 😐

Oh No Mr Krabs : I don't think this guy has ever heard of someone being airlifted to a hospital. Proves his ignorance.

Eddie Castro : Gets sniped-Victory Royale!

NG Platinum : the kids voices fade away as they say aye lol

TMNMmaximus Olah : At 5:50 did anyone actually see that Sims 4 game there? Also, WTF WHY ARE YOU GOING INTO PEOPLES BACKYARD LIKE A CREEP.

Trojan Hell : Kinda what I do in GTA 5

Supremeowned69 Hah : What if someone was running over your private property would you like it I bet you wouldnt

Alejandro Madrigal : Your asking to get killed

fatboi vapes : Your the reason why cities in america dont want to build steps or rails or anything that kids like u can do tricks on isnt their a skate park near you i mean you are in cali wow man

macdaddymikey3 : This comment section just shows you so many issues with the American mindset... "He COULD OF POSSIBLY damaged someones private property (He didn't thankfully), So he should be shot/beaten/hit by a car/murdered" "Trespassing totally warrants murder..." He was waving to a majority of the community and they were waving back, hell one of the kids even cheered him on and was excited when he did a wheelie. Why do you all have to be so negative? Honestly... I agree with some of you, yes, he was disrespectful and at times reckless when riding to close to cars, Etc. However, as someone who drives their bike back and fourth to work (Properly and legally.) I can say with the upmost confidence people who are in vehicles are WAYYYY bigger assholes!! I've been nearly hit by DOZENS of drives because THEY weren't paying attention by either not caring to look, not being aware of their surroundings, or even just sitting on their phone while driving. Also nearly wrecked countless times from people blocking the sidewalk (There isn't bike lanes on the road in my city so we're SUPPOSED to be on the sidewalk before someone makes a useless comment about how I shouldn't be on the sidewalk to begin with) So it's either swerve out of the way and run into the curb or run into the side of the careless assholes vehicle!

KHR 202 : New GTA San Andreas looks good

Brian King : Just found your video wtf wrong with you going in people's yards and property. Gonna get shot.

Papa JueJue : Go back at night

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : Lets bmx on top of the white house next!

Jordan P. : He’s gonna take an -Arrow- bullet to the knee

StiffJaw Jake : Id be careful busting stunts on peoples property bro. Where's the respect in that? Just sayin

Dave Lopez : This guy is begging to get shot going through people's property smh

Ares310788 : looks very cool but n certain occasion you're riding on someone's property and potentially, you could damage them or the person living there (example, at 04.21, what if somoone, a kid maybe, would just jump out of that door?... i mean.. you could hard the person badly).... or erlier at 01.15, what if you broke that wooden door... i don't know, i think it's not cool when you could (you haven't, i know :) ) possibly breake other people's property. what if could happend to you?

Aspen Ismail : Anyone know if he carry any weapons with him just incase he gets jumped or something?

Freshfruitz : Why is everybody getting mad at this dude for riding street? He honesty didn’t do anything that bad. I bet most people who are talking shit have never even skated street.

Jay Ray : It’s not in the hood when you are part of the hood.

Daemon : He's looking for little boys. That's what happens during the cuts.

aldeen1982 : Oh man what youtubers nowadays do to get clicks... thumbnails and nothing happens the whole video... back in the day your videos were really entertaining and had a way better content than this

321CBR : I understand monetizing your videos but damn dude, a commercial every 1 min?

Zany Lightning : Kid: Pop a whellie! John: *does wheelie* Kid (both): ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee

Rob Doherty : Think I'll record my walk to the shop and back tomorrow, and jump in and out of people's gardens. Are y'all gonna watch?

DramaQueenVlogs Studios : This is why we get mad when white people are in our neighborhood lmfao jk but still that's disrespectful

PauliLP : 5:50 Sims 4 laying there :o

Crown Victoria Police Interceptor : Bruh you tryna get killed? Like I hope you don't die from doing this But the thing I like about this is people actually enjoy this Lol But try not to get shot or get into any trouble man Stay safe while doing this Good luck

El Nino : 8:26 that's what she said🙄😂