PKA 400 Highlight - Story of Samson
A Podcast I listen to comedically retells bible stories this one is my favourite

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Highlight edited by endless


theTIVANshow : He needs to be a story teller and post on audible for sale

R. Merrill : Someone needs to animate this whole thing

Pretty Little Liars : Don't understand people complaining that the show was bad. It was good. The problem was that it wasn't special, which is what people were hoping for such a milestone.


Jürgen Flopp : The only bright light in an otherwise dark show for all PKA fans...

Maurice Ravel : People talk about PKA 400 being bad, but this segment made me laugh harder than I have in at least a year.

Andrew : This would be a perfect animated clip

Pezcontainer : Listened to the whole thing. Honestly tucker and the story of samson made 400 special to me at least. And for any O&A fans Chiz gets treated EXACTLY like Erock by the pka fans but about twice the amount of people do it.

Meada : One a month

Matthew Hui : My favorite part is when he says "300 foxes"

Kevin Seabright : Please tell me Samson called the pairs of foxes "Tails" ;)

Jackbrymer1998 : Have you ever tried to catch 1 fox?

Sion Allona : If this one video was PKA 400 it would've gotten better reception.

FaLsE-v -PrOpHeT : samson - was person that needed to be stopped sounded more like a villain than a hero !

TijTag : First =]

spmandrew : I normally don’t watch these but I just had to

Albert Elizondo : What's the lesson of this story?

Noah Hassenzahl : Love it...

Bailey Cooke : Hilarious

Neblina Girl : Nice video how are you

Bryckeh : This could be a comedy special fr

joão esteves : Every week a new bible story!! I almost shat myself, that was so ridiculous funny!

C0SMIZ : Only part worth watching from this weeks PKA

Albert Elizondo : NIV tranlation isn't very good

Superxpninja : Amazing

NukaLion : Anyone else here for FPSRussia

Witch : Content King

braf zachland : "as with many things with the jews, they pissed god off" ummmmmmm okay

mc2 Tech Reviews : Pka 400 was soooo bad that I missed this amazing story. C'mon Woody get it together.