Animal Crossing's Personality Disorder
Animal Crossings Personality Disorder

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Nintendo's been sanding every corner and putting those weird plastic covers on doorknobs because they know the audience for Animal Crossing is a bunch of babies, but I wanna get into the nitty-gritty. Give us back sleazy Lyle.


3DCat : Haha first, idiot. Nice crisp, well edited and thought out video, stinky.

TheCongressman1 : I don't mind that as a whole villagers skew towards friendly, but yeah, there needs to be more animals that you need to get to know before they open up to you.

GuyWithThePie : 0:41 This right here is why I've never been a fan of how New Leaf puts you in the position of town mayor. The main inspiration behind the first Animal Crossing was the feeling of moving out and living on your own, and the struggles that accompany such. This is also, at least in my interpretation, the reason why your character is the only human being in a town full of animals. You are an outcast, a completely new face trying to adapt in an already closely-knit community. And what's more, you're on your own. Your friends and family are far, far away. New Leaf and all the spin-offs following it completely throw this out the window in favor of making the player this important, powerful figure from the get-go. From the moment you step off that train, everyone in town worships you as if you were the second coming of Jesus. It just feels... wrong. I really hope that AC Switch goes back to making the player just some ordinary kid, but I fear that won't be the case. The nu-fans that started with New Leaf, Pocket Camp, etc. are already too used to the idea of the player being the one in charge to accept such a thing.

sock : Thank you, holy shit. What I really hope for Animal Crossing Switch is for the villagers to act different like before. And for the town layers to come back ;3;

Cat The Cat : Hey buddy, love this video. It's my favourite, you sure are doing wonders for the youtube, pthhhpth.

Dani M : Having only one of the villagers be a sweet/kind person only made me like them more, it was special! I like the fact that the game went down the customization "build your town" route a LOT, but I thought too they could do better with the personalities of everybody. And hey, What happened to that function where the NPC non-villagers would suddenly sigh and vent some backstory to you? Tom nook, the postal office sisters, the able sisters, and blathers would just be sad one day and spit out backstory about themselves ... why did they get rid of that? I hope personality would come back on the switch along with more backstory and way more customization, I want them just to go ham with it!

JAKE13erator : This is way better than matpat could ever hope to achieve

Karim Wagner : Great vid

Aaron Bennett : this video is so underrated

worm : why hasnt there been a game like animal crossing for pc yet?